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  1. What else can we say on such a perfect run right now? I cant wait to see this ‘true’ version of Brainiac. Makes me interested on just how fucked up the villian is.

  2. We agree!  I’m really looking forward to this one.

  3. LOL Cam. Looks like I may have to hunt down a new avatar for iFanboy.

  4. Gary Frank artwork has been sexy like HD 1080i sexy. I can’t wait to see where this story is going to go. Geoff Johns is the best writer in comics right now.

  5. Cannot wait!  This is my favorite book to read right now.

  6. I am thinking of jumping on board with this issue (with the hopes of finding the prior two issues still in my LCS).  Is this a good jumping on point if I haven’t been reading Superman in a long long time? Looks like it is but I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say.

  7. @doomwad If you can find the previous two issues, this would be the perfect place to jump on. Johns has been on action for a while, but with this arc he is really defining for the first time (in his run) what Superman’s world is like. The supporting cast, the b plots, metropolis, all start two issues ago. I recommend also picking up the previous arc, but not because you need to read it for this series (it’s very self-contained) but just because it is so awesome.

  8. @ doomwad I got on at the start of the arc and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Can’t wait to see where Action and Superman are headed in the months to come.

  9. @doomwad — I think if you pick up this issue you could catch up with the stroy so far, easy enough. Any issues you can find from the Johns/Frank run are well worth your comic dollar.

    Early contender for cover of the week, there. Gary Frank is a killer.

  10. @doomwad- If you have a basic knowledge of Superman, Brainiac and the bottle city of Kandor you could start with this issue.  The first two just set up the fact that Supes has never seen the true face of Brainiac.

  11. @Wade- I agree about the cover.  Gary Frank is kicking ass right now.  His Superman looks like a real person not an overly jacked up alien which I like.

  12. i too agree this is a perfect arc to jump on board. You can skip the previous one because the legion has a ton of characters to get to know but it was a reat story. This is really one of the best books out right now and i cant suggest it enough. Incredible art and writing love this book LOVE IT

  13. seconded, tripled, or quadrupled about this being a good jumping on storyline.

    Any you don’t have to read the previous Legion storyarc, but it was awesome, so why wouldn’t you want to!

  14. @jonnjonz  Ah, I probably stole it from you sometime.  I just couldn’t get a Captain Canuck avatar to work, and that’s one of my favourite panels ever.  That and "Captain America I order you to WANK"

  15. I can’t wait to pick up this story arc when it comes out in trade.

  16. Superman has never been this good. This will be a long remembered run by Johns.

  17. Can I get a Hell Yeah for Johns taking over writing every DC comic? 

  18. Hell Yeah!  I just pray he never switches sides.  God knows Marvel already has all the big name writers.

  19. Agree with everyone that this has been amazing so far.  The trade is going to be a great gateway drug to give to non-comics readers and get them interested

  20. I feel like this will end up being my pick of the week.

  21. @MrGlass — Hell no! I’d be broke! =D

    And, I’d want Jason Aaron on Batman!

  22. Loving this story. I believe this maybe the best book being put out right now. Great story and Frank is solid gold on art!!   Jeph Loeb if you want to know how to write a good book take a peek at what Geoff Johns is doing here!

    I agree with WadeWilson Jason Aaron would rock on Batman. And Id love to see Gary Frank on art with him! That would be my Batman dream team

  23. @thewalkingpaul – You frighten me, sir.  Did you drink all three extra bottles before posting?

    Line of the week: My x-ray vision is picking up some plastic in your…

    Gary Frank draws Superman the way he was meant to be drawn.

  24. @thewalkingpaul – I have no idea what that meant, dude, but it made me laugh out loud,

    This issue was so good, I’m worried that Johns might be a cyborg or something. How can everything he writes be so consistanly good?? And, like you guys said: Gary Frank is just a beast on this title, he’s doin’ some seriously awesome work here.

    My highlight of this issue – Superman vs Koko the giant white baboon. Too bad he went down so easy! I wanted to see more of him.

  25. @Stuclach- That line was awesome, and your avatar makes me grin for some strange reason.

    This book might be my pick of the week.

  26. I love this and all but I have to say that I don’t like how he draws superman to look sooo much like Christopher Reeve.  I love the art in the book but its just that one thing that bothers me.

  27. @Kory – the avatar is General Ambrose Burnside, inventor of the sideburn.  I am one of his biggest fans (I assume Ron is, too).

  28. @CharlieBix-  I think the art is beautiful, but I get sad when I see Reeves as Superman.  He was a Superman and not a Superboy (damn you Brandon Routh and Bryan Singer!).

  29. @CharlieBlix – I totally agree. Early on when Frank was on the book & people were saying he looked like Reeve, I didn’t even notice it, but I think as the run has gone on, he draws Superman almost photo realistic as Reeve. I love the Reeve Superman movie, as much as the next guy, but it takes me out of the story a bit looking at the page & seeing Reeve’s face. When I read the comic, I wanna be looking at Superman — not an actor playing him.

  30. @WadeWilson.  The thing about comics is that you don’t have to cast someone to play the characters.  You can draw them as who they are.  Reeves was cast to play superman because he was a close match to the way he looked in the comics.  Now comics are made and they make superman look like Reeves.  So we are looking at a copy of a copy of Superman.  I don’t like that.

  31. @CharlieBlix — I agree 100%, mate. Maybe it’s a tribute to Reeve or something, but I just don’t understand the point of it.

  32. This is a small beef in what is one of my favourite books right now. It’s about the only negative thing I could think of. The rest of the book is solid comics gold.

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