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Stephanie Brown has done her best to put her past behind her, but as the Repears’ mysterious client stands revealed, Batgirl’s going to learn the hard way that those who fail history are doomed to repeat it.

This issue has it all: Secrets unearthed! Alliances broken! Splash pages!

Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Good luck, Steph.  Looking forward to seeing how this one wraps up!  Hope she doesn’t die.

  2. I’m definitely picking this up.  I haven’t been reading this, but I’m dying to, so this one’ll be sealed up until I can catch up!

  3. Thanks for all the good times, Steph. Hope you land on your feet after the reboot!

  4. Great book. So much fun. Going to miss the unsinkable Stephanie Brown.

  5. I predict tears by the end of this issue.

  6. Man, what a week to be out of town for.  Between this and Detective (and I suppose B&R and Red Robin) wraping up storylines its going be a tough week to avoide spoilers.  As much as I enjoy lurking in this comunity while on the road, this is one week I think I’m best not too.  Hopefully I can get to my LCBS on Sunday when I get back to town otherwise I have to wait until Tuesday (store not open on monday).

    But here is an early thanks to Mr. Miller who made me really care for a charcter and book I thought beforehand I’d drop after the first issue.  This trully has been an epic run of some of the best writing for a modern (pop culture aware) audience I’ve read. 

  7. I love the hell out of Dustin N. work!

  8. Goodnight, sweet princess.

  9. Yes, Goodbye Steph…I will miss you.  Here’s to you getting a REALLY good gig in the DC Reboot.

  10. Great emotional ending to this book. I’m gonna miss it. 

  11. Nice ending, but the rush-marks were all over it. Was anybody else waiting for the reveal that the whole rest of the book was a Black Mercy dream?

  12. Yeah I felt the same way, the Hospital, Damian and Barbara all seemed to happy and out of character. Loved the art, if they white wash the only female Robin, Spoiler and a damn fine Batgirl out of the DCU it’d break my heart, her and Tim Drake/Wayne are my favorite characters.

  13. The last page, to me,  made up for an otherwise weak second half.   I enjoyed the artwork, even the ones that were full page “dream scenes”, but it was clear that halfway through this story, they got told to wrap it up and that Stephanie wouldn’t be back for the foreseeable future.

  14. despite all the strong competition this week, this would be my pick of the week. i never planned to buy this series when it started, but a friend recommended the first issue, so i picked it up and was hooked from there on out. it’s sad to see one of the best series out there come to an end, but at least they wrapped it up well. i loved those splash pages of Black Mercy, as well as the small touches, such as Damien’s salute through the window. i have a feeling that DC does have something planned for Ms. Brown, though it may simply be wishful thinking on my part. and let’s hope for Mr. Miller as well.   

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