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  1. Loving this series! Happy to see it is going monthly. Great unexpected ending!

  2. The twist half-way through made me think, "You know, as unexpected or dramatic as that was, I don’t feel very shocked or moved by it." But the last page I was like, "Okay, Robert Kirkman still can pull off a twist." I think it’s at the point where if he wants to shock you, he has to have a decoy shock before the real shock, because you already expect something big. If you already think you’ve seen the big thing, you let your guard down for the next big thing.

    Long story short: awesome.

  3. I’ve been wondering what people at iFanboy think of Kirkman’s writing ability.  Not the stories–the consensus seems to be that they’re exciting and well done, and I agree–but the dialogue and characterization.  Personally, when I read anything by a writer who does dialogue well like, say, Warren Ellis, and then look back at Kirkman’s stuff, I laugh at how inept Kirkman looks.  The characters are often saying things worthy of daytime soaps.  It "sounds" like they’re reading off of teleprompters, laying out their emotions and reactions like they’re journalists reporting on their own thoughts.

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