Weekly Sketch Up – 09/10/2010

11th Doctor and Amy Pond by Chris Samnee


13th Doctor concept by Ben Templesmith

Deadpool by Andy Kuhn


Crossbones by Declan Shalvey


Bespin by Dan Hipp


Jonah Hex by Dave Wachter


Captain Marvel by Mitch Gerads


Lego Nightwing by Greg Hyland


Frog Thor by Brian Hurtt


Rocketeer by Chris Samnee


  1. The Twartists are on fire lately. The Captain Marvel and Doctor sketches are so good. Samnee’s take on Eleven and Amy is one of my favorite pieces he’s done. 

  2. Great collection of sketches.  Really like Crossbones, Jonah Hex, Lando & both Samnee pieces.

    That makes three awesome Declan Shalvey Crossbones sketches since the Thunderbolts gig.  I think he likes him.

    My kids will freak when they see Lego Nightwing.

  3. That Jonah Hex sketch is amazing. Wow.

  4. Love the Samnee Doctor Who – love it, love it, love it.

  5. The two Doctor pieces are incredible.  I totally agree Paul.  Samnee’s is one of my favorite things I’ve seen him do.

  6. Perfect timing. I just recently fell in love with all things Doctor Who in the past month.


  7. Really good collection of sketches here.

    Deadpool was funny, Crossbones looks great, and my favorite is the Captain Marvel one. Let that guy do a Shazam comic! 

  8. That Captain Marvel is great. Funny, iconic and just really well drawn.

  9. Can a complete amateur’s artwork apear here?

    if so,  

    How could I get some of my artwork posted here?


  10. Rocketeer!!!! Love it. 

  11. @Edude – I’m not making any distinctions between pros and amateurs other than the work has to be really good or interesting.  Twitter’s the best way to send links, to the @ifanboy account. You can email, but we get a lot of email, and it might take a while. Just be fantastic.

  12. @josh

    Thanks a lot man 🙂

  13. Ben Templesmith + Dr Who? = Swoon.

  14. I’m really digging the Samnee scetches lately, the Doctor one is now my background on my work computer.

  15. That Deadpool sketch is so full of pulp…I love it!

  16. Crossbones and Jonah top the list.

  17. Jonah Hex is nice. Why so much Doctor Who amongst artists?

  18. FROG THOR!!!!!   

  19. Samnee is incredible.

  20. I do love me some Rocketeer.

  21. Oh wow what a great week! I love the 11th Doctor one!!

  22. That Samnee Rocketeer and the Shazam are AMAZING!