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How did Marvel not realize that bringing back The Clone Saga storyline was a terrible idea?  Spidey has gone from fantastic to flat and awful over the span of just a couple of issues.  If they were going to insist on this trainwreck storyline, they should have given it to Casey or Slott or someone who had already proved themselves during the Brand New Day era.  Guggenhein’s story is a mess.  The pages aren’t just busy, but overworked with interior monologue and information so that you can keep up with all the who is who doing what to whom and why nonsense; none of which interested me at all.

It’s pretty apparent that Marvel knew from the get go that this plot line was going to fail, as there are three pencillers and two colorers on this issue, and their styles just don’t mesh.  But, while they don’t mesh, they’re also not so dissimilar that they achieve their purpose: instantly telling you whether you’re reading the current storyline or the flashbacks.  And the story itself isn’t clear enough to get that point across either.

This issue is such a mess that I’m just not going to pick up another issue of this title until this storyline is purged from continuity.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I’m low on cash so I’m gonna skip this issue since you say it’s so bad.  I could really use that $3 for something else like a new Batman Confidential arc starting…

  2. This story wasn’t near as bad as you made it sound….the artwork is a bit of a mess though, I agree with you on that.

  3. @Cubman987: Did you like the original Clone Saga?  Or did you read it?  I was fortunate enough to not have been reading comics during that saga, so I have no investment in these characters.  When they showed up in the annual, I thought it was ok.  But the current storyline seemed to be 90% narration boxes to explain a plot that I just didn’t care about. 

  4. Yes, I did read the original Clone Saga and I really liked it at first but after a while it just got really bad.  If you thought this issue was bad you would have wanted to burn down Marvel’s headquarters near the end of the Clone Saga.  This reminds me more of the earlier issues of the Clone Saga that I enjoyed and thats part of the reason I’ve liked this arc….and I always thought Kaine was a cool villain.  My only real complaint (other then having 2,000 people drawing it) about this arc is that it felt a bit rushed.  It certainly is not the best story to come out in a while, but I did not at all think its bad enough to have people stop picking up this book, especially since I feel that it has been very good/great for the most part since BND.

  5. Well, I only meant I wasn’t going to pick it up again until this arc was over.  Apparently, this was the last issue of the arc.  So, I guess I will be picking up the next issue.

  6. Oh ok good, that makes more sense. 

  7. Typically I think your reviews are a tad negative, but you are right on the money for this issue of toilet paper with staples.

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