VIDEO: New ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer

It was big news when it was announced that the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises would premiere before Marvel’s The Avengers this Friday. But of course that means that for some reason the studio would release it online just a few days before.

That day is this day.

Now I’m even more baffled by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character.


  1. So good. Wow.

  2. I’m so ready for this movie. Just amazingly psyched about Dark Knight.

  3. I think they’re actually going to kill him.

  4. i’m assuming joseph gordon-levitt’s character john blake=tim drake. but maybe it’ll be more like jean-paul valley. i’m definitely getting a knightfall feel from these trailers.

  5. This summer of movies is shaping up to be mind-blowing. Love this trailer

  6. JGL’s character is Bruce’s replacement.

  7. Cannot wait to see Bane in action!

  8. I’m still not sure if they’re going to kill him. But if they do, I can totally see how they can set up the reboot if/when DC wants to do a JLA version of Batman. Cause it feels like just from this trailer they’re setting something up with him. But it could just be a red herring where his character inspires Gordon to stay as a cop.

    Who knows? All I know is that this movies is going to be awesome.

  9. I guess I’m about the only person that isn’t excited by this trailer.

    • Count me in…I am excited for the movie itself but the trailers aren’t all that exciting if you compare them to The Avengers and ASM….I guess that’s where it loses its sting.
      I see the potential for a good movie in there tho.

    • I have no doubts this movie will be amazing, but these past trailers just haven’t made it seem epic or exciting for me yet.

    • I prefer this trailer many times to the Avernger’s one.

    • If you feel that you’ve been seeing this trailer for a few years now, its by design. Movie marketing is weird…they don’t want you to think this is something *new*…they want you to think its familiar and just another chapter in a movie you’ve seen and loved and spent money on. Its the familiarity with the franchise and genre that they hope will be the selling point.

      I’m sure the movie will be a lot more awesome than the advertising shows.

  10. My brain asplode!

  11. Not that I don’t think this is going to be a great movie but they are really not selling it to me with these trailers. This ones the best one so far and thats really not saying much.

    • I actually kind of see where you’re coming from there. All of the Nolan Batman trailers have been a bit lukewarm going back to Batman Begins

  12. This trailer has me buzzing with excitement.

  13. Is it weird that I actually forgot that this movie was coming out this year?

  14. I know that opening with the plane was already previewed in IMAX but seeing glimpses of that Bond-esque sequence… awesome.

  15. Looks good but still not at all excited. I’m personally waiting for this ultra-real take on Batman to end so I can see him fight ninjas and Mr. Freeze on a rooftop with Robin or something. The recent video games struck the perfect balance between the comics and these rather too-serious movies. It’s Batman, he dresses like a bat and fights clowns, dial it back a bit guys.

  16. I have yet to see any trailer for this movie, and I’m going to keep it that way. I’ve never gone into a movie without having any idea of what it’s going to look like in my head before. I’m incredibly excited!

  17. Ooh, I have goose bumps

  18. Two great things about this trailer:

    I have no idea who JGL is supposed to be
    It feels like there’s a ton of plot, something unheard of in any other superhero movie

    • The difference between this and Avengers will be that Avengers will be a great superhero movie, but TDKR will be a great movie. For me, Nolan has transcended the confines of the genre and made the films so real that they were plausible.

  19. brettthemonster (@brettthemonster) says:

    Catwoman sucks. Can’t get over that fact.

    • Can you elaborate? The character herself in the comics? In the movie that hasn’t aired yet? Anne Hathaway as an actress? What is sucking to you?

  20. I loved the trailer, I really have no interest in some slapstick batman. I’m not looking forward to a funn y batman movie I had enough with the riddler and two face, and Mr freeze sorry but those batman movies were fucking horrible. They didn’t do batman justice and Nolan has.

    I saw the Avengers movie at a screening two weeks ago in New York, and YES it really sets the bar THAT high for superhero movies but there’s enough time and distance between The Avengers and Batman for us to fully get engulfed and enjoy it when it does come.

    I hope Joseph Gordon Levitt either becomes Tim Drake, or Terry Mcguiness and it sets up for another series or possibly Batman beyond.

    And for those complaining it doesn’t show much…well we need to get out of that habit. I’m pretty much over seeing trailers that show THE ENTIRE movie. Its like why would I go to the movies to see a movie when all the good stuff is in the trailer. It was nice, short sweet and didn’t give us SOOOO much so im in.

    In Nolan We Trust
    Whedon is still my good

    • hit the nail on the head there! i too, am fed up of trailers that reveal the entire movie! with this trailer i still feel i have no idea what’s going to happen; whether batman defeats bane, who JGL’s charachter is etc- and i’m all the more excited and intrigued by it! whereas the avengers trailer made me feel excited, but left me thinking ‘wow, can’t wait to see that bit where the hulk catches iron man again!’

      that said, avengers was incredible!

  21. that shit cray

  22. seems like they rectified the bane-speech dilemma that everyone was complaining about

  23. Absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see this movie. Bane’s voice even sounds great.

    Where was Ta’Lia?

    • She was making out with Bruce after she got out of the shower, or what seems like she came from. I know officially she is called “Miranda Tate,” but come on what a missed opportunity it would be to not have Talia! She would tie DKR to Batman Begins!

  24. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Needs more owls.

  25. Really wish this had played before Avengers when i saw it yesterday. Guess it’s only for the North American release. I had to sit through some lousy Mel Gibson trailer, the one for American Pie 2099 and some other bullshit. So unfair!

  26. Joseph Gordon Levitt as “The Question”. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  27. Only super hero movie coming out this summer as far as I’m concerned.

  28. This is the greatest trailer I have ever seen. Just technically, even.

  29. Looks absolutely awesome in all respects, even in ‘The Bat’, which I had my doubts about.

    Glad this wasn’t before The Avengers, as I don’t think I would have been able to concentrate on the main feature. Having said that, the first half an hour was pretty slow… The second half made up for it.

  30. Is it just me or Anne Hathaway sounds exactly like Selina Kyle? Bane sounds great too! This is way better than the last trailer!

  31. Ugh… disappointed to see that Bane will be so prominent in the movie. He’s possibly the most boring/cliché villains in Batman’s rogue gallery.

  32. I love how this is being marketed more as a drama than a big action flick. I feel like I just watched a trailer for a Godfather film. I have no doubt that Nolan is going to pull off something wonderful with this.

  33. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is…. in this movie.

  34. You can always tell times are desperate when a character grows a beard.

  35. I’m speechless, this is going to be THE movie to see this summer! 😀 I’m super hyped!

    My bet is that Joseph-Gordon Levitt is Dick Grayson and will be Nightwing; the movie is set 8 years after The Dark Knight, plenty of time in the between for the Robin stuff to have happened and for Dick to become Nightwing AND, when he talks with the kid, he draws something in chalk that looks a lot like the Nightwing emblem! So… my money’s on that!

    I might be totally wrong, but if I’m right, I’ll yell FUCK YEAH in the theater and make some poor guy next to me choke on popcorn or something! 😉

  36. Massive Spoilers in this trailer! Couldn’t even watch the whole thing, wish I could un-see/un-know what I did see.

  37. Oh and didn’t the government blowup bridges in Cataclysm? You think that’s what’s going on here?

  38. The trailers are great, and I’m looking forward to the film!

    As a whole, this series of movies is not as fun as the Marvel movies. I could easily put any Marvel movie on repeat and enjoy many moments, but the Dark Knight films are too dramatic and dark to watch again and again…just my 2 cents.

  39. Obviously JGL is the big question going into the movie..

    Can’t wait, that Scene in the plane with Bane looks like it’ll be amazing.

  40. of the 3 films this summer this is the one im least excited for. this trailer leaves me with more questions then excitement.

  41. Im going to see dkr but the trailers for the film have been very underwhelming. Im defiantly in the minority on this. But this trailer. Didn’t di any thing for me. Hope thus goes better than mosr part threes.

  42. The trailer depressed me…Maybe its because of all the light-hearted fun balanced with seriousness in The Avengers, but I find myself reluctant to watch this

  43. IF Joseph Gordon Levitt ends up being the next Batman in this movie I think it’ll be amazing that he’ll be Batman AND he was also Cobra Commander.

    That’s like a child’s fantasy right there….All he needs to be is a Transformer for the fourth movie and he’ll die a happy man.

  44. Guys, can we for one second talk about how awesome the soundtrack will be for this movie? The last two were awesome and each trailer brings something new to the fold. I’m really stoked for that as well.

    The more trailers I see, the more I get the feeling that this movie borrows heavily from Batman: The Cult (which is freaking awesome, by the way). If you replace Bane with the good reverend and sprinkle in Catwoman, I think you get the idea. All I know is that I am PUMPED for this flick.

    • The chanting in this movie is really catchy. I know it sounds weird but when it was on a lot in the second trailer I couldn’t help but hum to the beat.

      Hans Zimmer really has done a fantastic job with this series.

  45. I felt going in that Bane is not that interesting of a character, I’ve never really liked him in the comics and I liked him in the cartoon even less. This however, they’ve created something, from at least the trailer, so much more interesting and nuanced. I cannot wait for this movie. Besides Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-Man and G.I. Joe Retaliation, this might be the best summer yet.

  46. Fantastic!! I love Nolan’s trailers. They get you amped up but give away nothing. Going to see The Avengers tomorrow night and I’m excited about that. But this is the movie I cannot wait for. July can’t get here soon enough.

  47. the last scene sold me on the movie “its not a car”