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• The Avengers and the X-Men scour the Earth searching for the host of the Phoenix!

• Hope takes matters into her own hands!

• And Captain America and Wolverine come to bitter blows!

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by John Romita Jr.
Cover by Jim Cheung, J. Scott Campbell, & Sara Pichelli

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Saw the Avengers movie last night which was awesome, this on the other hand sucks. Romita Jr can’t leave this book fast enough.

    • I loved the movie, like JrJr, it’s Fraction I’m walking away from.

      Seriously how good was the movie – it blew me away

  2. Looking forward to this. I’m in it for the whole ride, for sure. Makes me feel like a kid again!

  3. Nice, it’s Bru’s turn! Should be good.

  4. Yikes they’re stretching JRJR thin these days. His work in #2 looked very rushed. They should be rotating the artists more. I like JRJR and usually have far fewer problems with his recent work than many others do, but, wow, it’s like Marvel is running him as hard as they can.

  5. I am really not sure what everyone expects from this maxi-series but; I came into it with low expectations and right now I say it has been very, very fun. I did not say mind blowing, ground breaking and/or legendary!! It seems now a days we are all looking for those titles and events like back in the yester-years, this is not always posible. On that note the, I think Marvel is turning out a pretty darn good maxi-series with this; from artwork, covers and the plot seems to be a fresh take on an old subject with in the Marvel U. I think this is a classic comic book and it’s being played close to the hip on this series due to the last epic event or non-event Fear Itself. Some can argue that was good however; I think the majority of fans have spoken on that. Either way this is by no means trying to go somewhere new, just trying to have some good old fashioned comicbook action and tie up some loose ends I think on the Pheonix Saga.
    Straight up; just a fun comic book thats it and thats all.


  6. I had fun with the first issue and some parts of the second but for some reason I am just not as excited for this one as much

  7. brubaker is the writer i’m most excited for in this maxi.

    • this event is on a short leash. if brubacker fails to hold my interest in this issue, then what hope do the rest of them have? this might be the tug that breaks the dog’s neck.

    • I’m excited to see what Brubaker brings to this too. From what I understand there was a friendly feel of one-upsmanship between the writers of A vs. X. Personally, I’m counting on Hickman to show everyone how to do a mainstream event comic right.

    • and by everyone I mean recent Marvel event guys like Bendis,Fraction and the editors.

  8. I’ll be really surprised if Wolverine really actually Switches sides.

  9. Why? He’s already proved he’s a turncoat.

    • I’ve seen the movie twice already, it’s that good. This, however, is a train wreck waiting to happen. Two issues in and I’m already bored to tears. So instead I find myself reading classic Avengers stories and buying old trades to erase the bitter taste of disappointment. Put Alan Davis on the Avengers, or steal Ivan Reis from DC. And give the reins of the main series to Jonathan Hickman. Bendis and Fraction have lost it

    • How’s has he proved he’s a turncoat?

  10. Alright, father Bru. Let’s do this!

  11. Dropped after two issues. I was surprised I even bought any of them after reading issue #0.

  12. Issue one was fantastic while issue two suffered a bit. Here’s hoping we get back on track with three!

  13. I’m going to get the hardcover of this (if the overall thing is good) it has over 500 pages and collects quite a lot of stuff.


    Can anyone really behind the Avengers after THROWING A MAN OUT OF A PLANE?
    Wolverine admittedly, but still…

    • *really rally

    • When the reason they throw him out is so he won’t stab a 17 year old girl to death I’d say it’s fairly easy to stay on the Avengers side

    • I agree with Roi. Logan wants to go on the mission to get close enough to kill Hope and save humanity. Cap wants to not kill the girl and still save humanity. Both are plenty sympathetic still.

    • i can understand both points of view. not sure which one i lean toward or if i even need to. makes for good conflict.
      -team avengers

    • I guess those are understandable reasons for Captain America doing what he did. But still, it came across as dirty.

  15. JRJR reeeeeeally redeemed himself with this issue (in my opinion)
    Not his best work, but night and day difference from issue #2.
    I was going to drop this if I didn’t dig this issue but I actually really enjoyed it.

  16. While the fight between cap and Logan was a bit contrived this was still miles better than Aaron’s bullshit on this.
    I honestly don’t care to read anything he writes for marvel these days.
    As unbelievable that sounds his marvel work has suffered greatly.

  17. And with this issue, I’m out.

    If to write an Avengers vs X-Men story you have to completely change the personalities and attitudes of Avengers and X-Men, perhaps you shouldn’t write one, Marvel…

  18. Who is this man wearing Capt America’s costume?

  19. This was utterly disappointing, the first issue was pretty good, second was meh and this was sub par at best. I tgink im done. I dontmeven recognize some of these characters the way they are behaving. 2.5/5 may not be back.

  20. I know i’m gonna get flack for this but, Why can’t anyone draw Cyclops like Jim Lee could? Seriously He’s the only artist who could ever make cyclops look decent. JRJR’s artwork looked rushed like hell.

    • i would tend to agree. jim lee did the best x-men anything. john byrne and joe mad are second and third(not sure in what order).
      however, del la torre on Age of Apocolypse does an awesome one-eyed cyclops.
      the only incarnation of the character that i’ve ever liked. only x-book that i currently like.

  21. Finally the story gets moving! I’m not really that into this event, but this issue was good enough to keep me in it till the finish.

  22. I have been a super-hero fan most of my life and have, in the past, waited until the trade paperback to buy stories such as Civil War and the Crisis Trilogy. I have been listening to the iFanboy Podcast for several years, but have been one of those “I don’t know where to start” people they have talked about occasionally on the show.
    When Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 was the Pick of the Week, I decided that would be a good spot to start getting comic books weekly (I have started reading New Avengers, Avenging Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man, among a couple of others).
    I am enjoying the AVX books, so far, but it’s starting to feel, in my opinion, like Civil War Part II. Overall, though, I think it’s worth my money.

  23. …..and, dropped. I think Ron or Josh referred to it as Civil War II, which apparently Tony Stark realized too. Ugh, if only I could convince myself to drop the titles I normally read that are crossing over with this (at least until it’s over).

  24. Everyone’s entitled to dislike this story if that’s how they feel, but saying it’s Civil War 2 seems like kind of a lazy criticism.

    With that logic, you can refer to most of your old comics as “Protagonist vs Antagonist [insert astronomically large number]”? But do you ever do that?

    Are there parallels to Civil War? Some, and I actually appreciate that the characters recognize this. Those kinds of things — history repeating itself, people turning into the very thing they once previously opposed, otherwise intelligent people falling prey to fear and making bad choices — happen all the time in life. I think it’d be more off-putting if they didn’t see the parallels.

    Maybe it’s my perspective. Civil War doesn’t carry a lot of weight for me. I think it was a great idea, poorly executed. Seriously, try to reread the main series by itself, it gets almost incomprehensible. So many plot points happened in the tie-ins (Secret Invasion had this problem as well) that by the second half of the main series there’s a lot of storytelling that relies on information that was never included in the main series!

    So even if AVX isn’t a ground-breakingly original concept, it’s extremely accessible, and I think the execution (so far) has been much better than Civil War. I’ll only be reading the X-Men tie-ins, because I already get those books, but after reading Uncanny X-Men 12 last week (my first AVX tie-in issue) I feel like you actually don’t need to read the tie-ins to know what’s happening.

    I’ll grant that it could all fall apart for me in a future issue, but it’s still working for me.

  25. Loved this. Glad to see it’s not just gonna be a slugfest, but a globetrotting race against time with some neat chances for intrigue and deception. Cap’s reaction to Logan’s plan to murder Hope was perfectly in line with his character (that of a general making wartime decisions), as was Tony’s reaction to Cap (a man who’s made these mistakes before). Good work, Bru.

    • Agreed. I’m loving this and I’m glad it’s not just 12 issues of them fighting on a beach. This is more like a wild goose chase now which is kind of awesome and something that separates it from other events like Civil War and Secret Invasion

  26. Felt meh.

  27. At least the cover was good.

  28. See, issue one did nothing for me, but I decided to try number two all the same. I love it. Then came this issue… I just could not bring myself to like it. The writing felt off somehow…the plot took an interesting turn but really not much happened. This felt like a filler issue just to reach 12. Hopefully things will pick up with four and prove that this was just not a great issue in what could be an awesome, campy event.

  29. The Savage Land?! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Lolz. No kidding. Thank god Bendis cant ruin this whole thing. Though this story would be really good if they all stood around on Utopia and talked for six issues while the rest of the marvel U fights for their lives while trying to stop the Phoenix Force. Then Osborn kills the Phoenix Force and becomes the… new… Iron Man… Oh, and it turns out Hope was a skrull…

      I really do like this event.

  30. 80% marketing, 20% story.

  31. Ron’s gonna be pissed….

  32. I thought this was great, personally. Interesting how polarizing this series has been so far.

  33. I’m guessing there are several moles on each side of the playing field. Hands down the strongest book of the series so far. Tricky X-Men!!!

  34. Good issue, not my favorite of the series so far however; there were a lot of little things in here that set up the future battle. Wolverine on his own, that seems a little more realistic in this whole scenerio and actually this really looks like a job for X-Force!? I would have figured he would have rounded the gang up and went after her; is that not the X-Force’s M.O.??
    Either way that I could see being a wild card right there in this series and I gues that will be where my Deadpool will be jumping in is my guess?? The battle between Wolvie and Cap was pretty good a little messy on the artwork during that part so I was confused on what had really transpired during this scurmish however; I used my imagination and let that over ride it.
    Just like I said since day one this comic book was taken from the classic era, I like it’s simple feeling and we all know what we are after and what is at stake. Good enough for me gave it a 4 and I thinkwith each issue my comments will become stream lined and just eliminate the whole rating and why since this is just a fun ride and we should all choose sides and call the battle:
    With all of the cross overs, battle book and the main title here is my score card:

    The Avengers have a small edge right now over the X-Men (yes!):
    X-Men lost their home base.
    X-Men lost two fights Iron Man over Magneto/Thing over Namor.
    X-Men out numbered and on the run.
    Avengers Dr. Strange bested by and X-Men and fool the Avengers and escape.
    (Lets set the rating scale of this battle: 1=lowest rating to 5=highest)
    Avengers 4 vs X-Men 2


  35. So there are how many tie-ins and a companion series featuring “just battles,” but no one thought “huh… maybe we should show this fight between Magik and Doctor Strange?” The one fight that so far has had some kind of implication in the story, and it is left out? Issue #3 was a nightmare.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  36. Very solid issue, and I’ve gotta say, some of the best Romita art I’ve seen in quite a while. Now, I know Gambit is in the next issue of Versus, so I guess issue 4 will bring us the goods, mon ami.

  37. Not bad at all I’m still on board so far. It’s been far from horrible like some seem to think

  38. It doesn’t make sense to kick Wolverine out of the plane. If Cap wants Wolverine out of the way then he should have had Hank Pym shrink him down and stick him in some micrscopic jail cell. Even if he broke out. he would be too small to do anything.

  39. Was there any indication, prior to this comic, that Rachel Grey would betray Wolverine to Cyclops?

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