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The Paradox of Power Levels

Go big or go home, but don’t try to do both.

REVIEW: The Hyundai Santa Fe As A Zombie Survival Vehicle

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Holidays Without Your Comics Cohort

With any luck you’ll sleep through it a tryptophan-induced haze.

What I Know About Cosplayers

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Comic Shots #43 with Ryan Haupt: Bijou Cocktail and ‘Cowboy Ninja Viking’

The rule of threes applies to more than just comedy.

Charity and Planet Hunting

Give back and look out.

The Power of Anthology

Comment threads are like anthologies centered around the theme of disappointment.

Top 5 DC Villains Without Powers (Who Aren’t The Joker Or Lex Luthor)

Why so villainous?

Winter Is Coming, And You’ll Need Comics To Survive It

Going outside is for chumps and Vikings, and you’re not either of those are you?

Storylines Lost

Not every issue is worth saving.