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I know, i know. “One More Day” might have been one of the worst story arcs every written for our favorite web slinger. But for those of you who shunned the book and refuse to read it now… Your missing out.

I’ll admit that this series has been very hard to gage. The first two arcs were great followed by a very lackluster series. And while the writers have been holding strong for the most part, the art has been very disappointing since McNiven’s run on the first arc. But now, finally, the two meet to creat a great issue!

Zeb Wells scripts the issue and shows some great skills and understanding of the characters voice. We see Spiderman in his first “team up” as a certain clawed friend (yea its the same one who is in the other 20 books) and even Doctor Strange makes an appearance. The biggest improvements came in subtlety though. The previous arcs had very annoying tiny issues that we were slowly growing tired of. Running out of web, the DB Editor’s inablility to remember his name, and horribly unimaginative villians have plagued the book for a while but Wells seems to make his way to weaving a great, simple Spiderman story.

Chris Bachalo steps in for the months artwork and doesnt disappoint. Im a big fan of his previous work and he gives new life to the book. His very distinct style gives serves well to Wells writing style and moves the story very compelling manner.

Overall this is one of the strongest stories since Spiderman’s reboot with BND. Its a solid story in a very classic sense and its exactly what the book needed.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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