Top 5: Things That Comic Book Characters Gave Out For Halloween Last Night

Remember that dentist in your neighborhood that gave out toothbrushes and floss on Halloween? Well, you should be so lucky!

5.) Spare Ammo Clips
Given Out By: The Punisher

You’re never too young to learn to always have a spare.


4) Razor Blades Inside Apples
Given Out By: The Joker

The classic must be appreciated.


3) Condoms
Given Out By: Hawkeye

“Listen, kid. Trust me.”


2) Shots
Given Out By: Heath Huston

“Daddy, it burns!”


1) Nothing
Given Out By: Batman

He hasn’t had a Halloween since he was 8 years old. Why should you?


  1. Shouldn’t the Joker give apples INSIDE razor blades instead?

  2. The Razor Blades in the Apples thing is a myth perpetuated by our very own Timmy Wood!

  3. Punisher must have been especially generous in D.C last night.

  4. Condoms=Hawkeye is genius.

  5. If Hawkeye gives out condoms, does that mean She-Hulk gives little girls sponges and diaphragms??

  6. I want to go trick or treating in the Baxter Building..negative zone haunted house FTW!!!….and maybe TP the Avengers Mansion. That would be all kinds of fun.

  7. No Green Goblin Pumpin Bombs?

  8. The Batman line got me good. Well done, Conor.

    Hawkeye’s was also excellent.

  9. You couldn’t pay me enough to trick-or-treat in Gotham, best case scenario you get reese’s spiked with joker venom, worst case you get Brutally Disemboweled.

  10. very nice.