MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE Starts Now With Gillen & McKelvie

Everyone knows we love the creative team of Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen. We first fell in love with them on Phonogram from Image Comics, then we enjoyed their work together here and there at Marvel, but as Marvel NOW! rolled out, we got a hint that they may be working together again and today it gets confirmed.  Thanks to this teaser for Marvel NOW! Point One, we can confirm Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen working together…but on what? Will it be the Young Avengers as we’ve speculated? We’ll have to tune into Marvel NOW! Point One this October to find out!


  1. *sigh* WHY hasnt marvel abandoned the point one thing yet? its stupid!

    • I think the Point One concept is a little odd and inconsistently executed, but I’d hesitate to call it stupid — that’s a string you don’t really want to pull on when it comes to comic books (because an orphaned billionaire that wears a bat costume and fights crime? or a teenager who gets bit by a spider and gets super-powers? On the surface, that’s kind of stupid).

    • I agree. Nothing is stupid about a book teasing what you are going to do in the next year and then completely abandoning 70% of the concepts.

    • Oh wait were you talking about the book Point One? Or the Point One issues, or this new Point One book. Or the Nick Fury Jr. as Gambit Point One book? The sheer un-stupidity has me not confused as a new reader that doesn’t actually exist.

    • If you are talking about the first Point One, the only stories we haven’t seen yet is the Ultron one and that one with the twins.

  2. I don’t care what those two are doing, I’m buying it.

  3. Love their work on Phonogram, but I really detest the Young Avengers, this poses a quandary…..

  4. Gillen could write Kid Loki watching grass grow and I would buy it. McKelvie is just an added bonus. Awesome news.

    • That would be an awesome 20 pages of exposition about the nobility of grass, and the war it wages against a universe where everything that lives is its predator. Of course, the font would be unreadable.

  5. god that looks awful. couldn’t they put that team on something else how long we gonna go with the kid loki well

  6. Gillen continuing to write an ongoing with Kid Loki would make me very happy . . . 🙂

    But yeah, this whole point one thing is silly — it really should be retired. Unless there is truly some manner left for Marvel to milk it . . .

  7. Love this, love Kid Loki. I kind of wish he was in Avengers Arena. Kid Loki would kill at Survivor: Marvel Universe.

  8. I will probably pass on the actual point one issue, but like others, I need my Gillen/Kid Loki fix and will be on in whatever the book is.

  9. So torn. On the one hand, love me some Gillen and McKelvie, and also love me some Gillen writing Kid Loki. On the other hand, the last “point one” Marvel did was such a tremendous waste of $8.00.

  10. I’m still waiting for pay off on the framing story from the last .1. Who were those guys breaking into the Watcher’s Citadel, what is there deal? As for this… is that the Ms. America we saw in the Vengance series smacking Kid Loki around?

    Anyone else want to see Kid Loki and Valeria Richards in the same room?

  11. Horrible title.

  12. who’s the girl punching Loki in the promo? I don’t recognize her :/

  13. I gotta be honest, I am not a fan of McKelvie’s mainstream work. It looks too stiff and it doesn’t feel like it works for Marvel. But these two working together is always a good thing….Whatever it is I’ll give the #1 a shot like Deadpool and Thunderbolts.

  14. Is that Ultimate Wonder-Girl punching Loki Boy?

  15. The girl looks like an Americas Got Powers fan punching kid Loki. I’m interested in Lady Sif in Journey Into Mystery and Thor God of Thunder (Esad Ribic is a beast) but this looks kinda lame and I’ve enjoyed Gillen on some X-Men books.

  16. i hope they are going to be the creative team on an ongoing book

  17. The most important question is, will young avengers fuck up the already announced phonogram at image?