Weekly Sketch Up – 08.03.2012

Spaceboy by Andrew J. Tom


Woodgod vs. Wendigo by Michael Walsh


The Cape by James Harren


Thanos by Matteo Scalera


The elusive Jackalope by Kalle Malloy


Batman by Mahmud Asrar


Jack Torrance by Gavin Smith


Bluestreak by Andy MacDonald

Beast by Evan “Doc” Shaner


Iggy Pop by Sean Murphy


Show Stopper by Kevin Mellon (who thinks he’s real funny.)


  1. Good variety here. Love the Iggy pic, long time Stooges fan. Nice to see the Cape as well. Not familiar with James Harren.

  2. I looooooove Kalle Malloy!

  3. That Spaceboy is amazing!

  4. I want that Kevin Mellon piece as a poster!

  5. Great sketch by “Doc” Shaner. He was always great, but I think his work is still getting better.

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Murphy’s Iggy Pop is next level. And Doc might make the best case for Cat Beast ever. Wonderful stuff.

  7. Love the Thanos one.

  8. does anyone else make a little game of these by scrolling down the images, avoiding the signatures and credits to try and guess who the artists is on the style alone? the only one i guessed this time was sean murphy

  9. Thanos is one scary mofo!

  10. batman and bluestreak

  11. Hooray for Andy Tom! A finer person you will never meet. it is great to see his work on this fine list.

  12. Very cool…the opening lyrics to Search And Destroy are my favorite rock lyrics ever.

  13. Looooooove the Thanos and Iggy Pop.

  14. “Winged freak terrorizes… Wait till they get a load of me.”

  15. Everyone please to check out Any MacDonald’s blog. His design work is fan-damn-tastic, IMO. lick that link people, you will not be disappointed.

  16. What happened to the weird horse Beast?

  17. Iggy…f’n.. Pop!

  18. Jack Torrance, The Elusive Jackalope, Iggy Pop, and Batman. Together.

    This is why I love the Weekly Sketch Up.

  19. Oh, I’m a little freaked out. Just watched The Shining and as the final, frozen Jack Nicholson scene came on the screen I scrolled down to the Jack Torrance sketch. Arrgh!

    Awesome sketches as usual. Loving Iggy Pop and Thanos and Bluestreak and Beast and The Jackalope and…..oh I love them all!

  20. i am not elusive, just shy

  21. THANKYOU Josh, I love this weekly sketch up you do, I get most of my screen savers from this. I enjoy this weeks but I still have the Batman Joker up from last week, I love the two artis colabo. Very fun Feature, part of what makes this my favorite site online, you guys R awesome.