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• In the penultimate chapter to writer Grant Morrison’s critically acclaimed run, the Man of Steel faces one of his greatest opponents yet and prepares for a battle that spans not only time and space but imagination itself!

Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Brad Walker, Rags Morales, Andrew Hennesy, Mark Propst, & Cam Smith
Colors by Gabe Eltaeb & Brad Anderson
Letters by Steve Wands
Cover by Rags Morales, Brad Anderson, Terry Dodson, & Rachel Dodson

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. So this isn’t Morrison’s final issue now? Damn 5th dimension must be playing havok with the solicits again

  2. Sh*t’s gonna get crazy, well… Even more crazy.

  3. Great cover. I’m really hoping Morrison can pull it out. This run has been all over the place and has never quite come together for me. But I like what Morrison has done with devil/imp characters in the past, so maybe he can magick it all together in a way that’s nice and tidy.

  4. You don’t fuck with a man’s dog.

    This imp’s goin’ down.

  5. 6 artists. Com’on Rags just give me a full issue.

  6. goddamn, this title has sucked.
    diggle, SAVE US.

    • I think you might be the only person looking forward to the next creative team. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I’m just sayin…

    • In the very least the art will be nice. I may just wait for Snyder/Lee though.

    • I too will be waiting for Snyder/ Lee. Kinda feel bad for Diggle and Daniels when most people know what’s coming down the Superman pipe soon.

    • @WAC
      i could have sworn diggle was loved by most?
      and i love daniel’s art, just not a big fan of his writing.
      and i’m down for all three main superman books: action, sup, & MoS.

      Superman (main title) is pretty good. rocafort is killing it and lobdell is doing pretty okay stuff. definitely worth the price. check it out after this whole H’el on Earth thing.

      but yeah, morrison.. idk.
      i’m positive the man is smart as fuck, but i just don’t enjoy his writing very much.
      same with hickman, although i think hickman would be a cool guy to hang out with.
      random thoughts.

    • I’m looking forward to Morrisons run being over also. Don’t know much about Diggle but can’t be any worse. Love Tony Daniels art so that’s a definite plus. Hopefully this’ll turn into something I’d read so I can get this , the new Snyder/Lee book and the regular title every month. Now I’m just buying Superman.

    • I thought Snyder/Lee were working on another Superman title. Are they confirmed to be taking over Action Comics?

    • @mrmarky: Snyder and Lee are doing MAN OF STEEL. Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel are taking over ACTION COMICS.

  7. Love the “weirdness” of this Superman title. I would read Action forever if Morrison would write it.

    • I agree with you there. Ive really enjoyed not knowing what was coming next, and have felt satisfied after every issue. The backups were a nice compliment with their “normalcy”. Bummed this run is almost over, and looking forward to this issue.

    • I’m enjoying it too. The Morrison run required lot of thinking, but there were some great moments.

  8. I do find it hard to keep up sometimes, but I have been having fun. I think it’s time to drop after Grant leaves.

  9. I loved seeing the Legion last issue, in the main story and the back-up.

    But this has been a bit of a mess.

    • Do you happen to enjoy the artwork of Dali or Picasso? Kinda like this run of Action…except with a little MC Escher mixed in. Personally I’m been a big fan of all 4.

    • It kind of reminds me of Morrison’s Doom Patrol – just totally off the wall. I don’t hate it, I’m intrigued by it, but I really feel like his work is so much better when it’s focused and not all over the place. I think Batman Inc kicks this book’s ass. But I do want to read this and next issue, and am hoping it comes to something of a somewhat satisfying conclusion.

    • Big time agree that this run is not of the caliber that he has put forth with his Batman (Inc). How he has put that together is amazing. That run is definitely more focused and coherent by nature (no dimensional time travel) so its gonna be an easier read (not in a bad way). I’m a fan of the ultra weird though, and Morrison has somehow managed to make this insanity make sense which to me is an incredible feat. This title in this way will be missed. I’ve heard good things about Doom Patrol. I think I need to check it out, they gotta have those issues collected. Here’s to a satisfying ending.

  10. Much as the normal cover expresses what this issue is about – and I appreciate that – , I lucked out and got the Dodson variant cover. I loved the 4 different ages of Kal/Clark on it.

  11. Anybody else get the impression that this was a drop-in ‘explanation’ issue? It feels like Morrison asked for an extra issue because the audience was (quite clearly and across the board) lost so he had to pause and explain everything so the big finale actually made sense. If not, how would the series have ended if he DIDN’T have that extra issue?

  12. I have lost interest in Morrison’s odd plots. Interested to see what the next creative team will do.

  13. The backup stories have been the best part of this series. The main story is a confusing mess. Glad Morrison is gone after next issue.

  14. This title, for me at least, has been the single biggest disappointment of the New 52.

    I remember when I first heard that Morrison was going to be attached to the new ACTION COMICS, and I got excited; I so respect him as a writer, and have loved so much of what he’s done. Then I got even more excited when I heard what he was planning to do with this New 52 Supes… reading about it in solicits, and even sitting in panels at Comic-Con as Morrison himself excitedly discussed his new-yet-retro take on the character. It sounded so great, then.

    When the actual comics came out, however? I found them more miss than hit. This new pushy and obnoxious young Superman irritated me a lot, but I got used to him, and even liked him sometimes – and Morrison’s take on Krypton and Jor-El & Lara flatout wowed me. I loved that. If only the whole book were set on Krypton. Because once we got back into the Earth-bound stories of the present – or of 5 years in the past? Another annoying aspect, but the shift in settings was DC’s choice, I believe – and once we had to deal with that weird story derailment/detour involving the stupid and confusing Legion of Effing Superheroes (not a fan) – that’s when this title pretty much lost me. Rags Morales’ ugly faces and rushed overall art didn’t help when he was even there – and had it not been for the mildly interesting story of how Clark’s landlady was actually Mxy’s tragic love from the 5th dimension, I’d’ve dropped the title before now. I only stayed on to finish Morrison’s run. And though it ended on a cliffhanger, I thought issue #17 *was* the end – but now I find out it’s not? Another disappointment.

    • This is the only non-Batman DC book I stuck with from the New-52. Next issue will be my last. For me at least it has been DC’s only success at bringing in a new reader. I will agree on the Krypton issues. The art was great and the mood was cool. All of the Phantom Zone stuff was cool too. Id really like to see a Krypton book. Have you read Moore’s Superman Annual? It takes place on an alternative future Krypton and I found it to be really interesting.

  15. This issue did have a “recap before the big finish” feel, and thus I found it lacking. I can understand it though. With 16 issues of dimensional turbulence it allows us to “remember” the moments leading up to the end. I have read each issue at least twice, and have found it very coherent, and would rather not have had this issue. I’m picky with my pulls, and this title has survived and will be missed. I don’t usually like Superman and I have loved this. It has been a very creative way to try and kill Superman, with a good back story, and cool issues along the way. Can’t wait for it to finish so I can read the whole thing.

  16. This issue was bloody excellent, I Really do not understand what the haters are going on about. The back-up was also terrific. This is what Superman is all about, I wish his books were always this good.

  17. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I’d love to make a tattoo out of the imagery on this cover.

  18. Finally, I know what the tie has been all about. That’s been driving me nuts since issue one.
    I’ve been a Rags supporter and defender since all this started, but he really let me down this time. His panels just looked…kinda boring. I mean that Mars issue and the Brainiac issues had amazing art as did most all his issues, but it looked like he was in a huge hurry this one.
    My biggest complaint on Morrison is when our bad guy talked into the camera and flat out explained what has been going on.
    Despite my minor bitchin’, I enjoyed this.

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