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• The three-part ACTION COMICS summer event storyline begins here!

• New villain NIMROD THE HUNTER is on SUPERMAN’S trail! He’s killed every living thing he’s ever tracked – but he’s never killed an ALIEN!

Written by Grant Morrison
Backup Written by Sholly Fisch
Art by Rags Morales, Bradley Walker, & Rick Bryant
Backup Art by CAFU
Cover by Rags Morales
Variant Cover by Bryan Hitch & Rags Morales

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.0%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Picked up the last issue on a lark, and it’s earned a bit of good will, will give this arc a whirl.

  2. this is the make or break issue for me.

  3. fucking love morrison’s superman. no one else does superhero comics like him. i welcome unique innovations in a field where we get a lota the same ole, same ole.

  4. This is the last issue I pre-ordered. I couldn’t wait for Morrison to start getting better on this story line. Maybe Superman is not his cup of tea.

    • The dude did write All-Star Superman. Trust me, it’s his cup of tea.

    • This series is fantastic, I seriously do not understand the haters on here. Someone above wrote “maybe Superman is just not Morrison’s cup of tea” … WTF?!

      This series is great and this was a great issue. If you don’t think Morrison understands Superman then you must be extremely new to comics.

      After not having a solid Superman book to read since Johns left the title, I couldn’t be happier with this. Can’t wait till next issue.

  5. Mixed opinion on this series so far, I really want to like it & some cases I do but every now & again it just doesn’t feel quite right.

    I’ll shall persist though!

  6. I’m a huge Morrison fan, and I admit I haven’t been thrilled with this yet. Still, I thought the last issue was great and I am now excited for this mini-event. And to be fair his batman run started slow and you had no idea about the seeds he masterfully planted early on. The people who jumped off will wish they stuck around for the payoff. Well, either that or they’ll complain how it it didn’t make sense 🙂

  7. I am very glad I am back on board…I questioned, but ultimately came back and I am feeling this is gonna really pick up steam.

  8. I’ll always read Superman no matter how bad it gets (dumbest thing ever right?) but I have high hopes for this arc.

  9. I only got around to reading one issue of Action so far 🙁 , #6, best Superman comic of the new 52 I have read so far. I would get every comic this guy writes.

  10. Keep waiting for that moment, you know, the moment where I go, “Oh yeah, that’s why I love Grant Morrison so much” but 9 issues in and I still haven’t had that moment yet – couple of close calls though.

  11. I’m not sure what to think of this issue. I like the story(ies), but the pacing, and the placements of the different stories are messed up and maybe even ruined this one for me.

  12. I really enjoyed this issue. It left me asking the type of questions that make me want the next issue. Though the continuity-geek in me is confused as all get out about where this story fits in with the whole DCnU timeline. Obviously after the first arc of Justice League, but it seemed, at the same time, to have been set shortly after the first arc of action comics. Whatevs, still a fun read.

  13. I loved the last issue and really think that Rags just isn’t the artist for a Morrison script. Not to put Rags down he has done some great work. I just don’t think he can communicate the metaphysical concepts well enough with his layouts. He’s a very straightforward artist, classical but not very expressionistic or stylistic. Ha on the other hand was perfect.

    • I’ve felt the same way throughout the series do far, especially when Andy Kubert came on for those two issues & even more so since the last issue, he is good just not right for Morrison!

    • You guys maybe right, I haven’t been reading Action but got around to reading one of the Andy Kubert issues and thought it was really good and wondered why there were naysayers about Grant’s writing on the series, Rags’ art looks good on the title but I haven’t read a full issue of his so I’m holding my horses for now.

  14. Really enjoyed this issue, even Rags was solid. potw.

  15. This was gonna be my make-or-break issue, and damn… FINALLY this feels right. Absolutely loved this issue. Did the art get better or is it all those carrots I’ve been eating? Hoping this book will still hold my interest after this storyline.

    • As I was finished this title I literally said aloud the word FINALLY! Just like you this book was on the chopping block for me and for the first time since issue one I am excited for the next issue. The story was so much better and I, being completely carrot free, loved the art this week.

  16. To echo what some of you have said: this is what I have been waiting for from Morrison in AC. Story was solid and, I agree w/ @Jr Wormwood, the art even seemed better in this issue.

    • If there are 3 months of comments like this one I’ll go back and pick up the issues I missed. This is one book I didn’t want to drop but after issues 7 & 8 seemingly having plot points that were magical and plot points that were completely neglected I jumped ship. I know some people say that Morrison takes a while to get going but All-Star didn’t take a HUGE aside in the middle of something interesting and then slam a pretty little bow around the previous arc without much description on how that bow was tied.

  17. The artwork in this issue was what seemed to be….. well good at points and then simple things like the eyes of the characters were so bad; are all of the characters lazy eyed or what? Seriously the eyes on just about every character were so bad it became distracting even as I was reading a very good Superman story or Clark Kent story. I really enjoyed the story line in this issue and has much improved over the last few issues except the artwork seems good at parts and then rushed.


  18. not at all surprised by how good this is. i’m glad rags is back. i found this to be a particularly strong issue for him. i liked his art before, but he seemed more focused here. loved it.
    my favorite part is knowing that they are going to mix it up with his supersuit and the spingsteen- jeans and t-shirt.
    chuck taylors? nice touch.
    my curiosity is really roused as to who the thick-rimmed glasses man is.
    morrison continues to kill it.

  19. Glad to see Morrison hasn’t abandoned the “Superman’s early career” concept after the first major story arc like so many people thought he would. LONG LIVE T-SHIRT SUPERMAN!

  20. Skipped last issue, but I think I will try this one.

  21. This issue was great!
    Can’t wait to see what happens next

  22. haha wait what??? The original Action Comics formula is back!

  23. Can we get a t-shirt superman figure / mini figure? I want one for my desk. About to get a Doop also.

  24. Best issue yet.

  25. The return of T-shirt and jeans superman! Loved the JLA pages!. This is a really good book, it has heart and great art

  26. 4 for story and 4 for art feels right, but I can’t help feeling I’ve read similar stories in years past.

    The switching between the t-shirts to armor thing was bit confounding.

  27. I know I’m a week late but I picked this up today because I’d heard such good news about this issue. Luckily the book lived up to the hype – I really enjoyed this and I reckon I’ll pick up the next issue. Maybe I’ve finally found a Superman book in the New 52 I actually like. I’ll give Morrison another shot.

  28. Thinking about it, I liked the back-up part a bit more than Morrison’s part. But both were a nice surprise.

  29. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    I just read my friends copy and it was annoyingly good.

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