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Weekly Sketch Up – 04.26.2013

We go classic this week. We go comics.


Harley Quinn started out as an innocent psychiatrist. Then things went horribly wrong.

iFlashback! May 7th, 2003

Memory is subjective, then the internet came a long to help us out. Check out these memories of comics that were on the stands on May 7th, 2003.

Weekly Sketch Up – 05.04.2012

An uncomfortable bed, the Imp, and a lady killing Nazis.

Exclusive Preview: SUICIDE SQUAD #9

That is one tall shark.

Harley Quinn: Where Do I Start?

Learn some things about Harley Quinn that’ll even make Mr. J jealous!

DC Histories: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is getting a spotlight over in SUICIDE SQUAD #6 today. But what came before? Find out in our latest of the DC Histories!

DC Histories: Animated DCU Tie-Ins

It’s a Skip Week for the New 52, so we’re looking back on the various animated DCU tie-ins from 1992 to today!