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“Batman vs. Robin” part 2 of 3! The Dynamic Duo fight it out in the ultimate duel to the finish. Meanwhile, Robin’s mother, Talia al Ghul, sends an old adversary of Dick Grayson’s to complete the job that her son may not be able to stomach!

Variant cover by ANDY CLARKE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.3%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Nice cover.

    Loving the series.

    That is all.

  2. Although I enjoyed the Cameron Stewart arc well enough, issue 10 was the closest this book has come to matching the greatness that was issues 1-3, so I’m optimistic that this rediscovered greatness will continue.

  3. I am probably dropping this after 12, I really haven’t been enjoying it, and i don’t care about the story anymore.

  4. This book makes me soooooooooo happy.

  5. Andy Clarke is really awesome

  6. Why are they fighting over Batwoman? Don’t they know she is not into them?

  7. This series finally seems back in gear again.  Morrison’s overall Batman run of the past 5 years seems pretty historic to me

  8. Dammit, is it Wednesday yet or what?

  9. Really excited for this. The previous issue was my favorite Morrison Batman installment in like a year and a half at least.

  10. Oh, but, just so you guys know: The cover up there looks to be the rare Andy Clarke variant. The regular Quitely cover hasn’t been released yet. (Probably it’ll come out tomorrow along with the five-page preview.)

  11. Really loved last issue. And that is a fantastic cover. 

  12. I’ve become an Andy Clarke fan with just one issue. Hope this run makes him a superstar!

  13. God, this is going to be such a good Wednesday!!

  14. Can someone please complain about how frank quitely isn’t drawing this issue? 🙂

  15. I finally picked up issues 1-3 and issue #10. I’m on this series now and I loved the first arc and issue 10.

    Are arcs 4-6 and 7-9 worth reading?

  16. 7-9, yes. 4-6, not so much.

  17. @scorpionmasada


  18. Always a good week when this comes out.

  19. 4-6 are good for the few pages with Oberon Sexton on them, so it depends on how curious you are about getting into that mystery.

  20. I loved the last issue and hope this one is able to maintain that quality level.

  21. I love this cover

  22. I can’t wait for this issue.  Last one was back to form and I can’t wait to get this one.

  23. This is finally making sense again.

  24. Is this a good arc to jump on with? Because I was thinking of just buying this issue and the last.

  25. So excited! Clarke is fastly becoming my new favorite artist. Even if you miss Quitely you gotta admit Clarke is amazing

  26. Ehh, who care’s about this book, it’s just treading water until Bruce Wayne comes back… Nothing that happens in here will even matter once Morrison is off the book.  They’re gonna X-menize it.  Plus Damian isn’t even in cannon, he was an elseworlds that got sucked in here by Morrison… Jeez, what was that, another Superboy punch?!?

     The art is inconsistant and I think Morrison just makes it weird for weirds sakes…  I’ll save my money, thank you very much…

  27. Did anyone else see that worm?  It looked like it had a hook through it…

  28. Clarke kicks ass. I read R.E.B.E.L.S to see his art and I was pleasantly surprised with the story but as soon as the art changed it became less interesting. I think I just like looking at his pretty pictures. Reminds me of a cleaner line Quitely.

  29. @Fractal514-You forgot to say that Morrison doesn’t know how to write.

  30. No, he does know how to write…  He just doesn’t know how to write to that a majority of comic book readers know what the hell is going on.  He’s just lucky that comic book fans are an insular bunch who like to think they are smarter than other people, particularly other readers.  So when something comes out that makes no sense, there are those who say… no no no no, it makes sense, you just don’t get it.  They say this not because they DO get it, just because it is an oppurtunity for them to feel superior. 

    Final Crisis was crap.  Batman RIP was crap.  Batman and Robin is crap.

    That’s not to say that Morrison isn’t good, he’s just not always good, and by not always I mean, not in the past three years.

     It’s not a DC bashing thing either, I love DC

    Blackest Night was good, Flash is good, Brightest Day looks good…

  31. @Fractal: Man, they can retcon anything or everything Morrison did once he’s off the book–I don’t care. The point of reading a series is just to appreciate what’s going on in the actual books at the time, not care about what’s going to happen in the future. It doesn’t mean anything to me that some of the parts of Morrison’s X-Men that I liked (not all of it) were retconned afterwards; it’s great enough just for things to work within the contexts of their own stories.

    Also, your whole previous post is just full of opinions with nothing backing them up. Saying something is "crap" without saying why is just as pointless as saying something is "genius" without saying why. And you can’t say that a story "makes no sense" and then demonize readers who can actually do find a whole hell of a lot of sense in it if.

    These are old, pointless, stupid arguments. Maybe some Morrison fans feel otherwise, but I sure as hell don’t have an interest in thinking I’m "better" or "smarter" than readers who dismiss Morrison’s stuff as "incomprehensible". I’m may more interested in enjoying the actual comics I like. It’s too bad that judgmental, ad hominem attacks have, in the past, baited Morrison fans into calling Morrison-detractors "stupid" or whatever, perpetuating name-calling sessions that don’t really do anything to further anyone’s understanding about anything.

    I can definitely see why people wouldn’t like Morrison’s recent stuff. There are inconsistencies all over the place, they haven’t been tailormade to suit casual fans, and they often reward REreading and theorizing rather than first-time-through reading and gut emotional responses. But FC and RIP were quite different, in terms of storytelling even. And Batman & Robin itself is very, very different from both of those. To lump them together shows a lack of understanding or prejudgment on your part–I’m not being "elitist", that’s just a fact.

    And you may not understand or appreciate the continuity that Morrison’s playing off of, but the current arc of B&R is definitely not just spinning its wheels waiting for Bruce to return. It’s actually drawing upon a ton of back material, putting pieces together and revealing mysteries that fans have been theorizing about for years now. Bruce’s father, his ancestors, Dr. Hurt’s connections to both, the Devil-imagery–these are all being tied together, and their meanings slowly explained.

    Enjoy your more conventional superhero comics, though. That’s why they’re there for you. There’s room for a ton of different superhero comics, and that’s great.

  32. And as evidence of my not being a pro-Morrison elitist snob, observe the spelling mistakes in my above post. 🙂

  33. I honestly don’t care about this book.  I’m just being a dick because Edward was over in the Seige comments a month ago and I told him I would piss all over his favorite book to return the favor.  I guess I pissed a little on you too… sorry bout that.


    Btw morrison still sucks, FC WAS Crap and DC IS just spinning wheels until Bruce comes back, cause you know in a few years time all this stuff will be a distant memory.  🙂 

    I was going to just post this without this part, but I think I do owe you an explanation for why I think FC was crap.  It was advertised as a big DC crossover to end all crossovers, the third part in a trilogy that began with COIE continued in Ifinite Crisis, and then was to be concluded.  But it didn’t do that at all… it was this exsitential piece of writing that was sooo off the wall that it WASN’T accessable to a majority of fans.  Maybe that’s what Morrison intended, but it sure isn’t what DC marketed it as.  I think my problem with it was that, based upon DC hype, I went in believing it to be one thing, and what it was was something else.  Sometimes I’m OK with that, but what it WAS is a type of comic that I can’t even fathom enjoying.  Hard to follow gobeldeegook told on a grand scale with, quite honestly, no real sense of consequences.  Hell, they retconed part of it before the dust had even settled, what with the whole Aquaman coming back to life, oh no, just kidding, it was so confusing people reported it wrong. 

     Nothing wrong with enjoying it while it lasts though, i’m glad you are doing so on this book.

  34. @Fractal514: Okay, we’re done trolling now.

  35. @Fractal514-That there were no consequences, in my opinion, was one of the points of the story.  Part of it was about how these stories are really just ideas hanging out there in the ether.  That each and every creator can pick and chose a certain aspect of a certain story and run with that idea, and ‘fix’ the idea so that it fits.

    FC did complete a trilogy in that each of the ‘Crisis’ books, in varying degrees, dealt with the very reality of the stories/mediums themselves.

    That much having been said, it was marketed in a manner that could be seen as misleading.

    Also, saying that DC is spinning its wheels until Bruce returns is a vast overstatement.  You might have a position if you limited your statement to the ‘Bat-Family’, but to include the entire line is certainly hyperbole.  

  36. I say HELL YEAH to more Gravedigger!

  37. I don’t even know what to say after reading those last few comments.  Let’s just leave it at that for now. 

    Can’t wait to post a review for this tomorrow, guyz!!!!

  38. I love the colors for the Batman and Robin logo

    But…..for the first time ever I prefer the variant then Quitely’s cover. 

  39. I’m really starting to like Daimian’s Robin costume.

  40. This is exciting … but who is the gravedigger? Man I wish I knew. 🙂

  41. Still prefer the Quietly covers, although I really enjoy Andy Clarke’s art. I just love how the colors of the logo keep switching. This is a pretty funky variant.

  42. I love the simplicity of these covers. Bright colors in the background, usually just 2-3 characters, and they are always relevant to the story in some way. Excited to see where this is going, and it’s peaking my interest in Return of Bruce

  43. @Fractal514: you really came off well there. seriously, very well adjusted.

    Sorry, that was a bad joke. If i could be serious for a second. Try not to take other people’s opinions about your books so seriously. They’re just dudes sitting at their computer in their underpants. It’s a conversation, not a set of absolute truths. 

    P.S. i still think Seige is an impotent series with not emotional impact or real purpose. It destoryed the Return of Captain America series. The Ironman and Thor series were also negatively impacted too.

  44. And about the Quitely covers. I hate to say it but they reminded me of the terrible publicity shots for the Schumaker Batman movies. They would have the actors in costume than take a full length studio shot

  45. I’ll stop trolling now 🙂

     Edward…shut up.

  46. Did i mention that i didn’t like Siege? 🙂

  47. I can’t wait to see where this arc is going.  I love the way Damian is being use (both in a literary sense and by his mother).  Mr. Morrison has turned him into an intriguing character.  I’m extremely excited about the possibilities of The Return of Bruce Wayne.  The creativity being exhibited by these creators is mesmerizing. 

    P.S. Not to be rude, but I think there are a few people in this thread that need to go read Josh’s response to the first letter in last week’s letters column:  

    @Edward – I actually have all my clothes on (today). 

  48. Not in my mind, stuclach, not in my mind

  49. @edward – Fair enough.

  50. Do bicycle shorts count?

  51. I hope not.

  52. do you wear anything under bike shorts?

    Seriously, people that wear bike shorts may as well be a different species. This question has anthropological importance

  53. It think that depends on what you plan on doing in the bike shorts.  If you are surfing the web I think you go commando (because why not?)

    Has any thread ever been this far off topic?  I apologize. 

  54. @edward I’m on it. 

  55. Avatar photo Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    So is this an alternate cover? Liked the other action cover better.

  56. @AmirCat : you know who he is! I;m kinda concerned about his breathing though.

    OVER ON SEX. How much? a TON.

  57. you know, my mum brought me a pair of bike shorts for christmas….. I don’t even own a bike!!


    Now, that’s off topic

  58. @Arrrggghhh

    The Batman and Robin cover is the Andy Clarke variant.  The Robin and Oberon Sexton cover is the standard Quitely cover. 

  59. By the way, does the Quitely cover look lop-sided to anyone else?

  60. @Slockhart: Yep. It’s awesome. Like they’re listing on a ship.

  61. It would be funny if the variant was just Quitely’s cover but siding to the left.

  62. Awesome Quitely cover. The variant from Clarke was nice too.

    And I realize that this was an exaggeration and a case of speaking too soon, but halfway through issue 10 I thought to myself, "I wish Andy Clarke had illustrated ALL of Morrison’s Batman stuff." Thinking back now, there’s no way I’d want anyone else but JH Williams to do the Club of Heroes arc, or Tony Daniel to do issues 672-674 of Batman, or Quitely to do the first B&R arc. But Andy Clarke just floored me right off the bad. Perfect mood-setting stuff for this mystery arc.

    Can’t wait to read this in a few hours.

  63. I’m glad Morrison brings it up that Gravedigger may be Bruce. Which means it won’t be, cause it’s too obvious. Then again I thought Jason Todd would be too obvious for the 2nd arc….So I’ve been wrong before.

    This was a great issue to read all around. I totally didn’t see the intro of a character at the very end coming. I won’t spoil who it is but I literally jumped in excitement to see he (…or she) is involved next issue. Andy Clarke is also a fine good artist and his arc is really beautiful right now. Great to see this series is back at full force again. 

  64. Pretty solid.  The art was generally good, but Batman’s face when he is running on the train tracks looks a little strange.

    Damian says "…were working for a killer who so far has only worked alone?" after he sees "Gravedigger" hold up a domino.  The killer hasn’t been working alone.  Every villain in this book since the first arc has had a domino on his/her person.  Am I mistaken?  If so, can someone please correct me?


    How do you make Wheelhands love Batman and Robin even more than he already does? Toss in a little Deathstroke the Terminator.

    This has been one of my favorite books on the stands since issue #1, but the last two issues have been the most exciting to date. It really feels as if the roll bar has come down, and the rollercoaster has begun it’s clickety-clack up to the first drop. Shit is about to get very real for Dick and Damian, and I can only hope that Morrison maintains this momentum until the moment Bruce is back with us again. I want the next issue in my hands right now, and that’s what comics are all about.

  66. Great issue. 5/5 and my POTW. Nothing more need be said.

    @stuclach The Domino Killer has been acting alone. The Frog guy was trying to repay him, and that’s when they got their first clue. it seems as if people are indebted to the Domino Killer for killing for them. It seems to me that is, I admit I could be mistaken. 

  67. Pretty good issue. Great artwork and some interesting developments. The inclusion of Deathstroke is a good idea. Now that we’ve had a taste, I want to see what else Morrison could do with the character.

  68. Bomb…Batman is in good hands, I could see Morrison staying for a long, long time.

  69. The Spine…of course, the Spine!

    I subscribe to the good Morrison/bad Morrison theory.  B&R is very good Morrison.

    @Flapjaxx – you had me at "Club of Heroes".  What a great arc, I loved that.

    @Edward – your comments + your icon = gold

    @Fractal514 – I actually enjoyed your comments, if that is trolling, keep doing it.  Your comments on FC were cogent, if unpopular with some here.

  70. Oh yea…can I encourage people who like Morrison, particularly Seven Soldiers, to check out Great Ten?  Guaranteed comic goodness.

  71. Being an older reader and seeing what Talia was doing really bothered me on many levels.
    This is not your Father’s Talia! 
    That has to be a deal-breaker when your mom does s#!t like that – right?

  72. I just love it Deathstroke is going to be controlling Damian. Cause anyone could control a kid to kill someone….. But you need a right type of assassin to do the job eloquently.

  73. Is this book going to end at issue 12 or will this be an ongoing? I could’ve sworn I heard somewhere that this book was going to end at issue 12 or 13. 

  74. Frazer Irving will do 13-15. The question remains though, Quitely for a double-sized oneshot 16? No really confirmed due to health issues. Also, Morrison says that he has a second season in mind/planned (another relaunch?). Good times.

  75. @PraxJarvin – You may be right.  It just isn’t clear, but I’m ok with that.  I trust that by the time Mr. Morrison is done we will have a better understanding of some of the details.

  76. I loved this comic. I read it this morning before work and I swear, it seemed extremely short and I felt ripped off… then I just realized that it was the usual length and I was just caught up in the story I blazed through it, lol.

    I’ll have to go through it again so I can admire the art. 😛

  77. Man this artist is great. I want Quietly to come back, but if he can’t let’s have this Clarke fella stay!

  78. I do like the way morrison placed this massive hook into the book. What the fuck happened to dick in the cave with teh demon-ba statue. I want to know, god damn it.

    Solid story, good issue

  79. The cemetary splash page after Damian asks whatshisname if he’s Bruce was beautiful and haunting. Great issue.

  80. Kept me interested enough to keep buying.  Didn’t Deathstroke look really young? And why did Talia have to say death stroke?  That was just bad bad dialogue.

  81. @Poopmonster She was waxing poetic, and giving the audience a clue as to who it was. While it was rather obvious, apparently not everyone caught it it the first time around.

  82. I’m pretty sure Sexton is the Joker.

  83. @NawidA: I’ll bet my ass he’s not

  84. @NawidA: dude, that would be awesome buthave there be any clues about that?

  85. These character reveals on the last page are annoying when you don’t know who anyone is. Morrison does that a lot to me.

  86. @Praxjarvin: Including me!

  87. @edward

    His little origin in issue #4 struck me a bit weird. It just feels right mostly with him being equivalent intelligence and physicality wise. Plus the fact that the Joker is on the loose still, but not seen in the underworld, and with a new facial appearance in RIP. Plus we’re nearing the end of the 1st season of B&R and still need to deal with the "Big Boss" of the whole arc. Joker probably isn’t it but if he isn’t but he’s still in the first season, you probably want to separate the intro of both.

  88. Seems like I’m misssig a whole lot of story here. I need to go back and reread the run.

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