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The red-hot creative team behind BLACKEST NIGHT and BRIGHTEST DAY reunite!

An entire town…devoured! As Aquaman and Mera discover the grisly truth behind a town’s disappearance, the Trench infestation spreads inland! Plus: Another gruesome Trench power revealed – and it’s not for the squeamish!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.0%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. This or The Flash POW this week for sure, I can not wait for these two books especially!

    Just sayin’,


  2. Geoff Johns took a bit of a risk making the first issue a meta commentary on Aquaman’s popularity. But it really worked for me and that’s why it was my POTW. Also, Reis art was great as always.

    High hopes for this next issue.

  3. I’m not all that interested in the Trench, so this cover’s not all that appealing, but the first issue was classic Johns writing that (as usual) leaves me ready for more!

  4. Was really disappointed my shop didn’t have any issue 1’s left a few weeks ago of this. If I can get my mitts on the second printing of issue 1, I’ll definitely be picking this up too!

  5. Reis can draw one fine Aquaman!

  6. I’m onboard this series as long as the “Aquaman is a joke’ overtone lightens up. It got to be a little much. Other than that, can’t wait to see more of the Trench!

  7. Make or break for me.

  8. But when does Topo make an appearance? I can’t take this Aquamana seriously until I see him rescued by his eight tentacled pal.

  9. The first issue was POTW for me and i hope this continues to be good being a firs time Aquaman reader. Between this and Wonder Woman this relaunch has got me reading all types of stuff i would have never thought i would

  10. Def make or break.

  11. If there is any conversation with a “blogger” in this issue I’m dropping this book.

    and hopefully there will be some under water action scenes in issue #2. You know, with Aquaman swimming and shit.

  12. The first issue was so good. I hope this one is half as good.
    The whole ooh i’m aqua man i’m so emo cuz i suck was hillarious and compelling all at once.

  13. new to Aquaman with last issue. The Trench is a character?

  14. I’m excited for this issue. #1 was fun, so i’m on board with this for now.

    Maybe Aquaman can go back into the city and save my Sox from drowning in beer and fried chicken…maybe. but doubtful. =(

  15. I like the way they think he is a joke and how later he is going to wow everyone. I think this will gain a little more respect for him, I do not think it was a little much. I thought the amount of fun poking was really about right and need fade away with it ever so slightly as suggested above as he does more and more around the humans. Eventually; becoming a pure force in this new DCU and then everyone will back off except a small few here or there that he will show them the error of their ways! The Trench is not a single character, they are a race of characters from the bottom of the ocean it seems. They seem to be very hungry and really do not care what they eat!!

    Just sayin’,


  16. Wow! I can’t believe Aquaman is out-pulling Superman AND Batman

    FYI- We have an exclusive interview with Geoff Johns going up on the Shrine tomorrow to coincide with AQUAMAN #2’s release.

    Joe Slab

  17. Cant wait for this one!!!

  18. I never thought I’d see the day when an Aquaman book would out-pull Superman, Wolverine, & the Dark Knight!

    • I’m surprised this has more pulls than Wolverine and the X-men but not that it has more pulls than Sups and the Dark Knight. Ifanboy members are more knowledgeable about quality than the average fan. The Dark Knight is clearly the worst of the 4 main Bat titles and Superman is overwhelmingly considered the inferior of the two Superman titles.

  19. Well; lets not down grade the others just to make this one sound like its that good, it is! Can’t wait to get out of work today and hit the CBS for this weeks issue. I just read the little preview and it really looks very good.

    Just sayin’,


  20. Did this seem really short to anyone else? Good, but short?

    • Yes. I’ll pay a dollar more for more pages. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it. OR they want the books out on time so maybe they’re cutting down on the page count of the story (not the promo in the back). I’ll give it to DC though. Never thought I’d pull 1) Aquaman and 2) Wonder Woman every month. Good job guys.

    • Super short. Still enjoyed, but it definitely lost a star rating.

  21. Do you think Tom is going to visit to talk about the new Aquaman?

  22. Much better than the first issue. Still not awesome but an improvement from average to good for me.

  23. Good, but not great. The trench should prove interesting.

  24. This was fun. I’m starting to realize I want more “fun” in my comics lately. Not to say the serious ones aren’t good or anything but man it’s almost like a breath a fresh air to have a more laid back, less emotional, and just plain fun comic. 4/5 good times 🙂

  25. I read this on my lunch break today which was perfect. This book is awesome

  26. Really good issue.

    Johns puts enough of the actual story and mixing in exposition for Aquaman/Mera without bogging anything down. The Trench are really disturbing though. The fact that they’ll eat their own once they die is pretty fucked up. Art by Reis was great as always. I think I liked the first issue more but still a great issue all around.


  27. This is amazing art. It’s gorgeous!

  28. This was fun. I’ll be back again for #3.

  29. i felt it stepped down a notch from how much i liked the first issue, but that could also be because i laughed my ass off the first issue, i got this on my pull list now like all the books i liked the first issue of but i could see this getting dropped after the first story arc

  30. This issue gets a 5 easily! The Trench are bad mama jamas and I hope we just don’t get to intellegent with them. I prefer them to stay raw pure evil and just stay hungry my friends; the most intresting new characters in the world! I love Aquamans and Meras relationship where they are now and the slight plot started with the mystery pic. Not sure what The Trench is spitting on everyone and what does it do? Artwork and story have been impressive and fun in both issues so far even if I did not chuckle as much as the first issue; its been a good mix. Possible POW for me however; I gotta finish all the others books I got this week.

    Just sayin’,


  31. Pick of the Week ! Story 5, Artwork 5.

    Just amazing. Loved everything about this book.

  32. Between Justice League and Aquaman, Johns has the “made for trades” gimmick down to an art. First, throw a little bit of action in the first couple of pages. Second, put in a little bit of story (the calm before the storm) and then third, put in the climatic moment. All in 20 pages.
    The other trick is to work with an artist who can deliver half, third and two-page splash scenes (in this case, we get a two-page spread of a dock…that’s right, a dock. Really!?!….a dock?…At least give us a battle scene with our hero).

    That said, the decompressed story & art was good, but I gave it a four. This issue also solidifies my decision to read Johns only in trades.

  33. Absolutely loved it but at the end i went “…WAIT THAT’S IT?!”

    It’s criminal to make me wait another month

  34. Seemed too short, and a step down from last months, but it still has me on board and that is something I never thought an Aquaman comic could do.

  35. This book had everything for me this week. Scary monsters, bloody violence, hunky shirtless Aquaman, Mera kicking ass, and an “In Search Of” reference. 299 pennies very well spent. Thank you, Geoff and Ivan!

  36. awesome! just fuckn fantastic! the trench are so vicious, the cannibal seen was creepy

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