TRAILER: An Even Longer Look at ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’!

ABC is really going full guns to promote Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! First we had a 6 second Vine-length teaser. Then a 30 second teaser. And now here’s a 3 minute trailer:

Some random observations:

  • We get confirmation that this is in fact not a prequel to Marvel’s The Avengers, which makes sense. I’ll be curious to see if they twist themselves in knots to explain Agent Coulson’s resurrection or just play some version of “He’s back alive, just deal with it.” I hope it’s the latter.
  • Has there ever been a TV series that has run concurrently with, and tied into, a series of movies?
  • We get a bit more of J. August Richards’ Everyone Thinks He’s Luke Cage But He’s Probably Actually Rage. I hope he sticks around, mostly because I don’t know if Joss Whedon is legally allowed to do a TV project without at least one actor from one of his previous shows.
  • I’m excited!


  1. There are no words to express the level of excitement I have for this

  2. Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part but it sounds like Cobie Saunders performing the interview.

    • I think it was her voice. Maybe she will be in it a little bit, and with How I Met Your Mother set to be done after next year she can be in it more going forward.

  3. That looks completely witless. I’m kinda surprised at how silly it seems to be

    • There’s a red button on your remote, when you see this show starting, press it, and go read a book. Problem solved.

    • I think it looks pretty in line with the tone of the movies.

      And keep in mind, this will be on ABC. Not AMC, and definitely not HBO. The intended audience is diverse, from 12 year old boys to 30-something comic book fans, to their retirement age parents.

      Personally I’ll gladly take a slightly-tongue-in-cheek tone like this over the self-serious FrownFest that Heroes became.

      And if the show doesn’t do it for you, just remember…

    • Captyn, Ken. Well said gentlemen.

  4. I’m so freaking excited for this show!!

  5. “I think someone really wanted our initials to spell

    I’m in!!!

  6. “He’s back alive, just deal with it.” I hope it’s the latter. —

    Please tell me you’re joking. Come on, his death was a huge plot point in the Avengers. It mattered. They should just wave his death away with nary an explanation? Just, “he’s not dead anymore, deal with it”? Have a bit more respect for the audience than that. An explanation, any explanation (brother, clone, faked death) would be better than “um, its about a comic book so who cares. DEAL WITH IT”

    • Yeah. It was obviously a faked death. Coulson literally told Fury to do it. I doubt he was down for the ruining of his cards, but by then, he was in surgery/treatment and couldn’t complain.

    • Life Model Decoy

    • I’m not joking. “Just deal with it and don’t worry about it” is the best way to handle comic book resurrection.

    • Try to explain Captain America Reborn to someone without it sounding insane.

    • Try this instead then. Fury lies.

    • All they need to do is say Fury lied and the paramedics saved coulson. Then we can move on and enjoy the show.

    • “He’s a spy. Captain, he is the spy. His secrets have secrets.”

    • im fine with dealing with it.

    • I’m with Conor.

      Things like clones (ugh) and twin brothers (daytime soap) are exhausting and groan-inducing whether your a comic fan or not. Best to just let it happen. It’s obvious to anyone even remotely interested that he’s alive and well, so what’s the point of muddying the waters with some half-assed explanation?

      It’s also not unlike Whedon to wipe away an epic change of status quo with a single quip. The very line in the trailer in which the new guy points out the absurdity of the acronym is proof that the series appears self aware. It’s the smartest way to go.

    • Coulson was injured and sent to surgery. While Coulson was out of sight, Fury lied to the Avengers and used Coulson’s “death” as a means of galvanizing the team. Fury lies. Deal with it.

    • ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

      In a way I agree with Conor, but there’s certainly a limit to what I’m fine with just not worrying about.

      If I at least get some hand waving explanation how he can be alive, like the ones mentioned above, he’s a clone or they lied and managed to save him, I’m fine with it.

    • You all realize all this is speculation based on an edited piece of dialog from a 3 minute trailer?

      Besides, we’re talking Joss Whedon who typically does a good job of balancing intelligent ideas with action. My guess is that Coulson’s resurrection, at some point, will be come a plot point of the series.

    • I think it would be more interesting, and set up more possibilities for stories, if the real Coulson did die in Avengers and THIS one is the LMD. You could have several of them running around at the same time or something.

    • “It came up, ‘What about a S.H.I.E.L.D. show?’ And I said, ‘Oh, that makes perfect sense.’ And then, you know, ‘What about Coulson?’ And obviously, the first question, was, ‘Will this upset the integrity of what we did in The Avengers?’ It’s like, ‘If we were going to have Coulson, how would we even do it?’ Well, we’d do exactly this. That’s what I pitched to [Clark] on the phone, that’s what’s in the script, word for word, and it’s all about earning everything, so that people don’t feel that you lied, or that you pulled one over on them, that you have an explanation that you buy. Because at the end of the day, the S.H.I.E.L.D. show, it works.” – Joss Whedon talking to the LA Times.

  7. I’m in!!!

    But htat had F’ing BETTER be Luke Cage!!!

  8. Surely the easiest and best explanation for Coulson being alive is LMD? And I hope it’s Luke Cage. I like Luke Cage. But regardless, I will be watching at least the first few to see what it is like.

  9. This looks loads of fun, and all of us who miss Firefly or Buffy or Dollhouse will have some Whedon-ness to geek on. All the speculation about lower tier characters being brought in is sated in the promo, Rage/Cage right there, hopefully there will be a good mix of Marvel villains for the team to clobber and the birth of some colourful D-list heroes.
    On the Coulson thing, I’m just glad he’s back, I’m all prepped to drink the cool-aid on whatever the explanation is, I just want a scene where he bitches about Fury wrecking his Cap cards…

  10. Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:


    I need more Danny Rand in my life.

  11. Got me hooked! Hope it’s good.

  12. If Smallville and Arrow can be hits then this needs to be a hit.

    • Smallville and Arrow were and are hits on the CW. If they were on ABC with their numbers they would likely be cancelled.

  13. Looks good. I’ll probably watch this even if its bad, I did the same with Arrow and that seemed to pay off, the second half of the season has been pretty great (I give all credit to Slade Wilson + a whole island flashback episode)

  14. There’s a quick bit where it seems like maybe-Luke Cage has some manner of superspeed.

    Just to throw out a possibility: Triathlon?

  15. We need a “which Marvel characters do you want on this show?” Thread.

    I really want to see Cloak and Dagger on this!

    • I’m not sure if SHIELD is a US or international thing in the Marvel Studios world, but maybe they’ll encounter some agents from MI-13?

    • All the street levels:

      The heroes for hire

      Cloak and Dagger

      Moon Knight


      And seeing as how they are definitely doing it post Avengers, A young avengers of teens inspired by the avengers would be fine by me. I would also kill to have the Secret Warriors show up.

      The real question is what villains?
      I would love to see a season long big bad Purple Man messing with peoples minds.
      I could see a typhoid Mary arc, an absorbing man arc, I’m sure the Hood will turn up down the road, and I’d really kill for taskmaster .

    • Especially since Moon Night a 1st tier hero, move over Hawkguy.

    • @ed209AF OUTSTANDING call on Purple Man!

    • A lot of “rogue”/”deep cover”/”triple agents” could be cool.

      Just for a start, Jessica Drew, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Carol Danvers, Michael Collins, Hank Pym, The Contessa, Max Fury, Tony Masters, Camilla Black, Frank Payne, Yelena Belova, Barbara Morse, Dani Moonstar & Abigail Brand.

      Foes: Leviathan, AIM, Hydra, Skrulls, Secret Empire, Silver Samurai & the Hand, Immortus, etc.

      Maybe the Coulson death was faked. Are any of the Avengers cleared as Level 7 agents?

    • Also, I second those nominations for H4H, Moon Knight, Echo, Mutant Zero, Purple Man, and of course TASKMASTER!!!

  16. Although I would prefer him to be Luke Cage, I would be fine with the unnamed black superhero being Rage. If we can’t get a heroes for hire, a new warriors could be just as fun.

  17. It’s missing that hook to me. Should have ended the trailer with a shot of the season’s big bad: possibly AIM super AI MODOK or Neo-Hydra leader Baron Zemo?

    • MODOK… On TV…?

      Ewwww… That would turn the casual viewer off pretty quick. They can accept a 12 foot tall rage monster but an enormous head with tiny arms and legs on a flying chair… Yeah, that’s just too much.

    • Straight-up comic MODOK would obviously scare casuals away, so they could make him into a hologram or sentient computer program or brain-in-a-jar. Zemo on the other hand should be relatively easy to translate onto the screen.

  18. Not sure why they can’t have this be Luke Cage. They want to set a movie up, or rumor has it anyways, so why not debut him on this show first? If it isn’t him then it is not a big loss but it does feel like a wasted opportunity.

    So far I am pumped for this show though. This looks like not everything is ready for a final cut, and considering we have five months to go that makes sense. I really hope this works out though cause it would be a boon to have a comic book TV series to tie into movies. That has to be a first.

  19. If you don’t count the in-direct connections between the Star Trek movies and stuff like Deep Space Nine, the only tv-series/movie connections I can think of are one-offs, like The X-Files, Simpsons & Ducktales movies. I loved it when X-Files had a “previously on” that was just a summary of the movie.

    Oh, I guess Power Rangers had a couple of movies that were sort-of in continuity with the show.

    • X-Files did it best. No one before or since has made a movie that simultaneously fits into the canon and stands apart so seamlessly. Over a decade later and it’s still remarkable.

    • The First Power Ranger movie was not in continuity (the TV show had a different origin for the Ninja stuff).

    • The first Clone Wars cartoons (the traditional animation, not the CG ones), did they come out between Episodes II and III or after III? Because it ends at the beginning of III. That’s the only one I can see being similar.

  20. Looks like it’s gonna be a lot more fun than Arrow! I don’t think it’s going to be great, buy my hopes definitely just went up.

  21. The superhero has some kind of implant in his arm that activates his powers. Maybe they are going with


  22. I have never enjoyed a single live action TV show based on a superhero comic, but I’m really hoping this’ll be the first. It appears to have a healthy blend of being tied to the MCU while managing to stand alone. After watching this, and with Whedon even the slightest bit involved, I’m honestly very optimistic.

  23. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ran while the Next Gen movies were coming out, Worf even jumped back and forth between the too. Actually the classic DS9 episode “Trials and Tribil-ations” episode had some veiled referenced to the then upcoming Star Trek: First Contact movie. And First Contact had a cameo of DN9’s USS Defiant.

  24. I really hope Lola can fly…

  25. I’m all for that character being Luke Cage, and I like that actor and understand why Joss chooses great people and continues to use them, but at this point he’s really shot himself in the foot. It’s going to be way to expensive to have that many split screen shots in his Serenity/Angel/Dollhouse/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover extravaganza. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how many one word shows Joss has done. Does that mean this show will be four times as good, or get cancelled four times as quickly?

    • While never say never, when Avengers and Iron Man 3 hold the #1 and #2 spots for highest grossing opening weekends of all time, you’d have to imagine Agents of SHIELD has got to be a slam dunk in ratings. The writing will have to be extra-bad to make this tank, like Heroes Season 3 bad.

  26. the unnamed superhero could be the victor alvarez power man, which that shot of the arm with glowing orange running through it, possibly suggests? it’d be cool if it was and people referred to him as power man and then luke cage shows up and is all “I’M POWER MAN!” which through flashback scenarios could set up him and other street level characters like iron fist and daredevil, maybe?

  27. As excited as I am for this, I think we need to temper our expectations a tiny bit. The roll out of the Marvel movie universe took years. So even though it would be really cool, I’m not sure it’s reasonable to expect this show to give us a hero-of-the-week format that brings a couple dozen new characters on the scene in its first season.

    • +1, plus on the producers said on IGN that the guy in video is not Luke Cage. Apparently they’re be introducing more obscure and original characters in the show.