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  1. I’m undecided on whether I will continue to pick this up.  The upcoming increase in price + change in artists may be the excuse I use to drop the book.

    Really bummed that Eddy Barrows is off the book already.  His art was a pleasant discovery for me when I decided to give the book a try after the Johns/Frank team left.

  2. What increase in price? I thought DC was committing to NOT raising prices?

  3. Yeah, I haven’t heard of a price increase for this either. 

    The new artist, who’s name escapes me at the moment, had some pretty impressive sketches posted online last week.  So long as Rucka keeps this story intriguing then I don’t mind the art change.

  4. it’s going to be a $4 book with a co-feature… 

  5. Every month? How many pages? care to link to this information?

  6. @jobob:

    It’ll be 22 pages of Nightwing and Flamebird, followed by 10 pages of Captain Atom, written by James Robinson.

  7. Kory, thanks for the information. Can anyone confirm that this price increase is permanent or is that simply a one shot deal?

  8. Really upset about Barrows leaving this book and the price increase. Granted we are getting a co-feature for our dollar which is more than Marvel is offering, but can’t say I’m excited for that to start in July. Not sure but I believe it will be a permanent switch. 

  9. All of the co-features will have a $3.99 price tag, which is fine since they are actually giving us more instead of just raising the price for nothing in return.

  10. Ahh, I forgot that this was going to be one of the books with the extra content and price hike.  Yeah jobo247, this is permanent.

    Thanks for posting Kory.

  11. Because I’m awesome, I found the titles that will feature backups and a $3.99 price tag….

    Detective Comics–The Question

    Batman: Streets of Gotham–Manhunter

    Teen Titans–Ravager

    Booster Gold–Blue Beetle

    Green Arrow–Black Canary (this one makes no sense)

    Doom Patrol–Metal Men

    Action Comics–Captain Atom

  12. The Question one is the only I have any interest in, good thing I wanted to buy Rucka’s run on Detective anyway. Agreed about GA/BC, DC must want that book to get canceled.

  13. At least we’ll be getting extra comics for our extra dollar.

  14. you know what, iFanbase? i wasgonig to jump on with this issue but now that i know there doing a stupid double feature thing…. DC lost a sale. Smart, Didio, real smart.

    Maybe i’ll just wait for the trade. Oh, wait! Didio has fucked that up too, it won’t come out for another 10 months. DC is so retarded right now

  15. I like that DC is giving us extra comics for our extra money & I’m down with Detectice/Manhunter & a couple others, but extra James Robinson on Action is not good news for me. Dude has been really bad on Superman books so far (IMO!).

    But Rucka has been kickin’ ass on this title, so it will be like: "buy some tasty chocolate, now with added poison for only 20 cents more!" 

  16. I am actually enjoying the Nightwing/Flamebird story. Lokking forward to this one.

  17. If I have to pay an extra dollar for my comics, then I like the fact that we’re getting bonus content, but I would like them to avoid it if they can.   Streets of Gotham would definitely be a book I would purchase if it was $2.99, but I have absolutely no interest in Manhunter, so I’m probably going to avoid it.

  18. @Kory

    If you haven’t given Manhunter a chance I suggest you do. Andreyko is basically telling a Bendis story (Powers and Alias Bendis, not Avengers and Secret Invasion Bendis) set in the DCU. I didn’t think it would be that great but I got the first trade from and was pleasantly surprised. I then proceeded to buy all of the rest in one order.

  19. OK Kory, you listed a buncha Titles. You mean to tell me that DC thinks people are going to pay 3.99 for Booster Gold on a permanent basis? I mean I’m subscribed to it, but is DD *trying* to kill Booster Gold? ( I guess the overall question here is the list you posted permanent changes?)

  20. I’m not sure how long these co-features will run, but I’m assuming that they will be added with the price increase, and then quietly disappear from the titles while retaining the $3.99 price tag. It would be a way of slowly stepping into the cold pool rather than belly flopping into it like Marvel. Of course, this is rampant speculation, but it seems to make sense to me.

  21. @jobob: I think DD is trying to keep people happy and keep Booster around. There are a fair amount of people that liked the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, there are people that like the idea of Blue & Gold being together in one way or another. If Booster can’t carry a book by himself, and Beetle can’t carry a book by himself, maybe the hope is the two of them together can support the book. I’m not excited about the price increase, but I do like the opportunity to get more Manhunter, Question, and Metal Men stories.  

  22. @jobob: I don’t know the sales figures for Booster Gold, but I imagine that they’re not very good.  Blue Beetle only sold 12,000 copies a month, but the fans were very loyal.  Now, if DC can get half of those fans to start picking up Booster Gold to get their Blue Beetle fix, that would be a significant sales bump.  So in a way it’s good business decision.

    From what I heard from Didio, these "co-features" will be a test run, and if they go over well you will see more.  So for the foreseeable future they will be permanent, possibly with more to come.

  23. This book kicked my ass last month. Cannot wait for more Flamebird and Nightwing.

  24. I decided to drop this when Johns left, but after listening to the iFanboys talk about it I gave it shot and I’m loving it. I’m more excited about this book than any current DC title, and I’ll gladly follow it when it jumps up to $3.99. But then again, I’d pay $1 for a 10 page Rucka/Robinson written Captain Atom comic so it’s not much of a stretch for me I guess.

    And for those worried about Barrows leaving, I think we’re getting a more than adequate replacement.

  25. I liked the first 2 issues, but not enough to stick around for the price increase and a second story that I don’t really care about.

  26. The back-ups intrigue me and the last issue was awesome.  I’ll stay with it for now. 

  27. "Bonus" content (is it really a bonus if you pay for it?) in DC comics isn’t so bad when you compare it Marvel books, when a lot of thier books are $3.99 now with no bonus, just the standard 22 page story. So if you dig the characters in the back-ups or you don’t — it’s better than nothing.

  28. Yeah, I’m not worried about the Co-Features. I’d rather get something for my extra money then nothing at all. And DC, I think has said, will hold the other books at a $2.99 price tag for the rest of year.

    Liked this issue, didn’t love it. Solid storytelling. And I liked the art. Not much to say about it. 

  29. Two questions:

    1) Can someone tell me who the woman with the facial tattoo is supposed to be?  I don’t recall having ever seen her before.  Is she from the recent Superman arc or possibly Supergirl?  I am not reading either.

    2) Who were the Kryptonian bankrobbers?

  30. @stulach I don’t remember seeing the tattooed lady before. She may have been in the New Krypton one-shot? ::shrug.:: 

    As for the bank robbers I’m rather certain we’re not supposed to know who they are, but we can assume they are more of Zod’s plants on Earth.  

  31. Yeah, no idea who the tatooed lady is. 

    This issue was OK.  Not as good as last two issues.  I’ll see where this goes next issue.  Still, fun stuff 

  32. my friend let me read last issue and i was impressed…  bought the issue before that and was excited for this issue… 
    it was just meh… 

  33. Glad I’m not the only one clueless about tattoo face! I guess we arn’t supposed to know who she is yet?

    Another good issue. Kryptonian Bonny & Clyde? Yes please.

    Tangent … why are all the ads this comic aimed at 10 year olds? I never see anyone under the age of 16-17 (at the youngest) buying comics in my LCS. Is it different in other countries? I’d say 90% of people I see buying comics are 20-35, with a few older or younger, so I don’t understand why all the advertising is aimed at little kids. *shrug*

  34. Thank you all for your responses.  I was somewhat concerned that this was a really aweful rendition of Sasha Bordeaux, but, upon rereading, that doesn’t seem possible.

  35. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one going "Who the F is that?"  when I saw the tattooed lady.

     Also, I got the impression that Chris and Ursa were working together, or did I totally miss it?  I did read it at like 7am this morning.

  36. finally a rucka issue that clicked with me.  this issue was the best of the run soo far

  37. i did actually pick this up. IT was pretty good.I also got the issue before this one. this was really good

  38. … and that’s it, I’m now officially done with this book.  Just don’t care about these characters at all.

  39. So as if it weren’t enough of a pain in the ass that I would have to read 11 years worth of Superman comics to figure out who half of these characters are, but now they wanna put some Captain Atom crap in the back and charge me an extra dollar for it?!  Screw that, this is so getting dropped to make room for all the Gotham City action starting next month.  I already dropped Superman a couple months ago.  I will probably finish World Of New Krypton though, I like where that is going mostly…

  40. @robbydzwonar I haven’t read 11 years worth of Superman comics and I have a handle on who everyone is. It’s really not that dependent on continuity, truth told. Oh well, sorry to hear your not liking it. I’m not even a Superman fan and I love this stuff.

  41. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but that cover had nothing to do with anything, did it? I mean, this isn’t to the level of Ron-like fury over covers not relating to interiors; I don’t mind a cover that just has the main character doing a kickass pose too much, but this cover is showing a story, but one that didn’t even take place! Who’s that on the table? Is it that Kryptonian that they fought in the 1st issue of this arc? If so, why wasn’t that the cover for said issue?

    Frankly, I’m not digging the art, I’m not digging not knowing who the supporting characters are (aside from Lois & her dad; am I supposed to know the woman w/ the face-tat hangin’ w/ Gen. Lane?), I’m not digging not really knowing the main characters, and so far I’m barely hanging on because I like where the story could go.

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