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  1. Two of my favorite villains. I absolutely love Kelly on this book and vote he does a Deadpool book. 595 was my POTW last week and i hope this arc doesn’t fall short like the last one.

  2. As a certified web-head I love the fact that I get my Spider-Man fix almost weekly now.

  3. I don’t count myself as a Kelly fan, but the first issue of this was amazing.  Spectatcular, even.

  4. I love Joe Kelly.

  5. I dropped Spider-Man after The Other storyline. I picked up some trades of Spider-Man for Civil War. But after having been reading this again for the last 5 months, I’m in love with it again. 

  6. Good good good! I’m getting excited for spider-man for the first time in a while

  7. this is getting interesting.  I’m looking forward to where this is going.

  8. What will that Reed Richards come up with next!

  9. Great issue.  Can’t believe there isn’t more buzz on this site regarding this book.  I guess everyone is getting lost in the Batman and Robin-ness.  It’s a fantastic issue and I’m loving this arc with Kelly running the show.

    My Pick of the Week.

  10. @DarthDuck  yeah i’m amazed there aren’t more posts on this book. Peter has truly gone off the reservation as far as his tactics. This is like Batman type stuff. Trapping Gargan in a sound prison and then infiltrating Avengers Tower. Man this is just so so so cool.

  11. Lelly rocks.  This book rocks.  Buy it.  Pick of the Week.

  12. This was POTW too. I almost chose Superman: WoNK. But thought this was slightly better this week due Spider-Man going Batman-esq.

  13. I meant Kelly rocks but oh well.  Get this book!

  14. My PoTW without a doubt. I was rolling at the end seeing Peter pretend to be Mac. Hilarious stuff.

  15. I’ll be honest, I cried a little bit in the Gwen Stacy scene. Which amazes me because I’ve never read any of her.

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