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We can’t tell you much about this issue without ruining some of ACTION COMICS #900’s surprises, but suffice it to say, Doomsday’s back – and you’ve never seen him like this before! Doomsday’s first appearance brought about the “Reign of the Supermen,” where four characters – Superboy, Steel, Cyborg Superman, and Eradicator – came onto the scene to try to fill Superman’s shoes. Now, with “Reign of Doomsday,” it looks like Superman might need to fill their shoes!

Variant cover by DAN JURGENS

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  1. I’m not buying this series anymore, not in the mood for a Doomsday arc.

    But look at that cover! Now I’m questing it cause I love Rocafort. 

  2. I’ve been in since before New Krypton, but I’ll probably drop after the Doomsday arc.

  3. I’m really stoked to see Rocafort on this issue.  He is a pretty amazing artist. 

  4. I’m out. The Lex arc was great, but something needs to happen with Superman. Or not happen. Some straighforward, simple Superman stories might be the best thing to happen.

  5. I feel like Doomsday hasn’t been used right since the 90’s.  Hopefully they actually use him properly here.  I think I’ll pick it up, and I haven’t bought a superman book in a while.

  6. I’ve been enjoying the Reign of Doomsday arch arc across the super-titles, but that’s probably mostly because I love the Return of Superman/Reign of Supermen arc.  I’m definitely picking this up.

  7. It’s a light week and I liked 900 and Rocafort.  Getting this, but could just as easily skip 902 and beyond.

  8. Is this one of those arcs that’s split across multiple Super-books?  I dropped out during War of the Supermen because of that.  I really want to pick this up for Rocafort’s art, but I’m not interested in buying Superboy and SUpergirl, etc…

  9. Would have dropped this if Rocafort wasn’t coming on. The last two issues of Action were pretty weak.

  10. I just really got into Superman so I have some hope for this

  11. @mrfrost: I agree I’d even say the last 3 issues. I really hope it gets good again.

  12. @RedMoses:  I picked up Superboy a couple weeks ago, their past this arc already in that title.  Just skipped it…

  13. Paul Cornell can do no wrong for me. I thought the Lex arc finished strong.If Cornell keeps writing Action, I’ll keep reading it.

  14. is really hoping bringing Superman back into Action can recapture the magic. Haven’t had a Superman book that i’ve enjoyed in a long while. 

  15. I’m only interested in this for the lovely art of my fellow Ken Rocafort after becoming a big fan of his on Velocity and Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer.

    I’m honestly a little worried about Jesus Merino’s name being on there too. Hopefully he’s just helping out with some inks or something because I’m less interested if it’s not all Rocafort. I dropped Adventure after just two issues when they started phasing out Phil Jimenez.

  16. I,m getting tired of Supes’  Forrest Gump jaunt around America though I a sticking with it to see what happens. I hope something DOES happen. I like Action. The LLuthor arc was a good read. Bring Supes back into Action

  17. I doubt I’ll be sticking around for long here…

  18. @kryptonkid  He’s back already. Made his big return in 900 and we shall definitely get to see Supes flying around and punching things in this storyline. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing Cornell’s voice for Superman in a full issue.

  19. You know things have been in a sorry state in the Superman corner of the DCU when you’re cheering the fact that he’s actually in the damn book!  And punching things and using his super-powers to boot!  What a foreign concept.

    While Doomsday was not a villain that I realized I wanted back, he makes a good punching bag for Superman getting back into the swing of things.

    Good stuff. 

  20. In my opinion, this was suprisisngly good. Cornell put Team Superman into good use

  21. Well damn. I was hoping Eradicator would stick around.

  22. I’m not sure what happened here, but 901 seems like a totally different book than what I’ve read for the last year.

    I love Cornell’s writing when he’s “on”, but seems like he’s “off” here.

    Please go back to Captain Britain and MI13. Please. Please. Please.

    Or at least do an on-going Knight and Squire.

  23. Cornell is a great writer, but Doomsday is a series killer. I picked Action for the Lex stories but don’t care at all about the new, doomier Doomslayer. Yawn…

  24. I like both Cornell and Rocafort and I enjoyed the Luthor arc but I’ll be dropping Action Comics now.  I don’t find Doomsday or the setup terribly interesting.  The art substitution on the new artist’s first issue is a bad sign.

    I’m also a bit confused.  I thought the president in DC comics was always a different dude and it was Marvel that liked to layer their world on top of ours?  I’m sorry, but that tooke me out of the story like a ton of bricks.

  25. I dropped Action after 900 and was pretty disappointed in how they forced the ending of the Lex Luthor arc into this Doomsday one.  Sometimes its better to finish the current story before jumping into the next.  IMO.

  26. 4 stars: I don’t care much for the doomsdays story, but this has great characterisation of Superman, which really comes out with the good use of the thoughtballoons.

  27. Uh maybe I’m just not a hardcore enough fan of all the superman wannabes but I’m not feeling this. I’ll give it another issue or two just incase it gets better.

  28. I love Cornell and I loved his Luthor storyarc, but this was kinda….eh.

  29. The one thing I liked about this was that Superman and his friends, all power hitters, had to use hit and run tactics. I am new to Superman but I haven’t really heard of this before so it was interesting to me at least.

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