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Lex Luthor has had an incredibly difficult time of it lately, what with fighting master assassin Deathstroke, avoiding being eaten by Gorilla Grodd, and even meeting Death herself! Now he’s finally back at his office in Metropolis, so he can relax a little bit – oh shoot, Lex, watch out for Vandal Savage and that axe!

In the Jimmy Olsen co-feature, Superman’s pal has to convince a bunch of bloodthirsty aliens that Earth is too boring and staid to host the universe’s biggest (and most destructive) party. But how exactly is he going to do that? (Everyone, put on a bow tie!)

Co-feature written by NICK SPENCER
Art by PETE WOODS Co-feature

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. The shine is wearing off of this to me. I’m still enjoying it but I’m not excited for it anymore.

  2. yeah this should of just been a Limited series, I think I’ll get bored of it if its an ongoing…..Like it say’s above "the shine is starting to wear off".

  3. #894 was my POTW.  It’s in my top 10 pulls. I’m stll in.

  4. I thought the shine was wearing off two issues ago, but the Gorilla Grodd and Death issues were so good!!  This book is definitely worth the $4 cover price, and I very RARELY say that!!

  5. last issue was really good but for some reason i have no desire to pick this up


  6. One of the books I really look forward to each month, and there were some funny parts to the Jimmy Olson co-feature last issue, hope to see more of android Lois though.

  7. Last issue was great! I can’t see why people would think of dropping it now. Especially since it looks like Cornell is dailing the craziness back to 11 this month.

  8. @TNC for me it’s the awful cover and the kinda boring solicit

  9. @Roi: A man is swinging an axe at Lex and it’s boring!? (You’re entitled to your opinion, just teasing ya a bit)

    Also, Batt rears his ugly head again for this cover. So I don’t blame anyone for saying this cover is awful.

  10. @TNC it’s a cool visual granted i just don’t care for the angle that he chose. i also don’t like the idea of going back to metropolis, i was enjoying luthor out on the road. hopefully this is just a layover in the city of tomorrow before heading back out to find that black lantern material. I’ve really enjoyed this series emmensly but i’m just not excited about this one

  11. I think I’m gonna reread the past issues of this run again today in anticipation.  I only read them all once.

  12. I love this run. The Death stuff was a bit iffy (I’m not convinced on the Vertigo DCU stuff at all) but other than that, all good.

  13. The cover is cool….the book is called Action Comics….there is action happening…what more do you want!?! lol

    can i skip the co-feature and keep the extra buck? The olsen story is OK, but i’m kinda sorta looking forward to trimming the fat and getting cheaper books. 

  14. I am really enjouy the Olsen back-up. Last issue was a bit too wordy though. If the writer can dial back on that a notch it will be firing on all cylinders. I think I am committed to Action through 900 (first comic to 900, yes? Idiot Deadpool jokes aside). Cornell is just having a blast with a character 10x more interesting than Superman.

  15. Liked this series a lot when Cornell first came on, but the last two issues have been downhill imo. I’m not a fan of Vandal Savage, so I hope this won’t be the third underwhelming issue in a row for me.

  16. Favorite DC title right now.

  17. OK, now it’s offical.  ACTION is starting to lose its shine on.

  18. I’d buy this JUST for the Jimmy Olsen backup.  Exceptionally fun.

  19. On the Olsen backup, is that not one of the freakiest portraits of Lois at the end?

  20. i have been beaten to it but that last picture of lois is the ugliest thing i have seen in some time

  21. After the last issue, this seemed a bit of a let down…

  22. I didn’t enjoy this at all and that is really surprising. Don’t know what I’m gonna do next month, I mean those first two issues bought a lot of goodwill for this book for me.

  23. Bowtie Jimmy ftw! And Paul Cornell is solid fun as always.

  24. I think Pete Woods’ art is getting better and better, and have always been interested in Vandal Savage as a villain and as far as his history goes, intrigued to see how Scandal reacts in the next issue; and again, something about Lex’s Lois droid is just so perverse, loving every scene with her.

    Enjoying the Olsen second feature more and more, keep saying Silva’s work reminds me of Clayton Henry, but yea, not a very flattering portrayal of Lois there at the end.

  25. @pchan126  Totally.  I looked at that and thought, Courteney Cox as Lois Lane?

  26. And I know the holiday interrupted some columns, but for me, Panel of the Week goes to the Dalwythian’s shout of “It is a simple technology, Aged Earth Woman!” in the Ma Kent video chat.  That made me laugh out loud when I read it and more than once since when it has come to mind.

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