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Guest-starring Death from SANDMAN! Yes, you read that right! Death! From SANDMAN! In ACTION COMICS! Lex Luthor finds himself literally at Death’s door, which leads to a fascinating look not only into the mind of one of the all-time greatest villains, but also at what Death means in the DC Universe…

And in the JIMMY OLSEN co-feature, an alien race has chosen Metropolis to be the host of their millennial celebration! And who better to show them around town than James Bartholomew Olsen? But when the alien princess gets wasted and her brother starts picking bar fights, it’s up to Jimmy to get things under control before all of Metropolis is destroyed!

Co-feature written by NICK SPENCER
Co-feature art by RB SILVA and DENIS FRIETAS

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 20.6%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Finch’s best cover yet, exactly how I’d envision Death:P  And always look forward to seeing what Lex’s android Lois will do next.

  2. I’m pretty much the opposite of most people and I don’t really like that Death from Sandman is showing up. I’m mostly apathetic about it but it just seems to me that DC has so many "Deaths" of its own that they could use one of them rather than pull one from the Sandman Universe.

  3. Not a big fan of DEATH but I’m loving this run so far!  It’s taking us everywhere…

  4. I caught up on this run over the weekend. Quite enjoyable. It seems like an choice for Death to appear, but I underestimated Cornell before, so I’ll give this a chance. He’s still kinda hit-and-miss with me, though. I loved Captain Britain, didn’t like Dark X-Men or Knight & Squire, but have enjoyed Action so far.

  5. ^* I meant "seems like an ODD choice for Death to appear".

  6. i got an its a wonderful life vibe from the preveiw

  7. With the appearance of Death maybe I can finally get my Wife to read this.

  8. So how long until Swamp Thing and John Constantine show up back in the DCU? They could do AWESOME things with Swamp Thing

  9. @mikeandzond21

    The more I hear some of the theories on Brightest Day and some of the rumor mills, the more I think Swamp Thing will appear at the end.

    Anyway, been really enjoying Cornell’s run, and I liked Gaiman’s Sandman arc, so I’m in for this, totally. 🙂

  10. Apparently Gaiman did Death’s dialogue in the issue.

  11. I really wished Chen could’ve done this issue. I mean Woods has been pretty decent, but I would prefer Chen in this case.

    But I’ve been loving this series since I caught up a couple of weeks ago. Cornell is gonna make this fun with or without Gaiman helping him out. 

  12. Very Excited for this issue. Should prove an interesting read. Cornell had Death make an unofficial cameo in one of his Doctor Who Novels in the mid-90s. (Happy Endings, I believe).

    @NawidA Oh, really? That’s cool. I do know DC sort of has a gentleman’s agreement with Gaiman where they ask his permission when using the Endless. (Robinson has something similar governing Jack Knight.) Though I don’t think its a contractual thing, more a nicety.

  13. Does Ron or Connor have POTW this week? If it’s Connor this could be the pick.

  14. Not a fan of the character of Death either, but I am liking Cornell’s run a lot. I’m so interested to see how Luthor beats a foe like Death.

  15. I picked up the last issue because I heard Death was in it. Liked it so much I went back for the previous three. Can’t wait for this. Death! In Action! Don’t hate.

  16. Can’t wait!!!!

  17. So far two of my favorite comments are in this thread right now.

    1) @Minion: "I really don’t like that Death"

    2) @robbydzwonar: "Not a big fan of Death’

    I know it sounds funnier out of context like this; but it makes me laugh thinking about it every time. 🙂 

  18. I liked how Cornell turns things around and made this from a silly story to a witty/thoughtful one with this issue. The whole conversation with Death was entertaining and gives a lot of insight into how Lex thinks. The whole Atheist rant was something that really made it for me. Woods was also pretty good in this. The beginning was a bit iffy, but it stayed consistant throughout which is what I want Woods to be. But the silliness will return next issue which isn’t a problem at all…..I just hope we see more of this ‘seriousness’ to the title if given the chance.


  19. Hopped on last issue for the Jimmy Olsen back-up, but I am hopping back off with this one. Not that it’s a bad book, by any means! I think it’s quite fine, just not for me. Maybe I just don’t like reading about villains.

  20. By the way, I didn’t mention the Olsen back up in either my review or on here.

    Basically, it bored me a lot because there was too much writing going on. By the time I hit the 3rd page and saw all of those word balloons; I literally gave up. Looks pretty though. 

  21. Did anyone else think that Wood’s Death looks a lot like the chick from Carpica?


  22. I loved this issue, both the main story and the back-up. And the cover had two of my favorite things: Death from Sandman and puns.

  23. I enjoyed the heck out of this issue and it didn’t hit me until after the fact that the entire issue was nothing but talking with a page or two of foreshadowing.  I found Death of the Endless to be a fascinating character.

  24. Loved the main story but man do I not like that second feature.

  25. couldn’t even read the second feature. I got a page or two in, and just didnt’ have the energy to keep going. So dense…i’ll check it out later. 

  26. Just caught up on all of Cornell’s run so far – this has to be the most fun I’m having with comics right now.  Frankenstein and cowboy dreamscapes, Godzilla-sized slugs, talking gorillas with giant spoons for brain-eating and a conversation with goth-hottie Death?  Never a dull moment, awesome stuff.

  27. On the plus side I liked the JImmy Olsen thing but wish it had more room to breathe! 

  28. I’d love to see the reactions of all the people who think the Jimmy Olsen back-up is dense when they are confronted with an issue of Turf.

     To each their own, but I loved the heck out of every bit of this issue.

  29. @markish–or someone who goes back and reads some golden age stuff. same thing. 

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