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  1. The preview for this was great, best work Bachalo has done in a long time.

  2. I’ve been waiting for these Bachalo issues ever since BND was announced last year!

  3. Definitely been looking forward to the Bachalo art, as I always do.

  4. Can’t miss a Spider-Man/Wolverine team up

  5. I am not happy about buying this one.  Should I skip this arc?  Hmmm….

  6. This might be the first time I have picked up BND since Slott.

  7. Whats the hangup Conor? If its the Bachalo art you should check out the preview – you can honestly actually tell whats going on.

  8. After seeing the previews, I am sold on this arc.  I too was hesitant about the Bachelo art but the panels look well laid-out and his Spidey looks great. 

    Preview can be found here:

  9. People excited about Bachalo ruining a title?  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  10. I’m not a huge fan of Bachelo, but this cover really needs to be a poster.

  11. Somehow this book has become one of the titles I look forward to the most. Reboots can work.

  12. I can’t wait to read this book againg!  It’s like crack to me.  I’m a sucker for stories involving snow and add the banters that will ensue betwixt Spider-Man and Wolverine shall be enjoyable.  This book i just fun and that’s why I read it.

  13. I haven’t read a good Spidey/Wolvie teamup since Tod McFarlane’s Spider-Man.

  14. @xebix: you’re going to read a good one today!

  15. Thank goodness we’re only stuck with Bachalo for a few issues. The same problems that were with X-Men have cropped up here. All the other artists they’ve had on since BND started have kept the same look and feel. Bachalo, not so much. Peter looks like a high schooler again.

     Only a few weeks… only a few weeks…

  16. I have to disagree.. I think this is by far the best work Bachalo has done in a long time. He was born to draw Spidey.

     This is by far my favorite issue of BND yet.

  17. Interesting that Bachalo went with the borderless panels in this issue.  Also, was the Felix the Cat toy that Peter got out of the cereal box a call back to the Mcfarlane era Spider-Man?  Didn’t Toddy Mac draw Felix the Cat into random panels throughout the books in his run?

  18. I found Bachalo’s sequential storytelling in this MUCH clearer than his X-men work. I’m sorry, what’s not to like about this title? It’s not pretending to be anything more than it is, and they even try to have fun with the continuity knottiness…

  19. while the art seemed uneven – i liked some panels and hated others – the color palette for this book was just beautiful. all the white snow everywhere gave it a really distinct feel, and spidey and wolverine really stood out against it.

  20. SNow in April indeed – certainly today in  Edinburgh. That made the book all the better for me. I agree that Chris Bachalo’s art was easier to folow than usual, with fight scenes remaining the bone of contention for me.Still, his SPidey is great.

    And Zeb Wells threw the ball out of the park (or whatever) with a very witty script.

  21. Not my favorite issue of BND.

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