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Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

So this is it. Batgirl #24 is Stephanie Brown’s final issue and serves as a thoughtful, emotional, and fitting send off. This issue dives into so many different areas of Stephanie’s life. We get some great scenes with her father and mother, a tip of the hat to her relationship with Damien, and a beautiful conversation at the end that perfectly wraps up a great series.

Bryan Q. Miller deserves a lot of credit for his strong work on this title. He’s consistently churned out high quality issues and wraps up his run with a very well written finale. There’s so much wonderful dialogue, none better than a fantastic sequence between Stephanie and a “registered nurse”. It’s heartfelt and tender and is only matched by the final two pages. Miller nails it here and the saddest part is that you know he had so much more planned for this character.

Pere Perez once again puts together some beautiful art. His ability to convey just the right emotions from his characters is a perfect compliment for what Miller is doing with his story. There are seven full splash pages in the middle of the book that look very good but didn’t really work for me in regards to the storytelling. But that’s a minor gripe considering the overall look of the book. Perez has delivered some solid artwork on this title but this very well could be his best issue.

I’m certainly not happy to see Stephanie Brown’s book end but this was done in a very satisfying way. My hat is off to Miller and Perez for all they have done to make this such a good series.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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