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Is your mind prepared for an encounter with the deadly Terminauts? What awful master do they serve? What horrible fate awaits Superman and the city of Metropolis? The true scope of Grant Morrison and Rags Morales’ ACTION COMICS run begins to come into view, so get those sunglasses ready, ’cause it is gonna be blinding!

And in a backup story from writer Sholly Fisch and artist Brad Walker that spins out of ACTION COMICS #2, John Henry Irons takes his first steps toward becoming the hero known as Steel!

Backup story written by SHOLLY FISCH
Backup story art by BRAD WALKER
Variant cover by MIKE CHOI
B&W Variant cover by RAGS MORALES

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.9%


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. New era, same old solicitation errors. (To be fair, this new guy came in literally at the last minute)

    Last issue was a bit odd. In that the story was too disjointed and the art by Morales was just….meh. Hopefully this racks up in quality this time.

  2. Still drawing the line at 3.99. At least we get a back-up story this month. I like what Fialkov is doing over on I, Vampire hopefully we can work the same magic on Steel.

  3. Make or break issue for this book. It has been okay, but not spectacular or inspired. Not worth the money unless it really finds a sweet spot.

  4. Fialkov? When did this happen?

  5. Loving this book, so far.

  6. It’s retty enjoyable to read this one and the Superman book. Really looking forward to the eventual connecting point and the how the maturing process meets up.

  7. Over it.

  8. Not bad, not great, waiting for the “wow factor” to drop. At $3.99 I’m not in love with it yet.

    Funny, when the ‘New 24’ came out I bought more titles than normal, far more actually, however I’ve since dropped Detective, Superboy, Supergirl, Superman, and soon it will be this book, Nightwing, and All Star Western. The LOVES or MUST-HAVES are Flash, JLA, Batman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Justice League Dark, Aquaman, Batwoman, Stormwatch, Resurrection Man, OMAC, Demon Knights.

    I agree that Wonder Woman is great, so are OMAC and Demon Knights, but I don’t know that I care enough. I feel that between DC, Image and Marvel my piggy’s bank is breaking.

  9. This book would be shit my pants good if Rags was a better artist. His style is just not doing it for me.

    • He’s good, he just needs more time, mate

    • Um, I’ve seen much much worse art printed in many comics over the years than what we have gotten in the rebooted Action Comics so I just don’t get where the complaints are coming from; and for the first time since I was 7 years old I give a crap about Superman thanks to this new interpretation from Morrison.

      At 34 I find that I can’t wait for Brainiac coming fully into play and seeing how a young Clark learned the ropes with his first large scale antagonist.

    • The existence of worse doesn’t level up bad to good in my view.

      I think Ed is right. Rags had help in this issue and his lines looked better. He still struggled with eyes though and it’s very distracting.

      Otherwise a good book. Lots of little subtle things going on. I’m enjoying it.

  10. As a kid, I couldn’t get enough of Superman and his adventures. Now, as an adult, I’ve dropped Superman (by Perez) and I’m wavering on saying goodbye to Action.

    Like the marriage between Clark and Lois, perhaps my history with Superman no longer exists in the New 52.

  11. So is this going to be like last issue, where Gene Ha and Rags Morales are splitting art duties? I’m pretty over Morales, as it seems that he’s the only thing keeping me from enjoying this 100%. Not quite a deal breaker, but still…his pages have been pretty fugly in places.

  12. Dammit. I was all set to drop this book after last issues inconsisten art and incoherent storytelling… but I’m not sure I can resist a John Henry Irons story…

    Game day decision.

  13. Still feels like very familiar Superman territory. Not as big a break as I thought we were getting from issue #1. Maybe its the art, but I am also at bit so-so on this right now. But any issue Grant could break out, so he is getting plenty of rope.

  14. Already I’m in love with this book and now a back up feature about Steel! Excited!

    (Not being sarcastic I do like Steel as a character)

  15. Well I for one think this book has been great, I feel like clearly rags is really talented, couple rough spots along the way w the art maybe lookin a little rushed but maybe w bringing in some guest artists once in awhile will get it sorted out, to me overall this book looks nice and is a great read

  16. Loved the first two issues but #3 was a let-down. Already dropped Perez’s Superman, this issue will be the decider if Action goes the same way

  17. I am agreeing with the majority on the artwork which is just so spotty at points and that should not be the case when Grant is writing a very solid book right now. Just in general there should always be a great pairing with Grant! I hope the artwork improves or they drop this artist and fast!! I feel bad saying that about someone however; thats just the truth. This is a better story than Superman so maybe they should trade artists??


  18. Why?? Why can’t i love this book? its so hard! I just can’t get into this at all. Guess im one of those very few wierd ones who just doesn’t like this or swamp thing or animal man or batwoman… i tried hard, ready all the high reviews… still cant… 🙁

  19. Isn’t Andy Kubert stepping in for the art in the upcoming issues of Action? Or was that Justice League? Hard to keep up with everything.

  20. honestly, the preview art for this issue is shockingly bad. i really don’t know what’s going on.

    as for Steel, his look is apparently going to evolve over the run, this is a prototype.

  21. Ok, why is the story continuing in issue 7. Have I missed something?

    • Based on the solicits for the next 2 issues, it looks like #5 and #6 deal with Superman’s past and future and somehow tie into this story.

  22. A whopping 28 pages!!!!!!!!

  23. My shop somehow didn’t get this this week. Have to wait till next week. Laaaame.

  24. morrison delivers again. rags’ art is superb.
    i hope they keep the jeans,t-shirt and shit kickers look for years to come. hardcore.
    the brief look at insectuous brainiac was iconic.
    very excited. very cool stuff

  25. Really liked it. Looking forward to the Rocket Song.

  26. Another fantastic issue with alot of great action and humor. Lex’s facial expression in this were cracking me up. The only problem is some of the art was kinda hit or miss for me. The panel when John Henry was staring at his steel suit I really thought it was Lex Luthor and he was about too pop on his Lex Corp battle suit. Beyond that little nitpick it was a blast and loved the cliff hanger 4/5

  27. Why is this continued in issue 7? the hell has Morrison been smoking?
    Honestly this was the first Action I actually liked and youre just gonna drop an arc in the middle and pic up later?
    get a grip.

  28. My POW was either this or JLI. I went with this because the subtlety of what G-Mo is attempting with this book is beginning to surface. This book has got a lot of finely tuned parameters. Lots of great little things coming together. A fascinating read!

  29. Issue #3 stumbled a bit but this one was back on form. I have no problems with the art. It’s probably less polished than Rags would like but it tells the story well and the action is dynamic.

    Action Comics feels so fresh and exciting that reading it really makes me wish DC had gone harder with their entire reboot.

    • I agree. At first I was glad they did this “soft reboot” since there are so many characters I love that would have been erased. But seeing as tons of them have been changed to completely different characters anyway, I think I’d have preferred a full reboot. Just let Morrison finish his Batman Inc in a miniseries and maybe give Johns a mini to wrap some loose ends with GL. They should have taken every book back to basics.

  30. Ok is it me or does it look like Superman’s shirt being a different color each page. Going from Deep blue on the cover to light blue to White! whats up with that?

  31. POTW -This keeps getting better and better and I feel Rags really stepped up his game here. The panel with general Lane asking Superman if he can save his daughter you can see in supes eyes with a hint of disgust ,”OH so now i’m not a menace anymore” lol 5/5

  32. Still loving this. I haven’t been this excited by a Superman book since Death Of.

    The way Morrison is rearranging all the classic staples of Superman’s mythos continues to delight. This is how the relaunch should work in every title.

    I really don’t get all the complaints about the artwork. Is it flawless? Of course not. Is it the dreck some folks are making it out to be? Also not. It’s a little messy. But I honestly had no problem absorbing who was who and what was what the entire issue. I thought it moved along rather smoothly.

  33. love rags, but the eyes, man.

    morrison is as hit-or-miss as it gets. so far so good.

    anyone else get the reference?

    G-Man on comicvine seems a bit confused.

  34. I love how wrong I was. I didn’t get a good feel off ACTION #1, but each issue past that has made me absolutely go head-over-heels for this book. I can’t wait to read it each month! I am just in awe over how Grant Morrison has tweaked and twisted my all-time favorite superhero… and I don’t hate it! GM really is good.

  35. Superman looks like he has palsy on that page where he says “No way…”

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