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  1. I’m gonna preface this question with a plea for you to not make fun of me. I’ve been on board with Morrison’s Batrun since Batman and Son. I’ve reread the run several times (as is often neccessary with the Mad Scotsman), and I’ve had no problem picking up any clues up til now. So I am aware how stupid this question may be.

    Are we sure that’s Dr. Hurt? Because that’s what I thought too, but then I started to second and third guess myself. It’s obviously El Penitente, but are we absolutely sure that they’re one and the same. I know it’s a theory, but up til now I assumed that’s all it was. Maybe it’s just because Clarke is only the second artist to draw Hurt, but I wasn’t 100% sure that it was Hurt I was looking at. I’m sure you’re right, but can ya let me know where I can find the proof?

  2. Yeah i wasn’t so sure either so don’t feel your question is stupid. And I do think that Oberon Sexton is Bruce Wayne and I loved the way Damien asked. That’s what has been so fun about Batman and Robin it’s a mystery you desperately want to solve. 

  3. @Wheel/GLNancy I think it’s not going to be Bruce as the Gravedigger. Because I think it’s all a bit too obvious. Especially since he’s only been around for a few issues. I won’t be upset it’s Bruce, I just think a bit more time questioning who it is would be better. Having said that it looks like he is going to reveal himself next issue. So we’ll see…

    Also I do think it’s Dr. Hurt because: A) It looks like him and B) He wants to ‘return’ to Gotham. I think if it is El Penitente he wouldn’t be talking about returning to Gotham….since he’s never been there. However it could be the same person, I wouldn’t be surprised. Dr. Hurt could be covering his tracks by eliminating his former group. 

  4. To me it looks like: Hurt = El Penitente = Thomas Wayne (the older one, not Bruce’s father), who seems to have been incarnated/augmented by a demonic spirit allowing him to live for hundreds of years without aging.

    And: Joker = Oberon Sexton

  5. @flapjaxx: Holy…..Dude if Sexton was the Joker that would be f’n sweet.

  6. @ flapjaxx

    That’s what I thought too, except for the Joker thing… that would be pretty nutty.

  7. Thanks for responding guys. I feel less like a dumbass now.

    I think the villain in question is definitely El Penitente at the very least. On the second or third page, as they’re evacuating, he says that "the mask of the penitent one has served its purpose". Upon a second reading, I’m pretty sure it is Dr. Hurt. Not only because that statement means that El Penitente was simply a guise to conceal his true identity, but also because I noticed the cape he’s wearing looks a lot like Dr. Thomas Wayne’s Halloween costume that Hurt was sporting at the end of RIP. So now I’m pretty sure it is Hurt, and Clarke’s version of him just looks different from Daniel’s (which is fine). Also, I agree with the theory that Hurt is UNCLE Thomas Wayne. And I think it’s rawsome.

    My head hurts. I love Morrison.

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