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The last place Lex Luthor expected his quest for the Black Lantern energy to take him was Arkham Asylum – specifically to the cell of The Joker! What clues about Lex’s quest could The Joker have to offer, and why on Earth would Lex trust him? Get ready for a one-of-a-kind confrontation between comics’ two greatest villains, as brought to you by the twisted minds of Paul Cornell and Pete Woods!


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  1. Arkham Asylum! 😀

  2. The Joker is coming to Action and only one other comment?  What is gone wrong with this world?  THE JOKER!!

  3. I didn’t read the Secret Six but I’m going to assume Lex survived.

  4. God damn, what a great week of comic books

  5. Looking forward to this!

  6. Cornell + Joker= Fun and Demented Times

  7. The preview for this looked absolutely fantastic

  8. @robbydzwonar  <cough> “meh”

  9. Amazing, just some great stuff by Cornell.

    We need a Joker ongoing with Cornell as writer now!


  10. Take Note Bendis, THIS is how you do an unbelievably amazing “talky” issue.  There was virtually no action, but the exchanges between Joker and Luthor was thoroughly entertaining.  The Pony bit had me rolling.

  11. Wow this blindsided me. I really enjoyed this issue. Oddly moving.

  12. I appear to be the only one but I was very let down by this.  I was hoping for much, much more in an episode with Luthor and the Joker.  Good, but not great.

  13. This was AWESOME!

  14. @DarthDuck  –i get what you are saying. I enjoyed the issue, and this run in general, but i’m getting a little bit tired of the “lets sit in a room and talk for an entire issue” kinda thing. It is ACTION Comics afterall. 

    Still enjoyed the story, but yeah…more Action less talky. 

  15. Except only two issues have involved two people sitting in a room talking, this one and 894…

    Last issue was pretty much entirely a fight scene.

  16. You really get the feeling what a deranged, lost, and tortured soul the Joker has in this.  Cornell and Woods, whose work here reminded me a lot of Terry Dodson’s, do a really good job with that.

  17. @markish  –except thats my personal opinion that the pace of this storyline has been lots of talky talky.

    I’ve really enjoyed the storyline so far, even though its a bit slow for me. 

  18. next week is agent orange so i really don’t think that there will be much talking.

  19. @avejman  –Cornell will find a way! haha

  20. Check out the review of this issue on Critic Hammer;

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