Weekly Sketch Up – 05.04.2012

Cloak and Dagger by Yildiray Cinar


Tyrion Lannister by Jason LaTour


Fantastic Four by Dustin Nguyen


Superman by Andy Kuhn


Nazi Fighter by Eric Canete


Joe the Barbarian by Sean Murphy


Hawkeye by Dan McDaid


Harley Quinn by Dave Wachter


Rhino by Tom Fowler


Spider-Man by Ryan Stegman


Princess and the Pea by Skottie Young


  1. This week is full of amazing sketches. If I could i would buy them all. I think if i had to pick one though it would be Rhino or H.Q. With Rhino the colors are great. With Harley you see the playfulness of a clown but by the look of the hammer just how grim she really can be.

  2. Wow. Normally one sticks out, but these are all so damn good. Fowler, Stegman, Mista Skottie, Nguyen. Marinated in greatness, this was.

  3. agreed, they were all great. although cane and murphy stick out as my personal favorites.

  4. I just can’t decide. They’re all so good! OK, Tom Fowler’s Rhino.

  5. Definitely a great batch – love Harley & rhino.

  6. What a GREAT week! So many that are absolutely special. I gotta sat that the Cloak and Dagger created an audible gasp from my lips. The Skottie Young piece needs to be colored and sold as a print so I can put it in my Daughter’s bedroom. All solid stuff!

    the Tiki

  7. Skottie Young is just absolutely Formidable.

  8. This was a strong week! Between these sketches and his work on firestorm, Yildiray Cinar is becoming one of my favorite artists.

  9. Stegman’s Spider Man is crazy-good

  10. Omg! Stegman’s a beast, love it! All good, love weekly sketch ups!

  11. Skottie Young deserves an award for signature style.

  12. Every time he does a marvel sketch, I get increasingly excited about the prospect of Dustin Ngyuen doing a marvel book. One day hopefully.

  13. That one up there was awesome. Which one you ask? Every damn one of them. Great sketches once again. We gotta get these guys to draw some comics

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh, wow. I really like the style LaTour used for the Tyrion sketch.

  15. Sean Murphy. Awesome.