You’ll Welcome Subjugation From Skottie Young’s Adorable AGE OF ULTRON #1 Variant Cover

When “the big Ultron story” was first hinted at in the pages of Bendis’ The Avengers it got a lot of people talking. That was a few years ago. Now? There’s not much chatter about it  now that it’s almost a reality. But maybe there would be if Skottie Young was drawing it and it all took place at an elementary school for superheroes and supervillains!

Age of Ultron_1_VariantSkottieYoung

This Skottie Young variant for Age of Ultron #1 is fantastic.


  1. Skottie Young keeps making me buy variant covers.

  2. Adorable.

    Who’s the orangey guy in the bottom left?

  3. Is that Magneto behind Wolverine? Awesome variant 🙂

  4. I like that Cap’s “A” is lowercase.

  5. Love Skottie – always great – but… WTF with all the Muppet Babies?!

  6. A-Babies vs X-Babies was amazing. This variant just makes me sad that the whole issue won’t look like this.

  7. Love it!

  8. If this what the event actually was, I would be buying it instead of avoiding it like the plague

  9. These covers by Young always end up being more enjoyable than the actual event.

  10. Ultron is a school yard bully. I’m not letting my super hero kid play with him any more.

  11. I’ve been talking to some of the non-comics fans from my local comic and games store. The number one thing they notice about the comics section? Skottie Young covers.

  12. They just don’t work for me. but I didn’t care for those X-Babies annuals back in the day either.