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  1. Anyone know when we’re gonna get the conclusion to American Son? The solits thru issue #606 make no mention of it…

  2. @onasunday, thanx i must’ve looked right over it. next week, good

  3. love me some Guggenheim

  4. on the marvel website Marc Guggenheim say that the new bad guy is clone saga related

  5. The fact that they didn’t solicit the number of pages makes me nervous.  Knowing Marvel, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to slip me a standard sized issue and charge me an extra buck because they slapped "Annual" on the cover.

  6. At this point, is it really fair to call $2.99 the standard price?

    I’m excited for this. I wish we could’ve gotten this a week after AMERICAN SON wraps, though.

  7. @kwisdumb

    I meant that ASM is normally $2.99.  Besides, as someone who reads almost all DC, I’d say that $2.99 is the standard price =]

  8. Yeah, I’d rather read American Son right now too.

  9. it’s just a week guys, only one week until American Son concludes. Don’t sweat it, though this looks good also.

  10. why dont you just pick this up next week when you get the last part of american son and read it straight after. Then you get a spider-man double treat!

  11. Please be better than last years. Please be better than last years.

    It sounds like this annual is the beginning of a new storyline that will be popping up in a few months so I’ve got to pick it up, but the (bad) taste of last years annual is still in my mouth.

     I do love Amazing right now, I hope this doesn’t disappoint as it’s all I’m getting this week.


  12. i am confused by the numbering!!! last years was a #1.  did the one before that have a #35, or did they count #1 as #35 and this one is now #36?  Marvel needs to make up their mind about numbering. 

  13. @zakcaldwell, #28 was in 1994, after that there were 6 ASM annual that weren’t numbered, just "ASM Annual 1998", etc., then they brought back the ASM annual last year with #1, and now are reverting back to the original numbering system.  So, there have been 35 ASM annuals, but the last 7 weren’t numbered 29-35.

  14. OH Marvel……


    thanks jspegele

  15. Actually if you look closely at the ASM annual from last year, it has the #1 and 35 on it.

  16. With the ways Marvel cheats with numbering, I’m surprised they don’t just slap #1 on all of the annuals and claim that it’s okay because it’s the first one that year.

    I’m really hating on Marvel in this thread… 

  17. At the end of the day, does the numbering of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL really matter?

  18. I really didn’t enjoy this issue until about mid-way through.  I liked the clone part, and I’m interested in where they’re going to take this whole ‘Ben’ thing.  Spider-man could be consistently good for a while again.  Seems like those gears are turnin’!!!

  19. Clones? Please no.

  20. My LCS didn’t get this, of all things, yesterday.

    [Sad Face here]

  21. I think the numbering makes sense given what Marvel has been doing lately with the numbering. I don’t see the big deal.

    I thought this was an excellent issue, which is more than I’d ever thought I’d say about a CLONE SAGA-related story. The interaction between the Reilly’s and Peter, as well as the fighting between Peter and JJJ was great. Very interested in seeing where this next arc goes. 4/5.

  22. somebody has their cranky pants on i think…..

  23. Didn’t One More Day get rid of the Clone Saga?

  24. @roadcrew Apparently not

  25. @roadcrew1  no not really, the only thing OMD has done that we’ve been told about is erase the marriage and instead at pete and mj living together all those years and then breaking up. oh and it made it to where harry never died he was just sent to europe by norman. nothing as far as the clone saga was changed dramaticaly

  26. I just wanna say that after years of posting on newsarama, it’s nice to post on a board where you can say you like ASM and no one calls you a bad person for it. I hadn’t gone their since BND started, at least to the forums, until today. Wow, people are still mad and they refuse to believe this title is selling well. It astounds me. This is probably the coolest online comics community ever.

  27. @Roi: Agreed. This is by far the best comics community I’ve found online.

  28. This doesn’t mean Ben R. the clone is necessarily still alive.  Just that what he did in the past still has consequences today.

  29. I am REALLY hoping to see Ben again!


    @RioVamp about newsarama.


    Couldn’t agree more.

  30. I thought this was fairly meh, but the last Spider-Man related annual I read was that Spectacular one by Matt Fraction a few years ago, so maybe my expectations were a little high. Excited for the American Son conclusion.

  31. Fraction’s Annual from a few years back was amazing. While this issue didn’t hit quite that bar it was still a really fun read.

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