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Bruce Wayne is back in the cowl, hunting a new and deadly killer in Gotham City – a killer with a vendetta against Bruce Wayne! But who is this mysterious killer in an owl skull mask? And is he the key to unlocking one of Gotham’s oldest and most terrifying secrets?

Be there for their first brutal encounter!

Variant cover by JIM LEE
B&W variant cover by GREG CAPULLO

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 66.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Snyder and Capullo were so nice at NYCC. Capullo did tell me the chase sequence in this issue (shown on the cover) is going to be amazing.

    We need more Batman riding a motorcycle on the train tracks.

  2. that cover is fantastic

  3. What can I say, Snyder gets Batman. I’m here for as long as he is. The art is growing on me.

    Jealous of you guys who got to go to NYCC and meet the man himself. Maybe next time.

  4. Sooooo Excited

  5. one of my favorite Batman cover ever. Incredibly well done.

  6. I’m reading this one digitally. The art looks great all blown up on an iPad screen. Good stuff!

  7. Top Batman Creative Teams:

    Steve Englehart / Marshall Rogers
    Alan Grant / Norm Breyfogle
    Dennis O’Neil / Neal Adams
    Frank Miller / David Mazzucchelli
    Grant Morrison / Frank Quitely

    Time to add another two names to this list…..

    • You’re totally right! This duo is going to be LEGENDARY!!!!!! I hope that they stay on this title for at least three arcs!

    • @ghostmann You forgot to put Doug Moench and Kelley Jones on that list.

    • You may be jumping the gun a bit, but so far, so great!

    • @TNC: no, he didn’t

    • @NextChamp – what edward said.

      I love Kelly Jones art but Doug Moench is just an “okay” writer to me. If it’s any consolation, I would put them way above Tony Daniel.

    • @ghostmann: Oh come on. Moench has done some good stuff. His arc on Killer Croc, Two-Face, Nobody (what a second…), Ragman, and his Vampire-Batman minis were all really enjoyable.

      I would definitely say Moench/Kelley is not anywhere above the names you mentioned. But they’re certainly right below or at least finishing a top 10.

    • And you forgot Aparo/Starlin.

      But yes, I absolutely agree that Snyder and Capullo are making a legendary run here, just like I thought Snyder had a legendary run with Jock and Francavilla on TEC.

      If DC has any smarts (I’m beginning to wonder) they’ll do whatever they can to hang on to Snyder for as long as possible.

    • Hey how about Chuck Dixon /Graham Nolan?

  8. So looking forward to this!
    If Capullo really can better his incredible work on the first issue of this title, then really it’s a one horse race for my POTW this week. Exciting time for long term Batman fans like me when we have such amazingly high quality titles as this and Batman and Robin on the shelves.
    We won’t talk about ‘Tec and Dark Knight, though, eh? Two out of four ain’t bad….

  9. enjoyed the first issue and want to see how this one goes.

  10. @glcfarmboy: Tec isn’t even half bad.

  11. Excellent news. I’ve bought everything with your name on it since the first issue of Amerian Vampire and I’ve not been even remotely let down once. So thanks.

  12. Echoing kudos to Capullo’s art. When I first saw the early previews, I was afraid it was too “superhero-y” for me after Jock & Francavilla on TEC – but man, did Capullo skate that line to near perfection! Just enough cartooniness & exaggeration to keep it really interesting. And that Batcave spread in issue 1 brought me right back to that childhood-level excitement again.

    Perfect team for this book.

  13. The only thing I don’t like about Scott Snyder is that he doesn’t write more of DC’s new 52.

    • Maybe so, but there’s still American Vampire on Vertigo and Severed on Image. All excellent stuff, new 52 or not 🙂

    • Yep, I know about his other books – they’re all good. Everything he’s written so far has been good. I wish there was more, is all I meant, though he’s doing 4 books a month and that’s a LOT.

  14. I met Snyder at Midtown Comics in the city (NYC that is), he signed a Batman #1 for my 9 year old and could not have nicer about it. I am glad that these current artist and writes are down to earth. I have met some “legendary” artist and sad to say they were not nearly as pleasant.

    • I agree – Snyder is totally humble and down to Earth. A really decent human being.

      You can tell just when you first start talking to him that he has zero ego and really does appreciate whatever you have to say.

  15. This is a very exciting title. I like the artwork and I love the way they pace the story in issue 1. Keep it up going forward.

  16. Really liked the Nightwing cameo in this. Book was great and I really like the art however my one very minor complaint is that out of costume sometimes Capullos art can be hard to tell the difference between certain people’s faces you have to look close and keep track of the minor differences. Other than that it was near flawless!

  17. Great book. No surprise. This is firmly in my Top 5 of the New 52.

  18. What a fantastic book!

    You get everything in this. Lots of action (a kick ass motorcycle chase), the usual forensics with a futuristic twist, the great mysteries being laid out by Snyder, and overall a great sense of something big is boiling. Snyder just knocked it out of the ball park with this issue from the history of Wayne Tower to Dick and Bruce quipping in the cave. But Capullo should get a lot of credit too for some really amazing layouts and drawings. Again that chase scene is some of the best panels I’ve seen for any type of chase in a long time.

    Definitely the best book I read this week and it was my POTW.


  19. Spectacular.

  20. i liked the issue… but can someone explain to me what happened? how did bruce get to that gargoyle? i thought he was falling at terminal velocity?

    • He said he would reach terminal velocity if he fell to the bottom most gargoyles, the one he grabbed was higher up so he hadn’t reached T.V yet.

      I thought this was fuckin’ rad. Great art, Capullo’s pages are smokin’. Snyder–it almost goes without saying now– is killing it. I already thought owls were sweet, so this new baddie is a welcome addition. Loving this book.

  21. This story is very good. I also enjoyed the hell out of Blue Beetle #2.

  22. Only book I actually picked up this week, but it was good enough for a whole stack. Loved the heck out of this and can’t wait for more!

  23. It’s nice to see books still getting up over 1200 pulls!!

  24. Gonna go out on a limb here and say i think i’m the only one who’s enjoying Detective more than this :S call me crazy, just can’t get into this at all.

  25. I thought this was ok, all the way up until the “13th guardian” part. Even though comics are usually full of convienient plot twists, this one was a little too much so. And I went back twice to have to figure out exactly what had happened and why he wasn’t splat on the car.

    • me too, dude! I totally couldn’t understand what was going on in that scene, I guess it was poor panel to panel storytelling. Still, i loved it enough to give it a 5, albeit prob a 4.5 in my book

    • I saw the 13th guardian as a way to show how confident Bruce is in his knowledge of Gotham. He feels that he knows the city better than anyone else, and his knowledge of this extra gargoyle is an illustration of this. In interviews Snyder has said that this arc will show how Batman does not know Gotham as well as he thinks, so at this point this is building Bruce’s confidence so that it can be taken away.

    • @chewie810: Bingo.

    • @chewie810: Ya nailed it, dude. Anyone who’s listened to Snyder talk about this book recently would have to agree. I admit, the panel-to-panel benefited from a second look, but that’s exactly what Snyder was goin for. If you notice how calm Bruce is during the fall in the opening sequence, it all clicks into place. He’s not worried because he doesn’t need to be. This is his city. No one knows it better than he does. Or do they?

    • There were a few instances in this issue of lettering covering up crucial information in a panel. That 13th gargoyle panel was one. There was another in the chase scene where we should first see the train approaching, but it’s almost completely covered by a sound effect.

  26. I love Scott Snyders writing as much as the next guy but I might be the only one who doesn’t like the Capullo/Glapion art. I’m just not digging the style. I don’t like the overly boxy chins. Bruce and Lincoln March have pretty much the exact same face. Nightwing looked really silly. In every panel he had some oddball facial expression. The art slightly reminds me of Batman TAS, but the story is much more grownup feeling so it doesn’t mesh well in my opinion.

    Oh and the new bad guys costume just looked silly. I think it could look cool in a different art style though.

  27. This was good times. I actually like whats going on in this series a lot more than in his old DCU’s Detective Run. That was a bit too dark and depressing in tone for me, this one has a bit more of a classic Batman feel for me…a nice amount of detective-ing with some fun mixed in. Good stuff. Yes the pages can run a bit wordy, but it never feels like its dragging. Really excited to see what happens next.

    The art is pretty darn solid. I don’t know what so many are complaining about.

  28. My POTW, despite competition from Justice League #2 this week. Loved Snyder’s writing in this one; I thought issue 1 didn’t quite blow me away like I expected it too but this issue more than made up for it. I think the Owl villain/s is great and really works well. Enjoyed this a lot!

  29. This was good, but didn’t set my world on fire. Snyder’s writing was well done, and Capullo’s art was alright. I’m just not a huge fan of the 90’s art style. The whole gargoyle thing, though, was kind of iffy. Plus the new villain looked goofy as hell. I’d give it 3.5 stars, but I’ll be generous and round up.

    I guess I was just spoiled with Snyder’s Detective run.

    • What about Capullo’s art is “90’s style”?

      Do be specific.

    • i actually prefer this run to his Detective Run. It doesn’t take itself as seriously, not as dark and F#cked up…just a good time. Detective was kinda depressing…always put me in a bad mood after i read it.

    • I think it’s just the fact that Capullo’s art reminds me of Spawn, which makes sense. I just always associated Spawn with the 90’s. That’s just where I’m comin’ from. It is growing on me, though.

      Also, I think what I liked about his Detective run was the tone of the book. It was just so dark and twisted. I can see how people may not be too into that though cuz, man, it was dark as hell.


    • Is she still showing up in all of the issues because; I have not noticed her which tells me the stories have good enough for me to forget here. Well now I am going back thru all of the #2’s I have read and the ones I am about to read and see if I can find her. Thanks for the reminder and where did you see her?

      Just sayin’,


    • I noticed that too and was wondering after so many comments, no one mentioned her. For some reason, the hooded woman jumped out at me on that panel. Curious, indeed!

  31. she’s next to the car that the owl guy lands on. 3rd to last page i believe. i’ve not seen her in any other #2.

  32. I love the art but I’m somewhat cold on the story so far.

  33. That cover is mighty sweet.

  34. Scott Snyder gets Batman/Bruce Wayne. And that helps me sleep.

    That is all.

  35. Finally read this issue last night and I love the art and the action is well detailed in here; feels like I was there. Batmans slight interaction with Nightwing was intresting to me since it seems like Batman has pulled further away from him, only using him for what needs to be done. The villian was awesome!! Looks like he will give Batman a run for his money in every way.
    This Owl thing does not have anything to do with the evil Owl Man right or is this a reinvention of said character? Just wondering since I know he was from a different universe and all, or is this just something different? Kinda cool if it was since the old Owlman was almost Batmans equal and keeping him in this Universe would be fun.
    Overall I gave the book a 4.8 since my big 5 went to JLA and this was right behind it for POW!

    Just sayin’,


  36. Scott… You REALLY get these characters. It’s kinda scary. Is there even a Scott Snyder in there are have you fully turned into a schizophrenic Bat-verse of characters yet? It’s going to happen. You gotta pull back man. Yeah, it makes for an amazing read for all of us… but what about YOU? You gotta be a little selfish at some point Scott… or you’ll be so far in there is NO TURNING BACK… … …

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