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  1. I enjoy the last one I hope this one will be as fun. Since I just got a spidey tattoo this past week.

  2. This is a really fun arc.

    and @SimonD  Nice!

  3. @cman12 if u want to check it out take a look at the photos on my flickr. 

  4. I believe it was Guggenheim who said that the way the braintrust is writing this book is like a television show. That being said I don’t really like television shows just cause everything just feels like a bunch of fluff. none of these stories feel like they have much weight(unless it taps the whole MJ situation). I know  that with most comics there isn’t much change that occurs, merely the illusion and/or threat of change, but with this book i don’t feel like there is any such illusion or threat. Just the villain of the week.

    There are so many things that i wanted to be dealt with since One More Day and it feels like it’s taking a lot of issues to get around to it. I’m still stickin’ with it cause I like spidey but my excitement has gone down a bit from the beginning the Brand New Day setup.

  5. So…that’s the new Kraven is it? Hmmmm.

  6. I’m finding Amazing Spidey a real rollercoaster some stories are lots of fun (Marcos Martin) and some archs are painful (Phil Jimenez). I’ve found that none of the writers really have a distinct voice for spidey and I’m not sure if that is by design or not.

  7. Frankly I don’t care about this arc. As far as I’m concerned, the sooner it’s over, the sooner we get "NEW WAYS TO DIE" which I can’t effing wait for.

  8. @SimonD Very nice it’s well done. I always toyed with the idea of getting a spidey tattoo

  9. spiderman is funny and adventerous 😀 . i don’t know why it always get such a low ratings

  10. For me, ever since the Marcos Martin arc, Amazing has been so great. Every issue has been a lot of fun and provided at least one laugh out loud moment. As far as I’m concerned, this has been the best book out of marvel for the past little while.

  11. Im really digging the whole roommate situation.  I think it’s working really well. I want to see more interaction with the supporting cast although i dont think that will happen for a while cause of New Ways To Die.  Dont get me wrong, im super excited for NWTD, i just hope that it manages to deliver on the promised action while still developing the relationships between Peter and the gang.

  12. Phil Jimenez – Third Best Brand New Day Artist (Behind McNiven and Martin)!

  13. I didn’t really like this arc (particularly the art), and I gotta say my favorite artist on BND has been Bachalo, big time.

  14. I loved Martin’s arc, the ones after that were meh. But this has been plenty fun. Can’t wait for Slott’s "New ways to die", and I hope Martin gets put back on this book soon! Anyone know what else he’s doing at the momment?

  15. This arc turned out  better than I thought it would from the first issue.

    Mostly looking forward to NWTD.

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