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  1. So excited for this book.

  2. Been waiting for Conner’s return since he died. I am so amped for this book.

  3. I’m reading this purely for the Legion.  If it makes a Superboy fan out of me, so be it.

  4. Manapul’s Pencils with Watercolor style looks great in the previews.  Hoping for a great story and gorgeous art.

  5. I’ll start: $4 Book uggggggggggh…..Just kidding


    I am pretty pumped about this series AND yes the art looks amazing.

  6. Really, they should have just killed Kal-El during Infinite Crisis and we could have been reaidng about Kon-El for years. 😉 Excited for this. I promised I would buy any title he appeared in after Johns’ run on Teen Titans.

  7. Yet another book I’m trying because I feel like I should… not once has that ever payed off for me.

  8. I’m not as excited about this as I want to be. I’ll give it one issue to sway me.

  9. Cant wait till Krypto starts showing up in ADVENTURE.

  10. I’m probably gonna end up buying this when I get to the store even though I didn’t pull it yet.  The preview on IGN didn’t really sink me because I couldn’t figure out why Superboy was blowing up his statue.  I don’t know anything about ANY Legion and the last thing I need is another $4 book.

    I’m skeptical.

  11. I’m not sure what happened to Starman between when he left JSA to do his own thing to this backup feature…..Did I miss all that in Lo3W?

  12. @Robbie-Statues are for paying tribute to dead people (usually) so since Connor is no longer dead, he no longer wanted his statue up.  That, or he thought they did a crappy job on it.

  13. im excited to see a book by geoff johns from the very begining, in my opinion when it comes to him your patience will always pay off. not to mention spectacular art and an already intriging charecter.

  14. I was psyched for this when I first heard about it. Then I went to Wizard World Chicago and got a Kid Flash sketch from Francis Manapul. He’s really good, and the sketch boosted my desire to read this book. I can’t wait.

  15. @drakedangerz- Plus I’m sure the sculptor doesn’t mind since he’s getting payed big bucks in the DC universe.

  16. I am jumping on this character for the first time with this book. It’s Geoff Johns, so I am willing to give it a go for a few issues.

  17. So, this is a Superboy comic with a Starman back-up? Legion back-up? No back-up? I’m confused.

  18. No back up, "co-feature" ;p

    Legion co-feature the first of which stars Starman.

  19. Could someone pitch this series to me, who is Conner Kent? How did he die, how is he back?


  20. @Zeppo – Superbreif summary: Connor Kent is a mixture of Superman and Luthor DNA. He became a member of Teen Titans and was killed by a covetous and psychotic Superboy-Prime during Final Crisis. He came back in the pages of Legion of the 3 Worlds.  This series is his further adventures. If you want more detail check here: I cannot hope to do any better than that.

    Little known fact: Conor Kilpatrick’s birthname was Seamus Kilpatrick, but he changed it after reading Infinite Crisis as a way of honoring the fallen hero. Apparently, he didn’t feel he was worthy of the second "n".

  21. Yaay!

  22. I miss the leather jacket and the sunglasses.  I think i’m actually more psyched for the Legion co-feature, but i’m looking forward to this all around.

  23. @Magnum240   yeah i miss the jacket too. maybe he could get a new jacket or something. the shirt and jeans just don’t do it for me. it doesn’t feel like superboy

  24. @ stulach

    Thanks for that. Didn’t even occur to me to check wiki, I figured I’d bother the iFanboy community instead, lol.

     So he’s basically Clark and Lex’s love child/clone? I’m probably going to embrass myself now but wasn’t there an episode of Lois and Clark based on this idea.

  25. Thanks @skeets.

    @stuclach- Now explain HOW Superboy came back to life. There’s a challenge …

  26. @WadeWilson Too easy. 😉 Some of the Legion traveled back in time and took DNA from both Superman and Luthor and put in the chrysalis machine from "Reign of the Supermen/The Return of Superman" arc, while Legion Starman dug up Kon-El’s body and put his in in with the DNA. He set it and forgot it and lo and behold 1000 yeas in the future was a perfectly cooked Superboy!


  27. I forgot to say… I really like the T-Shirt/Jeans non-uniform for Superboy, I think ti works. I also like the one-cuff look that we’re introducing here. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the leather jacket costume. I really liked his Young Justice costume the most.

  28. @prax  didn’t he wear the jacket in young justice too

  29. @WadeWilson – What PraxJarvin said.  I couldn’t have remembered that off the cuff like Prax did. Impressive/terrifying.

  30. @Zeppo – No problem.  I am always glad to help.

  31. @stuclach I scare myself half the time. I just have a really odd capacity to remember continuity.

    @roivampire I’m talking about this costume: I think it came into play in 2001-2? So late in YJ’s run. 

  32. @PraxJarvin – That is a very handy skill for a comic book reader to have.  I’m quite jealous.

  33. @Prax  for that one it all depended on the artist for me. the first costume seemed to look cool no matter who drew it

  34. I’m also a fan of the current non-costume. Wasn’t a big fan of the YJ one.

  35. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Cockles of my heart: warmed.  

    5 star book.   

  36. That numbering system is CHEAP.  Just pick one and go with it.

  37. FYI for legion newbies — they switched the labels on Night Girl and Shadow Lass.

  38. I think may favorite character in this book is gonna be Krypto. What a great freaking dog.

  39. Did anyone else notice that Conan O’Brien is now in the legion? (Third panel of the first page of the cofeature.)

    Pretty solid story.  I also liked the backup. 

  40. wasnt able to get this because i got to my shop late in the day and they apparently sold out. gonna keep my eye out for this though cause it looks like it could be really cool.


    oh and @stuclach, to conan O’brein being in the legion all i can say is "I’m In"

  41. So good

  42. This was so much fun.

  43. @NJ Baritone  I noticed that.  Confused me for a sec.

  44. Krypto rules.

  45. Really, really enjoyed this. I didn’t understand all of the co-feature, but what I did understand I loved, and the main story was great as well. First book I’ve read this week and I’m very glad I did. 5/5.

  46. So glad my boy is finally back!

  47. When the main story is the POW and the 2nd feature is almost better overall then you have a winner! Fantastic art and story on both features

  48. Awesome read. Check out my review for more deep thoughts on it, but really nice to have a fun book. This is what a Superbook should be like. Did anyone else notice it seems like nowadays everyone lies to Kal-El? Also, I have a man crush on Francis Manapul now. I’m totally getting him to a do a sketch sometime. 5/5 POTW.

    Legion back-up was possibly even better than the main feature. Johns gets the Legion in away that not many others do. I was never the biggest legion fan, but hell if Johns hasn’t made me love the original team.

    @Kwis What didn’t you understand, if I may ask? 

  49. I’ll look at this when I see it in the store. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed by the preview but I’m enjoying John’s writing more and more so I might give it a go.

    I don’t understand the popularity of this Superboy though… 

  50. Loved it.  I have 0 history with or knowledge of Superboy, but this was a hell of a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next issue.  The Legion of Superheroes co-feature, however, was just totally baffling to me.  Was that all describing stuff that happened previously in DC Comics?  Is that all a part of this continuity?  And when we see Starman come to Smallville and talk to the monster in the swamp there, is that going to link up to the action in the main feature?

  51. @MrLogical I’m a bit unclear about what you mean by "Was that all stuff that happened?" If you’re referring to the brief Origin Story tucked then yes. As well, Starman’s ramblings refer to things that have happened to the Legion. (This iteration has not been seen in DC since 1995, until Geoff Johns Superman and the Legion arc.) If you’re referring to the last page "glimpses" this is a stylistic choice that Johns has been using since rebooting Justice Society of America. It’s meant to give the reader a little idea of what’s instore in the book. I think Brad Meltzer and Morrison have both used it to different degrees of effectiveness.

  52. @PraxJarvin Thanks–the whole time travel thing with the Legion starting hundreds of years in the future part just sounded extra over-the-top to me–I wasn’t sure if that was straight up continuity, or a distorted version of it, or if it’s just a made up version that’s not supposed to connect to the history.

  53. I still don’t understand how this is the same Superboy from Reign Of The Supermen but I’m just gonna run with it.

  54. @Robby it is, he died and was brought back by the legion

  55. @MrLogical Just to clarify The Legion is set in the year 3009 and has been since 1959. 😉

  56. I really loved it. The art was gourgeous.

  57. I bought it when I saw it at the store. You guys were right: it’s a good comic. The set-up at the end is enough to get me to buy the next issue.

  58. I just sent my girlfriend down the the comic book store to pick this up for me…..She came back with the variant!  WOO HOO!

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