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Ryan’s Response To Romo’s Movie Trepidation

Buck up, little Romo. Movies are fun!

That’s Inappropriate

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

The Reread

It’s when you read something that you’ve already read… again.


Carl dreams that he’s a wolf and Jon Snow gets bitten by a zombie. Or something like that.

Living The Superhero Lifestyle

It’s time to take life by the tights.

VIDEO: Iron Man 3 International and Kids’ Choice Awards TV Spots

Who hops in the suit next? Tony certainly has a few extras lying around…

Comics As Gifts: The Ultimate Conundrum

Can you initiate the uninitiated? Should you even try?

Batmans Who Were Batman Before Batman Was Batman

More bat-inspiration than you can shake a leathery wing at!

The “Promo” Bay, Sullivan’s Sluggers, and Piracy

Baseball and cheating, what an unexpected pairing, right?

RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ – S03E11 – “I Ain’t a Judas”

NOTE: Let’s be mindful of all the new viewers participating in this conversation and try not to spoil plot points…