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All you need to know about this issue going in is this: Lex Luthor and The Joker are going to be talking the whole time. No action, some surprises along the way; but overall this is just the two biggest villains in DC talking to each other. Might not sound fun for some but you gotta remember: Paul Cornell is writing this! He has turned an established villain into something so much fun to read for months now.

I want a Joker ongoing by Cornell in the worst way now. He handles him so perfectly in this issue that it’s like second nature to him. His version is sadistic in nature but he has such a vast intelligence and also has a great (dark) humor to him. Almost every time he speaks it’s either me laughing or just enjoying just how well Cornell writes him. Coupled with Cornell doing more great things with Luthor and bringing more mystery into the robotic Lois, and you got a great read from beginning to end. Again I couldn’t do this justice by trying to review this. Pick the issue up and you will see just how downright perfect Cornell is at writing the two main villains of DC.

The only downfall with this issue for me is the art by Woods. Now it’s better then what I’ve seen from the past but there are still some weird moments. He brings continuity with the Joker with the bullet scar (from Morrison’s run) and he does bring some nice facial expressions for the guy. But there’s this scar on his cheeks that doesn’t seem to make sense. At least I think it’s a scar, it could possibly be a mustache that he drew on his face. Either way, it kinda bugged me a bit because it didn’t seem to make sense.

Really just a great issue all around by Cornell. Go pick this issue up! Even if it’s a bit deep into the overall story by him, you will have a blast reading this from cover to cover. Just a shame that Woods couldn’t bring his entire ‘A’ game together for this issue.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Seriously? Did you read Morrison’s Batman? Joker has had that scar throughout the entire run. It’s why he can’t stop smiling. He had it all throughout, and even just recently mentioned to Damien that he couldn’t stop smiling as a result of the doctors not doing a very good job of fixing him up (something he said during RIP as well, just reiterating).

  2. Well that scar doesn’t seem to match at all what Morrison did. It looks like a curly mustache more then anything else, let alone a scar.

  3. Yah it did

  4. Whoa did you see the other two reviews for this??? I loved this issue I thought the joker was great and actually pretty funny for once.

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