• The final month of AVX opens with the first of two extra-sized issues!

• Fatality!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, & Jonathan Hickman
Art by Olivier Coipel & Mark Morales
Colors by Laura Martin
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by Jim Cheung, Justin Ponsor, Sara Pichelli, & Adam Kubert

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Let the whining begin! I personally can’t wait for this.

    • Second. Thankfully, this week has Manhattan Projects, Batman, and Uncanny X-Force to distract the perpetual haters.

    • I like AvX, but I can dig the criticism of it as well.

    • I don’t want to be one of the typical haters because I’m having fun with the series, but do they really need two final extra-sized issues? One criticism of AvX that I think is spot-on is that Marvel totally didn’t have twelve issues of story here to begin with. I’m curious to see if these final two issues can buck that trend.

  2. Why yes, I WILL have some more Coipel, thank you.

  3. Where’s the guy who always says, “Will…..this…..just……end….already!” but then he still has it on his pull list, Lol.

  4. Emma “They can only draw me from the front or side in this costume now” Frost VS. Scott “Codpiece-Wing” Summers!

  5. Having a ton of fun. Looking forward to seeing what the lasting effects of this will be!

  6. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this, and don’t quite understand the hate…

    I mean, it is what it is right? At some point (and i had this same thought about halfway through the Dark Knight Rises) you’ve got to put aside your cynicism and enjoy yourself, life’s easier that way.

    I don’t know, I get that these aren’t the ‘greatest comics evar!’ but for my money? I’ve been enjoying it.

  7. Can’t wait for this, gonna be an exciting month!

  8. Both Cyclops and Emma are so unlikeable right now. Its basically just going to be a battle for who is the biggest asshole….

  9. I agree, Kipper, loving this month so far.

  10. Would have been nice to see more from the B and C characters. Too much Cap, Iron Man, Scott and Emma. Of course, that’s been my problem with the X-books for quite some time now.

  11. i love this event

  12. By four. my least favorite issue yet. Nobody seems to act in character except for xavier. Also what’s up with that two page spread? what is spidey doing? Where is Hawkeye aiming? Why is a big deal made of Hulk coming back just to have him smash once but otherwise stand around? so many things I didn’t like about this book. I will say, however that professor x’s death is not as lame as it was in the third x-men movie. But not by much…

  13. Actually not as bad as I expected. Not a ringing endorsement, to be sure, but I expected to feel a lot more cynical than I do. I do hate how douchey they have made Scott. He’s made such progress as character in the last 10 years only to have this happen.

  14. Really enjoyed this issue. I really enjoyed Coipel’s art, especially the scene where we see Rogue for the first time in this issue.

  15. The beginning with the Hulk was badass. Other than that it was an okay issue.

  16. Can’t we just pretend this whole disaster of an event never happened? This is character assassination in more ways than one. First time I post something negative online about a comic book, but this is just too much and just too bad to keep quiet. I’m about to drop Marvel for the first time in 20+ years of comic book reading. All because they had to turn one side (and its leader) into the “bad guys”. It’s not doing it for me anymore. Sorry for venting, but as a Cyclops fan (an endangered species all right), that’s all that’s left to do.

    • I disagree. I’m curious to know what it is you really like about Cyclops? I’m a fan as well, but I think I see him a bit differently than most folks.

      While Scott’s played the part of Stoic, Driven Leader for a long time now, I feel like he’s pretty nutty and insecure under the surface and has been ever since Jean “died” waaay back in the day (and probably even before that… he was definitely the most brooding of the original X-Men). He stabilized for most of the 90s with the marriage and everything, so if that’s when you jumped in I can totally see how AVX would bug you. However, since Jean’s most recent death (in the Morrison run), I think he’s been slowly unravelling.

      So I’m liking what’s happening in AVX because we’re seeing the logical progression of all that craziness finally come to a head. He is possessed by the Phoenix — the very thing that really messed him up in the first place when it possessed the love of his life.

      In an industry that thrives on the illusion of change, this kind of feels like legit change, and it makes sense, so I dig it.

    • I don’t really think of this as character assassination for Scott. Jean turned into Dark Phoenix too and she’s pretty goddamn revered now.

    • @KenOchalek: Completely agree with you on this.

    • @KenOchalek: I wish you are right about this. I started reading the X-Books right after the debut of the O5 X-Factor, so the Scott I knew was the (almost) infallible leader, the heir apparent to Xavier’s dream. A guy who would sacrifice all he cared about for the sake of other mutants. Later, I loved the way Whedon wrote him, and that’s my favourite Cyclops ever. I wasn’t around when scripting hacks and editorial mandates made him merge with Apocalypse, and I never cared much for the way Morrison made him cheat on Emma. And ever since Schism, Marvel has been doing its best to turn Scott into a villain, into Magneto, only more ruthless.

      If they had played up that aspect that you pointed out (Scott seeking the Phoenix even though it’s the very thing that ruined his young life with Jean), the story would have been way better. But they didn’t. They just wanted an excuse to get him out of the picture, and play up Wolverine some more, as if he needed that. It just seems like a waste, is all. Sorry again for venting. Let’s see how Gillen deals with this in AvX: Consequences.

    • “made him cheat with Emma”, sorry.

    • @marsur: But I think you’re forgetting some of the pretty despicable choices Scott made around that same time. He was a married father when X-Factor started up, and completely ABANDONED his family when Jean came back from the grave.

      Granted, the culmination of Madelyn’s arc kinda puts Scott in the right, but character flaws like that seem to give a lot of credence to some of the beats you mentioned (cheating on Jean with Emma, his fantasies about Psylocke in the early 90s Jim Lee run) as well as his current characterizations in AVX.

      Believe me, I like the nigh-infallible, heir apparent Cyclops (I jumped in the Jim Lee-era and slowly worked my way back) But I think there’s a lot of evidence to show he’s not that guy. Or at least not *totally* that guy.

      Scott’s been around consistently for 50 years, and as a result of that, I think (as we’re doing here) you can find a lot of evidence for some divergent and contradictory personalities. So I think this is a case where we can both be right except because your preferred personality for Scott is on the back burner, you’re not enjoying the current story — which is fair enough. But Scott’s portrayal in AVX works for me because it feels consistent with most of his actions that I can remember.

  17. This looked amazing and they threw everything at it but is is sort of hollow. What was all that with the Hulk and then he did nothing, also this is Phoenix, this is beyond the Hulk, they would switch his brain off or blink him out of existence. Didn;t get caps play there. Then Xavier had this ‘thing’ that he knew could end this, he was sure of it, Iceman knew it too, what was it. What was this thing that he was so cock sure about, even knowing he would be using it on Phoenix and then he just stood there for a while threatening Scott but never really slowed him down. It was a spectacle and i enjoyed that bit but ultimately this was a waste of time. IT is a shop window and a route into this new age, could have been done in five issues, Siege was four and did a better job.

    • It isnt that hard to grasp, Cap asked Hulk for help because they need everyone they can get. He does smash the living crap out of Emma in one page.

      Story arcs tend to finish at the last issue, so maybe that “thing” they were talking about will show up there…..

    • While I’m open to there being a “thing” that Xavier has to defeat Scott, I kind of read that as a beat that helps establish that Charles’ is an extremely powerful and experienced telepath that has dealt with The Phoenix Force before. Possibly because of his reliance on Jean and Emma, I think you can argue that Scott’s lack of experience with mental battle might be a known weakness of his among the other X-Men.

    • I just figured this “thing” Xavier had was just the power to shut down scotts brain and kill him. i never imagined it to be anything more than that

    • I figured it was that but it fell flat, he was so sure he could deal with it and from experience he had to know he couldn’t and then he didn’t and just failed. I liked this more than the other issues and i do think it was a gorgeous book. But they were throwing these plot points in that just didn’t deliver. I would have liked them to have made more of Charles’ battle with Scott. He deserved more than they gave him.

    • Going back to the classic (and much better, in my opinion) Dark Phoenix saga, Xavier successfully faces down Jean in her full blown Dark Phoenix form, and is able to suppress her access to the Phoenix Force using his mental powers. I just assumed that, based on that experience, that he believed he could overpower Scott. As for the complaint about wasted pages, I completely agree that this series could (and should) have been much shorter. It has less narrative complexity than the original Dark Phoenix saga, but takes more issues. And comics back then were only 17 pages of story each issue. In this issue, consider how many pages of build up were used to show the Avengers recruiting Hulk, only to get a single panel payoff later on. That was VERY inefficient story telling!

    • Thanks, see if they had writtent hat better i would have cast my mind back to the Dark Phoenix, that was a much better face off, this was a bit unclear. I look forward to the conclussion,

  18. Loved it. For some reason I was totally emotionally invested in this issue. POTW

  19. Best issue yet. In a loaded week, this is my POW

  20. A-mazing, I love the panel placement in this issue, great splash page too.

  21. Best issue of the entire series. Cap, Rogue, Iceman, Professor X, Emma Forst and Cyclops had fantastic moments in the story; emotionally charged and full of characterization. Olivier Coipel knocked it out of the park with his artwork, and that last spread? Holy mother of crap!

    Please check my mini-review of AvX #11 here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  22. Really liked this issue a lot, definetly one of the best of the event thus far. I especially loved the art in this, that splash page in the middle was awesome.

  23. I found the actual death that’s been talked about so much to be quite underwhelming. I felt more resonance when Scott betrayed Emma as well as in the final page, than with the much hyped death.

    I did however love the inking/coloring this issue….a lot of beautiful artwork this issue.

  24. I enjoyed this issue. Great art, good story and dialog by Bendis.

  25. It was a good issue. Very weird to see Scott acting the way he did. The death is not a big deal to me. I feel like that character has been dead for quite a few years now and hasnt been relevant in a very long time.

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