VIDEO: Scott Snyder Answers Your Questions!

Last Friday, we hosted a LIVE Recording of the 300th episode of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast.  As we often do, we stuck around post recording to chat with the iFanbase that was present in the chatroom and we stuck around long enough to produce a very special, surprise guest: Scott Snyder, the writer of Batman, Swamp Thing and American Vampire.  Luckily, I remembered to press “RECORD” and caught the last 30 minutes or so of Scott’s appearance, which you can watch below.

Some of the questions Scott answered from us as well as the audience included:

  • Can anyone beat Batman? What about Wolverine? Jason Aaron’s Beard?
  • What are some of the villains we’ll see in the pages of Batman?
  • How old is Batman in the New 52 and how can he have a 10 year old son plus like 5 Robins?
  • What creators would he like to collaborate with?
All this and more, in a slightly tipsy late night chat with Scott Snyder!




  1. sweet, i wish you guys had recorded the whole pre-show, i could only stick around for an hour or so. I love how blatantly drunk Connor looks in this show 😀
    and good on Scott for jumping on with you guys. He is a class act and I’m grateful that his books live up to the niceness of the man. Keep it up dude, I am so hyped for your Batman run that it’s kinda pathetic!

  2. One thing about Scott Snyder, you will be hard pressed to find another creator more enthusiastic about his work. What’s great is it really shows on the pages.

  3. This was a lot of fun. I didn’t think we were gonna see Snyder on this show and so late (I even joked that it was Snyder while waiting for them to come back) but it was a lot of fun. Scott Snyder is one of those guys who you could listen to for hour and never get bored. You get a real good sense he loves his job and the mythology he is creating for each book.

    It was a long chat but I wish it could’ve continued for a another hour.

  4. I just found it funny that after the podcast recording, the first thing i asked was, “So, Scott Snyder: Nicest guy in comics?” and he’s the special guest.

  5. It’s weird how a few years ago my top 2 favorite writers were Bendis & Johns, the top writers of DC & Marvel, but now I must say that it has to be Scott Snyder & Jason Aaron. They have seriously become the “top dogs” of the big two comic book companies. With Aaron on PunisherMax & Snyder on Batman, they have made such an impressive impression that really puts all of the veteran writers working today to shame when those same vets do mediocre to disappointing works. I am so excited for the next year of comics that these two, especially Snyder, are going to produce. I am more than confident that Snyder will produce more high quality works like Black Mirror on the new DCU Batman title.

  6. Everything I’ve read by Snyder has rocked. Also, “The Star Attraction of 1919” broke my heart.

  7. Awesome. Scott Snyder continues to impress me in every way.

  8. That was a lot of fun to watch. What I love about Snyder is that you ask him a question, any question, even if if it’s rhetorical and you get a 5+ minutes answer. Love it. I’m curious to find out what that new Vertigo stuff he was talking about will be!

  9. Awesome!

  10. Midnighter vs Batman. Who wins?

  11. Snyder was amazing that night. The video started recording about ten minutes after he got on so you don’t get to see his Alan Moore-esqe ranting. Just kidding! He did talk for about ten minutes before this clip very passionetly about what he will be doing on Batman. It sounds like the reboot doesn’t really change anything story-wise its just in a new perspective with Bruce instead of Dick.

  12. I’m sensing a Scott Snyder/iFanboy bromance brewing here…Get a room!

  13. We can only hope that Snyder can manage to hold on to his almost childlike sense of the wonder of comics, and his obvious gratitude for being given the opportunity to do what he loves so very much. He is a rare gem.

  14. My favorite thing about Snyder is not only when i met him, how gracious and nice he was to his fans. His enthusiasm and his love for comics is infectious. You cant NOT want to read his books after listening to him talk about his Batman stories. One of the new modern great storytellers in comics.

  15. Snyder deserves all the praise he gets. I love everything he writes and would have bought any title he’d been given in the new 52. Attending his class would be something eh?

  16. Great stuff man!
    Cant wait for the Talksplode, love Snyder.

  17. I saw his American Vampire panel at SDCC. There were plenty of people just there for the next panel, but his enthusiasm was so infectious that he probably added a bunch of new readers to the book. The guy is super excited to be doing comics.

  18. Hardcore in non-hardcore place. Ron with a 108 shirt. KEWL.

  19. Sick!

  20. But come on you guys, He said he would go another Hour! Where’s your stamina? I figured at least Josh could hold up. All joking aside, I this is so great.

  21. he is so cool, i’m excited for swampthing and the new batman. thanks guys

  22. So is Snyder turning the paradigm upside down by trying to break into podcasting by writing comic books?

    That just might be crazy enough to work!

  23. Great chat, you guys! I wish you 1,000,000 more episodes! Thanks for answering about Batman’s age, Scott!

  24. that mini-alan moore joke was soo funny. cant wait to get his stuff.

  25. Love his works so far and am stoked he’s doing BATMAN w Capullo after a great run w Jock on Detective, Batman needs the new touch him and Capullo are gonna bring and can’t wait to read and see the awesome pencils twist Batman will take readers minds vision of Capullo and show his work in a different light w the Batverse, also loved how Snyder said him and Capullo were total partners on the book all the way in terms of ideas and storyboarding,etc….very modest and humble, definitely tell he loves his job and thats who we need writing great characters,people who loved them whether this was gonna be they’re life’s work or not. I like how they mentioned WATCHMEN and also feel them are waters that don’t need swimming, its classic and leave it there. Although, I am up for the idea of someone like Snyder,Remender, Morrison or many others doing a new book with them in it either as a prequel maxi series or spin off with a couple of the characters we know and introduce a new threat and possible ally after the doomsday clock. Anyhow, if anyone was gonna do a new JSA, I wanted it to be Scott Snyder but it appears they have other plans for bringing back my favorite obscure characters. I want the horror/sci-fi twist for them like Snyder was talking about for another project he has in mind but with the detective vibe element as well like in J.H.Williams lll new Batwoman story arc (also gonna be one of the best new 52’s).