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  1. I know people were off by the second issue, but I still want try this out. Ross has not done any bad stuff and this is pretty ‘average’ at best. But I’m sure it’ll get better once we get this ‘fight avengers, then bond’ crap.

  2. I’m sticking with it. There’s a voice inside me that says save the 3 bucks that I’m ignoring for now.

  3. I think it’s really good.  I’d much rather read this than Secret Invasion thats for sure…

  4. any comic where Bucky carries explosives under his skin is all good for me. 

  5. Namor vs Namor?  This should prove to be good.  Hope the story moves along a little more, they have had enough setup

  6. I’ve liked it so far.  Going to finish out the limited run, definitely.

  7. I am not sure if I will finish the entire series. Picking this up and hoping it gets better real fast, or else I will have to drop. First issue was very good, second issue was really poor. Hoping this will be good. Covers are awesome tho

  8. I liked this one, just finished it a moment ago.  Funny how Namor is an jerk to himself.

  9. I liked this… but I have one burning question.  If all the guys who time jumped are actually alive in the future, it means they were able to be sent back.  Why didn’t their future selves just make sure they were at the location of where they appeared, so they can prevent any problems.

  10. Dropped…as of this issue.

  11. Despite being a huge Golden Age, Timely, old time Invaders and MA and NA fan, I gave this a Three. Wow, really mediocre, I think I am being generous. If I weren’t such a GA fan, I would drop this book as of this issue. Also, if a story is going to have so little happen in it, it seems pretty dumb to not even have good fight sequences, including skipping over them (like Bucky taking down Cap’s guards). They just jump over stuff, skipping it. Somebody needs to sit Ross and Krueger down and say, "Hey, just because these are iconic classics, does not mean you can phone it in." Or maybe nobody is in a position to tell Ross and Krueger that, and that’s the problem, or Marvel and Dynamite is figuring either just the Ross + Krueger name, or the Invaders + Avengers name alone will sell it, story not included. The art (inside the book) is a good example of lots of technique and no style. The mediocrity of this book is disappointing me, truly. I would have been happier with a shorter  series that was all fight and no story, rather than this thing posing as a story. 3 stars? I am being generous, but Ross and Krueger and Marvel are just hooking me in as a Golden Age fan, and I just do not like it as they skate their way through this book. Or are they just being over indulgent with themselves, and that’s why? If this does not get better next month, I’m downgrading my rating next month. This is the third issue, it should be somewhere by now, and it is no where.

  12. This was one of the first books I picked up a few months ago after I decided that I wanted to start reading comics again, sadly, I think I’m droping it after this issue. The art is ok, but the story is taking forever to develop. I mean seriously, how much development do we have to do for characters that, for the most part, we know pretty well. This was the issue I was hoping was going to get things started, sadly, I apparently have to wait for the next issue assuming they don’t have to develop anyone else’s story… which they will I’m sure! just not worth the pain for 12 issues! Sorry.

  13. Here’s how I rate this series so far:

    #1: 4; #2: 3; #3 5

    I gave this issue a 5, which suprised me.  I love the Invaders.  I collected the entire 70’s series when I started reading comics in the mid 80’s.  The Invaders is probably my favorite team of all time.  Me picking this book up is a given, however, I’ve been a little dissapointed up to now.  I may be dissapointed later, but this issue I really enjoyed.  I loved seeing the young Golden Age namor confronting his modern counterpart.  These two characters are very different.  Check out Namor’s GA stories and you’ll see.  I also liked the recapped origins for Namor and the Human Torch.  I suppose this will read better in trade, but what doesn’t these days.

    I guess I like it so much because I love the Invaders so much and this issue was almost all Invaders stuff.  I still think Jim Kruger has a way of writing that makes me read his captions 3 or 4 times and then I still don’t quite get what I just read.  Not my favorite writer, but I’m such a sucker for the Invaders…

    Hopefully, this series will keep getting better or at least not get any worse from this issue.

    Slightly off topic: Can anyone tell me why Namor is currently wearing his black 70’s outfit (sans yellow wings) that he wore in Super Villain Team-Up.  It was made for him by Reed Richards to help him survive out of water after Dr. Doom did something to him (if I remeber correctly). Why does he need it now?

  14. This series has so much potential. If the confrontation of the two Namors was interesting, imagine how intriguing it will be to see modern Bucky confront GA Bucky and Cap! Let’s hope they don’t spread themselves too thin in the process though (which, sadly seems to be happening), and blow the whole story.

  15. I’m liking this, I give all three issues a 4 rating on average. These Invaders are more aggressive than the Avengers of today, and the writing highlights the differences. I’m getting a kick out of the Bucky, Torch, and Namor characterizations the most. These guys want to take it to their enemies Wolverine style for the most part, as opposed to the heroes of today who seem very reactive to trouble.

    The art is different, but I guess I "get it" and I’m enjoying it. I’m thinking the art is what is putting most people off? Lots of negative comments all over the web and I’m puzzled. IMO this is way better than the Secret Invasion Mini by a wide margin.

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