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  1. hmmm….

  2. Another New villian… meh. 

  3. Supposedly its been said that Screwball is just as annoying as Spider-Man when in combat, so expect to be driven crazy by the banter.

  4. oh all the stories in this book, I’m looking forward to the Dan Slott stories most … he really gets spidey

  5. Why am I still reading this book? Anybody know?

  6. Your still reading this because…its not that bad? I think it good.

  7. I agree.  I just think it’s time to bring in some old, familiar villians

  8. @Doski – Because 3 out of 4 arcs are really fun?

  9. Yeah, I’m for it so far, as long as there drug addicted "freaks."

  10. I meant to say NO drug addicted "freaks."

  11. no more freak – 2 cool new villians, a great story by dan slott, and incredible art by marcos martin – check it out!

  12. Who cares? Spider-Man is dead to me since all the intresting stuff got written out during OMD.

  13. Marcos Martin is AMAZING!

  14. I agree. marcos martin is incredible. what is he doing besides this arc?

  15. This issue was great. Peter as Paparazzi!? Genius.

  16. The writing on the previous two issues feels a little dated, but I still kind of like this series. I still think it’s a better book now than it was a year ago

  17. I gave it a try after Ron pitched it, and I’m now totally sold! I love Marcos Martin!

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