Alan Moore fans, this is the big one, the first all-new Alan Moore horror series in ages is coming, and this is the first look! What is sure to be the most anticipated series of 2009 is finally unveiled in this specially priced book! Neonomicon is the all-new full-color sequel to The Courtyard, and promises to be one of Moore’s most discussed works of all time! He takes his re-invention of H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos to new levels of madness as investigators look into what happened to legendary FBI man Aldo Sax. The path it leads them down is one of the most intense and disturbing works Moore has ever written. The series itself does not launch until Fall 2009, but this special book offers a look inside the huge amount of material that has already been completed. Featuring completed pages from #1, a look at some of Moore’s original script, special design sketches, and an all-new interview with Jacen Burrows, this is far more than just a preview book. It is a glimpse inside the mouth of madness at the hand of the master. Two magical editions are available: the standard cover by series artist Jacen Burrows and also a special Leather cover by Burrows that are also signed by the artist, packaged with a Certificate of Authenticity, and limited to just 3,000 copies!

By Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows

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  1. At last! Wasn’t this scheduled for January 2009? 

  2. But this is just a preview

  3. Jacen Barrows did ‘Cercy’ didnt he? If that’s the case then I am all for this new series.

    I have to read ‘The Courtyard’ though since this is a sequel.

  4. Finally an Alan Moore comic that I’m actually around to get before it’s yesterday’s news. =)

  5. @TNC do you mean Crecy? He didnt do that no. But he’s done other Warren Ellis comics. And he does Crossed.

  6. I’ll probably get the comic when it comes out but I’m not really interested in this preview thingy.

  7. @deadspace: Ah your right. I always see previews for Crossed so I guess that name has stuck with me.

  8. I almost got this, then I realized it’s basically a #2 preview for a book that probably reads better as a trade anyway.

  9. Annoyed as hell I didn’t look more closely at what it was before I bought it. Totally my fault. But it pissed me off.

  10. I thought it was worth the two dollars just to get the Alan Moore script.  Normally you don’t that outside of an Absolute or other high priced collection.

  11. I always pick up these preview/hornbook issues by Avatar. This was worth the 2 bucks as I am now interested to pick up The Courtyard and the eventual trade of this series. I too find it interesting to read the actual scripts of masters such as Alan Moore and Warren Ellis.

  12. It was curious that they included the script when Burrows seemed to deviate a lot more within the panels than I expected, both in the character’s movements, expressions and their overall composition (Although I might not have read enough scripts to know what is normal). Anyway, that certainly wasn’t the biggest problem. The colouring is atrocious imo, completely dull and monotonous. Perhaps this is intentional as the cover, and the full page teaser at the back are well coloured.

    August 09 for the proper series, hopefully it’s good (and hopefully they’ve used this time to get them all finished first). 

  13. I should say, for 9 pages I thought it was good and am definitely interested in picking up the series. I knew what I was getting, but I feel bad for those who thought it was the first issue. Coming from a small indie like Avatar I don’t mind too much so long as this doesn’t become a more frequent occurrence. 

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