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Contribution Versus Caterwauling: How Nerds Communicate

A column critiquing comments, and thus possibly soliciting many.

A Convention of Children Learning To Read and Adults Drinking Beer

Spoiler warning: it’s the Denver Comic Con

Superman: Corporate Icon

Arguably his most important role (depending on who you ask).

Transportation of The Superhero Variety, Part 2: Vehicles

Pimp my ride… with powers!

Transportation of The Superpowered Variety, Part 1: Self-Powered

A few of the ways of getting around town in superhero style.

On The Increasing Complexity of Origin Stories

You can never go home again, at least not without complicating things.

Comics As A Hobby

Is simple consumption enough to qualify?

The Value of Free

Getting what you want, wanting what you get.

Is Tony Stark Selfish?

The pros and cons of shared Starktech.

Animated Brain Trust Supplement: INHUMANS

The first rule of Black Bolt is “don’t talk about Black Bolt.” The second rule of Black Bolt is “don’t talk about Black Bolt.” He’s really not OK with talking.