VOTE NOW! ‘Avengers vs. X-Men – Playtime’s Over Contest’ Finalists Revealed

Marvel’s Avengers vs. X-Men event is finally upon us, pitting some of our favorite heroes against each other in some beautifully illustrated bouts. But you’re probably almost certainly wondering what AvX might have looked like were it rendered in the oft unappreciated medium of fumetti or photo comics using a motley assortment of licensed toys. So visceral. So variably articulated.

Luckily, we’ve got a contest for that.

We asked you to submit photos of your Marvel action figures staged in the brawls you most wanted to see in Avengers vs. X-Men. Picture quality and the aesthetic majesty or realism of the included toys are secondary. Story is paramount. We narrowed down the field of about three dozen entries to the five best. Some tell their story with up to three ‘panels’  while others aspire to do the same in one static image.

Now you get to choose your favorite. The winner gets a big stack of comics and graphic novels. Cast your vote by Thursday, April 12th at midnight EST and we’ll announce the winner on that week’s Pick of the Week podcast!


 Match A.
Wolverine vs. The World
Submitted by Kevin Craig



Match B.
Everyone vs. The Sentry
Submitted by captamerica101



Match C.
The Assassination of Charles Xavier
Submitted by Brent Brown



Match D.
Wolverine & Spider-Man in Love on the Battlefield
Submitted by Nathan Cabaniss


Match E.
Thor vs. Sentinel
Submitted by Rob Harper




  1. These are really well done. All of you should be proud.

  2. Do we vote via leaving a comment or sending in an email?

  3. I voted for Match A: Wolverine vs the World….the contrast of those playful figures with the potential of an epic battle is quite fun.

  4. If only my Rocket Raccoon figure had gotten here sooner.

  5. I have got to give it to Wolverine vs The World and I normally would not have picked something that simple however; artisticly it really spoke volumes in one simple shot. You knew what was going on and what was about to happen in this artistic peice. I will give a honorable mention to The Assasionation Of Charles Xavier, they put in some serious detail and I chuckled when I finally realized they got him with water ballons. I think thats what that was rgiht?? Everyone else did a fine job as well and kudos!! It’s easy to be a critic rather than to be a partisapent, believe me I know; I have a local band and that is where all my creative juices are flowing these days. So congrats to all!! I hope they send you all a little something for participating and making the top five.


  6. Awesome! Love all of these.

  7. They’re all very good. But the Wolverine v. The World has so much care put into it….Not that the others don’t!

    But the posing, the focus effects, and just how tense it all looks considering it’s big headed toys is very impressive.

  8. Assassination all the way. I love the idea that the Avengers are just dicks.

  9. I love the Wolverine Vs. The World picture. It would be the most adorable fight ever.

  10. These are great, they’re all winners!

    But my vote goes to Wolverine vs. The World, gotta love the simplicity of it!

  11. I love Photo B. Cyclops’ reaction is the same one I have to Sentry…

    And is that Xorn? I think he’s grateful that there’s someone else that readers hate more than him…

    • I voted B. There’s just something about Sentry that’s very hateable.

      I don’t get all the Xorn hate. But is he Magneto? Or not? I dunno. His story was a mess, in a time of much New X-Men awesomeness.

  12. Any chance we can see the other entries that weren’t picked ad finalists? Personally, I’d like to see what other people came up with too.

  13. It’s a tough choice because I like them all. I’ll probably have to go with Wolverine v. The World. It’s a simple idea perfectly executed.

  14. They are all funny and clever, but Assassination makes you want to read a real story behind that imagery. Plus it looks like they’re outside the legendary iFanboy Brownstone, which should lead to some top-notch reporting!

  15. These are all great!
    But I Gota give my love to round C!
    I hope Ifanboy does a lot more contests like this!

  16. Wonderful stuff – great job, people! I had to go with Match B – that’s been a fantasy of mine for ages.

  17. match D good use of pipe cleaners

  18. As much as all the entries are great, I can’t help but love the picture of The Sentry being mudhole stomped the most.