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  1. I’ve supported BND from the start, but New Ways to Die has really been what Amazing Spider-Men should always be: fun, interesting, and just a little dark. Between Slott, Romita and co., this couldn’t be any better.

    The Colbert appearance should be interesting as well. 😉

  2. Ooooo….I dont wanna buy it, but Colbert is gonna be in it!!! What should I do? If I pull it I’m a hypocrite, if I dont pull it I miss the Colbert bump….WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!???

  3. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:


    Pull it, dude. Colbert’s an American treasure, and just look at that gorgeous glow of light JR-Jr ‘s got going on from that pumpkin bomb. Killer art.

  4. @TheNextChampion

     I cannot deny the awesomeness of the Colbert variant cover.  

     Colbert ’08 (And So Can You!) 

  5. it’s all a scam to have an excuse to charge 3.99 instead of 3.99. I am so sick of Marvel doing this.

  6. @jklimp: We go from 3.99 to now 3.99? The economy is worse then we imagine. 🙂

  7. @TheNextChampion: good point, it should say from 2.99 to 3.99

  8. @ TheNextChampion

    Changing your mind on something doesn’t make you a hypocrite. It’s just changing your mind, which is something we should do from time to time. Plus, this is the best Spider-Man has been in years.

  9. Extra pages so $3.99 is cool with me.

  10. Which cover do I choose?  The JR Jr regular cover?  The Kevin Maguire variant?  The Joe Q Colbert cover?  Decisions, decisions, decisions…

  11. I’d choose the Colbert cover; still iffy on picking this up though.

    I mean I dont really care on how this arc ends, but I want to see that Colbert short story in this…This is the issue with the 11 page Colbert story right? Cause you would think they advertise that better..

  12. Oh man. When she kissed him…

  13. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    so, i know about Kick-Ass, but what else is up next for John Romita, Jr.?

    (I just got his Secret Invasion Mighty Avengers issue where Hank Pym gets killed. Amazing! It was my favorite Secret Invasion issue, but I haven’t read all that many) 

  14. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    d’oh, I forgot about the controversial New Avengers #39 by David Mack. THAT was my favorite part of Secret Invasion.

  15. This book is building a lot of heat–everyone in Midtown comics westside was talking about it last night. And I saw many people who seemed to be noobs come in looking for the Colbert cover

  16. I still don’t like Harry’s hair..

    Um, weren’t we expecting to find out who Menace is in this issue? 

  17. Dan Slott pwns Spider-Man! There were so many great light touches throughout a story that had real menace to it. It’s as if his run is a fusion of Sam Raimi and "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends." People who were turned off by BND should give this arc a chance, and I think you’ll find a classically-toned Spidey story.

  18. Man, I don’t know why, but the Turducken line slayed me. This arc was pretty amazing. I like how they’ve set up Anti-Venom for future use.

  19. i really didn’t like this story arc at all. i think it ran about an issue to long and the story just wasn’t that good. this issue might be my last. i really liked the Colbert backup though 

  20. @Win: Thank you! Finally someone who liked the Colbert back up!

    I mean I thought it was funny, even if you arent a uber fan of the man like I am.

  21. @TheNextChampion: How could anyone not like Colbert using a stone eagle to defeat the fearsome grizzly its un American dammit! by the way, does anyone know if the grizzly a new character or is he an old obscure villain?

  22. This issue seemed really anti-climactic.  I don’t know what I was really expecting to happen, but it seemed like nothing really happened.

     Then the Colbert part to close it out….ugh.

  23. @cman12 YES! how is no one else talking about this. what the f? that was astounding

  24. @Win – yeah, how DID he get up the building so fast and detach the eagle? What a bag of poo!

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