YOUNG AVENGERS is Go with Gillen and McKelvie

We’ve been speculating over it for months now, but the wait finally came to an end today as the news of a new Marvel NOW! title launching in January was confirmed. Young Avengers, written by Kieron Gillen with art by Jamie McKelvie will bring the next generation of super heroes together in a pop filled frenzy of action.  In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Gillen and McKelvie explain that after working together on the indie darling Phonogram series, and a few years of working together here and there at Marvel, they jumped at the chance to come together for this ongoing series.

In the interview, Kieron Gillen talks for a tremendously long time, as he’s wont to do, and reveals that the formation of this next iteration of Young Avengers comes together thanks to Loki (or Kid Loki as we like to call him around here), a character Gillen is very familiar with from his run on Journey Into Mystery. Kid Loki recruits current Young Avengers Hulkling and Wiccan, along with Girl Hawkeye (Kate Bishop, recently seen as Clint Barton’s new sidekick in Hawkeye), Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr and Miss America Chavez as they come together to face an Ultron related foe.  McKelvie is able to get a word in edgewise as well, explaining that he’s redesigned several of the characters costumes as well as explaining his work process with co-artist Mike Norton.

As Gillen explains, Young Avengers is going to be a very different book for him and McKelvie than any of their previous work at Marvel, with a very personal bent to it and an ultimate goal, as Gillen explains:

I’m really going for it. “Young Avengers” isn’t just designed to be my final word on teenage superheroes. It’s almost certainly designed to be my final word on teenagers full stop.”

Check out the cover to Young Avengers #1:



  1. Gorgeous cover. Couldn’t care less about the characters.

    • Not even Kid Loki? Kieron Gillen writing Kid Loki is one of the simple pleasure in life.

    • I only know the young avengers from the Children’s Crusade limited, but Hulkling, Wiccan, Hawkeye, and Protector have me interested. I don’t know the Cap teen, but kind of wish it was the Bucky from Heroes Reborn in that role. Her and Spider-Girl would have been wonderful…but whatever…this sounds great!

  2. YES!!!!!

  3. not sure how I feel about this, on one hand, I love Young Avengers and am so glad to see it in the hands of this awesome team.

    on the other hand, I want the full team back!

    • I feel the same way! Where is Eli? Who is the girl on the top left? Other than that, the creative team looks great. Glad to see an ongoing as the mini’s were so great!

  4. I never followed Young Avengers, was a long time hopping onto the JIM bandwagon, but I can promise you I’ll be picking this up from issue one. This looks different and this looks fun. I’m in.

  5. Wasn’t going to read this… But then Kid Loki happened.

  6. I am already crazy excited for this. Honestly, it’s ridiculous.
    Can January just come now?

  7. SQUEEE!

    uh, ahem, yes…


    this looks good

  8. Jamie McKelvie is the anti-Jim Lee when it comes to costume redesigns. For as outdated and 90’s looking Lee makes everything look, McKelvie is able to design slick, simple, modern costumes.

  9. So I never read Gillen’s Journey Into Mystery, and know very little about Kid Loki other than that’s who he is now. Anyone able to give me a brief rundown?

    • He wants to be good, but his only super powers are deceit and manipulation. He uses them for good, but most people don’t wind up seeing it that way.

  10. Wiccan, Hulkling & kid Loki?! Done. Lets hope they give marvel boy a better code name than Protector. It makes him sound like a cup that I put in my jock.

  11. I’m in. I thought the original run was great, so I’m sure this’ll be great also. I’d like to see Eli come back, though. Maybe he butts heads with Miss America Chavez. Plus, weren’t Eli and Kate a couple?

  12. …and my post “Now” Marvel count goes up to 2.

  13. Theres no way I’m not buying this. I’ve been wanting more Young Avengers since I first found it, and with the few places here and there that the characters have been used only making me hungrier for more, this new on going may very well top out my pull list each week it comes out!

  14. I am in all the way, i wasn’t a Young avengers fan from the beginning , but after going back and reading the shor run and the long but excellent crusade story i am in. Plus i love me some kid loki a very compelling twisted character.

  15. Is Patriot dead? How come he isn’t in this?

  16. Sign me up! Big YA fan here, and I think Gillen is a good enough writer, definitely a good choice to take over from Heinberg.

  17. I will say that Ron Richards continuous plugging of Jamie McKelvie’s artwork has certainly turned me into a fan.

  18. Yes! A teenage hero book I can read. I was afraid we would be stuck with just… the other one.

  19. Kid Loki? I’m in!

  20. As much as I enjoyed the Phonogram books, I just can’t get into the Young Avengers. The name is ridiculous and when I read the first series Iron Man actually threatened to tell their parents on them if they got out of line. It hurt just to write that. Visually the cover looks good but this will be a pass for me.

  21. I know there are a lot of people dropping books as of NOW! but I feel a bit like the only person who is excited by the prospect of all these writers doing new things. NOW! with the Addition of YA, I am picking up way more Marvel books than I used to, post NOW! launch. NOW! I like just dropping NOW! into as much text as NOW! possible. NOW! If you say NOW! enough times it starts to sound NOW! like a weird sort of non word. NOW!

    • I’m looking forward to it as well. I’ve never read an Avengers title because I was just completely overwhelmed and didn’t know how to jump in but this is the perfect opportunity to try out a bunch of new titles.

  22. Haha, I really hope Gillen just decided to ignore that last horrible Protector story Bendis did where Beast screams at him and they leave him in space. Just leave it alone, Gillen. It’ll be better if everyone just pretends it didn’t happen.

  23. WOO HOO!

  24. Oh man, this looks cool, and I’m excited, but the annoying fanboy in meI doesntnt know how I feel about Young Avengers without Heinberg and Cheyung. They make an awesome team. Still, it will be neat to see where they go.