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  1. i have been waiting for this ever since that giant size with the hammerhead story a few months ago, so awesome

  2. Me too. I’ve never liked Bachalo until that issue. I also have never really liked Hammerhead, so I’m excited to like this. (Is that even a real sentence?)

  3. Interesting cover.

  4. that cover makes me feel uncomfortable

  5. So happy to have Bachalo back on this book… He’s been my favorite artist since the reboot

  6. Either this is my last issue (due only to money; i love this damn book) or I cancel my DC subscriptions.

    My head is going to explode.

  7. Okay. The DC books are going bye-bye. Spidey stays. Can’t wait to read the new issue.

  8. Chris Bachelo’s art on Spidey has been fantastic and Joe Kelly is a great fit for the book.  Excited for this one.

  9. going to try to get into (technically back into, but its been about 10 years) spiderman with this one

  10. that punch’ll leave a mark.

  11. @Kimbo: yes it looks like that hurt….what are those white peices floating in the air? Are they chunks of his eye? lol

    Man I love Bachalo and the only arc I have liked from BND was his arc with Zeb Wells….Maybe, MAYBE I’ll give this a try, heck even the preview for this looked good….Damnit, why cant I just let this go? lol

  12. I love Amazing Spiderman so much that I have been reading it since OMD and I never gave it up during BND while everyone thought that it was crap I knew things would get better and just look at New Ways to die it was awesome Dan Slott pulled everything he had and this week looks great. Last week was also good for the story of Flash thompson and man I love Spiderman and he is the best Sliver age super hero of all time and all we have to do is to be patient all the time because ASM is such a big book that even Marvel loses sleep if ASM is not doing as well as it should but one concern is that since they have rebooted the series a lot of things have been left for us just to always thing that so much has happened for the past 2 years that we all think that the book has helped it but all I can say is that Marvel keep doing your best and Peter Parker is awesome.

  13. That second sentence is an awesomely exhausting run-on sentence!  Nice work.

  14. I couldn’t finish it.

  15. that’s Tombstone’s fist I bet.

  16. First issue of Amazing Spiderman over here.

  17. @Rup21  Welcome sir

  18. Very tempted to get this.

  19. @Ruo21 – Good for you, sir. Its nice to see more folks jumping on.

  20. I loved this issue!

  21. This issue’s alright, Bachalos art is great but I don’t really care for how he draws Peter Parker. It’s alright though, I’m not complaining. I really liked the story, I haven’t seen Hammerhead for a little while and Joe Kelly did a nice job revamping him. I’ll be interested to see how Spider-Man defeats an adamantium augmented Hammerhead.

    Btw, wasn’t Adamantium supposed to be a super rare metal? Oh well. It’ll make for an interesting storyline.

  22. Wow, this was incredible. The pages with Hammerhead and Spidey fighting are fantastic.

  23. Dare I say it, but Hammerhead was frightening.  Spidey’s last sentence was a great.

  24. Well my friend bought this at my LCS and I read it with him….cause this actually sounded interesting….and if Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo could stay as permanent writer and artist then I would pick this book up every time. A great mix of humor and action and this didnt feel anything like what I’ve read since BND started. I’m being serious here, why cant they just keep a permanent writer and artist and let them be it? Loved this issue….not gonna review it though…then EVERYONE would see me praise an ASM title…and we wouldnt want that now do we? 😉

  25. Really glad I picked this up. I hope this issue is an example of what I can expect from the series. If so count me in.

  26. started off slow … finished with a bang .. like a hammer hitting a spider.

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