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  1. I love this book, however budget constraints have made it prohibitive to buy more than one spidey a month. I do like this three books a month thing, but it’s expesive.

  2. You can buy them for about $1.49 each through

  3. or

    Was it me or did only two issues of this plus Web come out in October?

  4. Yeah there were 4 in September, the last one coming on the last day of the month, so I think that one was supposed to count for October.

  5. I will be happy when this arc is over. A minor blemish on Marvel’s best on-going.

  6. man thats a horrible cover

  7. Agree with Conor – I just want the next arc to begin.

  8. I guess I’m one of the few people who has liked this arc……and yeah, whats up with the cover?

  9. This arc hasn’t been THAT bad.

  10. Yeah, but it hasn’t been THAT good either.  I think most people expect more, like me:)

  11. This has been the worst arc since that whole BND business. The great thing about it being three times a month is that you can easily skip a story arc if it doesn’t appeal and not miss much.

  12. @Garrett – clearly, you forget The Freak

  13. @cutty  yeah the freak was the worst. it just felt so weird and out of nowhere. i like this and for those who don’t at least it seems like we’re getting some good character stuff amidst all the clone business

  14. 100% agree with Conor on this one.  I’ve enjoyed this title a lot but this arc is a definite dip.  Since ASM is 3x a month it’s easy to ride out a dip.. like we say in FL "if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 min., it’ll change."

  15. @Cutty: I enjoyed the Freak arc.

  16. i thout this arc was at the lower end of medicore still looking forward to the gauntlet even thouh acorrding to marvel it has already started

  17. Horrible. I had to re-read ‘American Son’ afterwards to convince myself to keep buying this

  18. And the cover is horrible. ASM 619, now that’s a cover. wow

  19. Cover + artwork not so good, but I still thought the story was pretty good, though a little rushed.

  20. the story was great, especially the last page. but it felt rushed in the middle. i would’ve like a better artist for the flashbacks, or at least someone who knew how to draw two males in their 20’s and make them look different. is it that hard to give one of them a short haircut?

  21. this was awful


  22. This felt like the longest comic ever.

  23. I was not a fan of the plot itself, but for me the nature vs. nurture theme at the end made it pay off.

  24. A chore to read and damn near impossible to tell Reilly from Damon in the flashback scenes.  Counting down to next Wednesday so #611 can wach this taste from my mouth.

  25. This whole arc was just filler to hype up the retold Clone Saga mini.  Worst arc since BND started.  I had a hard time telling who was who at some points and hope I never see any of them again.   I liked the Freak arc as well.

  26. yeah this was dumb. 2/5

  27. Shitsandwich.

  28. If this had been any other title I’d have dropped it after this issue. The art was awful and the story was all over the place. The writer has done some good works for the series, but unfortunatly he won’t be missed.

    At least Deadpool’s guest staring next week

  29. I’m glad this arc is over so people will quit complaining about it….geesh.

  30. Holy shit that was terrible I don’t even know what to say fuck 1/5

  31. All I can say is I’m confused by the story. Ready to move forward!

  32. This was the first ASM that I’ve disliked since BND started.  1/5.  I ended up having to skim it because I just couldn’t take it.

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