Your Newest Guardian of the Globe is… President Obama!

This truly would be the greatest comic book of all time.

Guardian of the Globe President Obama

The only way this gets better is if tomorrow the last member is, like, Todd McFarlane.


  1. Why is this funny and not hacky and cheap?

  2. @Jimski: Because it’s the underdog poking good natured fun at the most popular company in comics.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Honestly, this one made me laugh. (I didn’t read who it was before clicking the link)

    I dunno, it’s harmless fun. Not nearly as bitchy as the whole unsold issues for variant covers thing. 

  4. He should be in his Barak the Barbarian outfit.

  5. I like how it went from plausible to surprising to ridiculous. And Marvel had it coming.

  6. It’s just that I’ve literally seen this joke four times this week.

  7. I love this joke, and I really hope there’s a one shot, it’d be the oddest one shot ever, but I want it. 

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @conor – Yeah, the underdog thing really does make a difference, I think. I can see where some might find in annoying, but to me it’s just playful. 

  9. @Jimski: Because they timed it perfectly, after Marvel did one Avengers line too many.

  10. I’m not Barak Obama but I approve this message.

  11. I wish this was real

  12. I have an idea for Friday’s: Gilly from Saturday Night Live.

  13. @beatdisciple One Avenger’s line to many huh? Well pardon me for looking forward to all the books. I would find the joke funnier if they hadn’t stretched it out so long and gotten my hopes up for a fun new Kirkman penned team book featuring Invincible. And since the newest image solicits are up and there appears to be nothing coming from this in them, I’m assuming this whole thing is one giant waste of our time. Yes, yes, ha ha. Good for them. Lets all move on now.

  14. @jimski  I haven’t seen anyone else but image make fun of this, probably because i avoid other comic sites like the plague to keep away from spoilers, so for me and a lot of others this is hilarious

  15. @StorytellerSJK: Or, just… don’t click on the link.

  16. I’m more interested in finding out who’s going to be in this then the Avengers Academy. I would love to see whot who the supervillian nemesis team would be, Dick Cheny leads the super-villian group from his evil lair/hospital room in Wyoming?

  17. This better be real… lol

  18. Aww… so wait! This isn’t happening?! I thought we’d at least get an *issue* if not a mini of pure zanniness.

  19. @Tiocore: A one shot of all these guys standing around untill the last page where they all think "I’ve made a huge mistake" would pure zany goodness

  20. @cougarclawsROB: The super-villain of this book will be a team up: Rob Liefeld, Mr. Sinister, Ann Coultier, and Reggie.  They will spend the first two arcs thinking Dick Cheney is the one in charge, but, in the end, it will turn out to be Socks, The Clintons’ cat.

    not@cougarclawsROB: I really don’t understand why anyone has a problem with this campaign.  If you don’t think they’re funny, skip them.

  21. I holding onto my HOPE that this book will be published.  Too much?  That may have been too much…

  22. Why should I not click the link? Sure it annoys me but hell its like 30 seconds out of my life. I don”t spend all day thinking about this stuff. And its rather hard to avoid when a bunch of my other friends are tweeting me and texting me and what have you about it. I would still see the article title any time I visted any site covering it. No I thinks its better to kevetch a little. If my legitmate few moments of complaining annoys other people… *shrugs* Tough. Now they know how I felt.

  23. hahaha, so cool

  24. Oh man. Rick, Spawn, Invincible, and Obama? No need for anyone else… Seriously. this team is a better pitch than Image United. This just might be the only book I’ll buy in both issues and trade.

  25. This is cracking my shit up!

  26. @StorytellerSJK: If you’re complainging about this joke "wasting your time" yet you are fully involving yourself in what is going on then your complaints sort of lose all their merit.

  27. Well played, Image. I’m all for celebrating April Fool’s a little early.

  28. If this doesn’t happen I’d atleast like a group pic of all of them kicking ass.

  29. At least the team can expect to have a generous (if extremely expensive) health care plan.

    I’m off to see if I can find one of those belt buckles.  My ensemble was missing something.

  30. I found an awesome one:

    If only the eagle were larger…. 

  31. Hilariously ridiculous. I love it.

    Don’t understand why people are getting so worked up about this. Lighten up. You can still be excited about your Avengers books and have a good laugh at this.

  32. I wasn’t sure if they can make it funnier after Rick from the Walking Dead, but they managed to do it. I’m so excited for tomorrow. Can you guys post one of them all together, similar to the Return of Bruce Wayne covers?

  33. No fighting with the userbase Conor!

  34. I fail to see your logic. I consider this overall joke a waste of time because they stretched it out over days before making it clear it was a joke. That is the waste of time I am referring to. Plus I can read something, in retrospect consider it a waste of time, and then express that opinion in either a attempt to warn others or try to influence those who produced said waste of time. But if you really think I am undercutting the merit of my own post, which I can only presume means you believe I am wasting your/everybody’s time, then follow your own advice and just don’t read it. Sheesh. Fine though, you win. I’m done. Goodbye.

  35. This seems a bit more personal then the other teasers this week. It’s kinda funny but nothing will be Rick’s ad from yesterday. 

  36. Underdog or not, why shouldn’t companies compete and satirize each other however they want outside of breaking the law.

    Do we really need the comic book companies to be best friends?

    Jimski sounding like KickAss

  37. @StorytellerSJK it was an obvious joke when they used the same promotional layout as all the avenger titles…

  38. I just don’t understand why Image can’t do a week long gag ad while Marvel gets to do it 4 times with it’s Avengers books. Were we all tired of those teasers by the end of the first week? I seem to remember some people getting attacked there for not being excited enough for the books. For shame.

  39. @drakedangerz: Some people might have been tired of them by the end of the first week, but judging by the response, I’d say most weren’t. At least not until AVENGERS ACADEMY.

  40. I can’t believe that this is provoking argument. I literally cannot believe it.

  41. These have been quite fun, each of these – while working on the same premise as satirizing the Avengers book(s) ads – also contains its own brief critique on team books in general. To say it’s the same joke over 4 days seems to be ignoring the content of the joke being made. I was actually kind of hoping for a blank ad making fun of the Secret Avengers book. 

    @storytellerSJK One could argue that with the New Avengers teasers, Marvel readers were lead on for a week thinking they’d have a "brand new" team but in the end got more-or-less the same team, when they could have just released all 5 on the same day. In re-purposing the ads for themselves, Image also uses the delayed timing to work for them – each day getting more absurd.

  42. Lame how people HATE on "Image United" so hard issue after issue.  (A series I enjoy at about 3 stars)  Yet HERE people seem to LOVE Image.  Yet we know no one buys Image hero books other than Kirkman’s 3 books.  Spawn anyone?  etc.

    I just find the fan reaction typically lame.

  43. That’s hilarious. It’s get weirder with every image. Great timing. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    I guess the still announce a Guardians book at the end of this.

  44. @PraxJarvin: It would be funny if the next ad just has no one on it. The caption says: "Yeah…..kinda drop the ball on this one." 🙂

    @josh: I’m not complaining, but some people who work for you seem to have a problem with it. 

  45. This whole thing just makes them look petty and small. Are they pissed cause Hickman and all the good writers not named Kirkman are jumping ship? They truly are the red-headed stepchild now, wanting to be like the other kids but never truly getting there. I thought Image was the place for original, different ideas. This is just stupid.

  46. @KickAss – These jokes don’t require us to actually READ Spawn, they just rely on our knowledge of Spawn existing and our knowledge that a guy named Todd created him and doesn’t write him anymore. Also, just because you appreciate a publisher’s sense of humor doesn’t mean you are beholden to love everything they publish.

  47. Is this, like a joke? People are actually upset about this?

  48. I hope more politicians replace the American Flag lapel pin with a belt buckle.

  49. Even most people on Newsarama think it’s funny. Come one guys, please, don’t be worse than the people on Newsarama.  Trust me, you don’t want to be.

  50. Yeah this is pretty sad that people have problems with a single joke made by a company. So one major company can make fun of someone; but another can’t make fun of THAT company?

    Jeez calm down. 

  51. How can anyone be annoyed by this?

    It’s hilarious! 

  52. @Bendrix  I left newsarama because the people on this site were much cooler and more fun

  53. @RoiVampire Exactly. Lets keep it that way. (Not picking on the people who MAKE Newsarama, those are cool)

  54. This would be such an awesome book if it came out!

  55. The closest thing I’ve seen to a valid argument against this in this board is that the June solicits don’t have a Guardians of the Globe book listed, even though the pictures clearly say August. 

    When that’s the best point they’re making, I say we all need to put our troll food back in the pantry and ignore them.

  56. HA! Good fun… I liked the Rick one from Walking Dead the best! 

  57. These have been awesome. It also makes just as much sense as some of the old Defenders lineups, which I also thought were great.

  58. @Patman2 – Oh yes, that would be awesome! They could even have them sitting around Illuminati style in their Hall of Just Us speaking Bendis-speak. As for the next member, while Obama might have some nice nunchuk, bow hunting skills and computer hacking skills, I figure the team needs a bit more of a heavyweight. The only person that springs to mind: Easter Bunny. "How bout some nice SHOCKolate eggs! POW!"

  59. @NextChamp Were I to design these ads, the next one would be a poorly shadowed Savage Dragon with the tagline "I have a fin on my head, how secret can I be?"

  60. @Prax Brilliant

    if it were me designing the next ad it would feature The Maxx "I might be in this book, or it might all be in my head. Julie?"

  61. These have been great. People need to chill.

  62. Love that belt buckle…

  63. I know this is the internet and all, and a comic book fan site no less. But I find it hilarious that some people can get offended or annoyed by something so small and so silly. Seriously y’all. Lighten up. If you react like this to something so insignificant, I’d hate to see how you deal with real actual problems.

    I find it totally funny. I really got a kick out of how it started off plausible and slowly more absurd. I was pretty certain it was a gag when they did the Walking Dead one. Can’t wait to see what they do tomorrow. And yes, it works because it’s the little guy doing it. Had this been done by DC, it would’ve felt cheaper and hokier.

    And as for the Avengers team reveals, I thought they were fun. But the Avengers Academy one pushed the limit. A bunch of nobodies that nobody cares about or even knows. And coming after all the big books, it really felt goofy. Marvel should’ve done that one first and gone in inverse order of book relevance. Would’ve made each reveal more and more interesting. As opposed to less and less.

  64. Very funny.  Come on one-shot!

  65. I’m looking forward to the next member of Guardian Of The Globe.  Who will it be?  Also is Obama the automatic leader since he’s President?

  66. @Obama

    It’s going for about $4-5 after shipping. 

  67. Now I’m bummed b/c it’s all a joke, and I thought it was actually going down. Or is it? C’mon, RonConorJosh, make a phone call or two over to Image and find out if they are planning to do a Guardians book and let us know!  (Obviously not with Ric and Obama, but just a Guardians book in general).

  68. Actually it does look petty and cheap


    scroll down to the second to last one. For my money the best mock solicit

  70. this is so funny.


    Fifth member? my prediction: YOU. 

  71. I would read this over Image United any day of the week.

  72. All humans so far. The Guardians of the Globe need more variety. What about Proof?

    Or how about Deadpool? He could use another book.


    These solicits are awesome. It has Kirkman’s sense of humor all over it.

    I’m rooting for Jesus Christ, with Dirty Harry’s Magnum, wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt, riding Cthulu as the 5th member or go for stupid amounts of power and put Chuck Norris on the team.

  74. @Crucio – Very nice! You just made my day!

  75. Next one has gotta be Robert Kirkman dressed up as God (he is the god of that universe), or maybe the one of the fake Alien Race that started the Zombie Plague in the Walking Dead; "Sneeze on an unsuspecting Human and a Zombie Plague starts, my bad"


    But really…. lets bring Battle Pope into the Invinciverse 😉 

  76. Wish there was an edit button… ‘maybe the one of the fake’ wtf, also hadn’t seen the Rick teaser yet.

    Awesome thread on the Image forums with a bunch of amusing fake teasers 

  77. I understand how each advert is funny in of itself, but I don’t get how this is supposed to be a swipe at Marvel.

  78. @MikeBanner: Because it’s a direct parody of Marvel’s Avengers ad campaign.

  79. Oh, I realise that but some people’s comments have a ‘way to stick it to Marvel’ tone. I don’t see Marvel employees sitting in their office thinking ‘Oh man, we’ve really been zinged’.

  80. They’re probably enjoying it more then anyone, It is making fun of the over the top nature of the marvel reveals but that’s just good marketing. Both companies are coming off really well, getting more bang for the buck then either probably thought.

    Actually it’s not good marketing it’s genius. They’ve probably managed to generate 100X the posts and conversation then if they’d both revealed their teams in a single news article on a comic news site.