Top 5: Stretchy Heroes

These are the characters that you’re constantly asking to get that thing for you. You know the one that is always really high on the top shelf.

5. Elasti-Girl/Elasti-Woman

She used to be a Olympic Swimmer, then she became a movie star and ¬†after exposure to volcanic gases (silver age comics) she gained amazing powers. These powers she used to aid the Doom Patrol, the weirdest, strangest team in comic books. Her “stretchy” powers are slightly more limited. She can grow and shrink in size and can enlarge one limb at a time. It is weird but that is the Doom Patrol way.

4. Metamorpho

The Element Man! Metamorpho can use all the ¬†powers of the elemental table. Sure, he can probably create gases and explosions but writers tend to use him as a shapeshifter. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Walter White’s favorite character.

3. Elongated Man

This character can stretch all day but would rather solve mysteries. Ralph Dibny was created as a supporting character for The Flash. It is claimed that if Julius Schwartz had known that DC comics acquired the name “Plastic Man”, Ralph may have never been created. Good thing for us that the editorial team for The Flash had know idea what the rest of the company was doing.

2. Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic

I almost didn’t include this character on this list. He is more well known for his intellect then his special powers. In fact if Reed Richards lost his ability to stretch, I am not sure anyone would really mind too much. We want to see him invent stuff, explore alternate dimensions and ignore his family! However, he is an iconic character and a Kirby creation so I had to give him the number two spot.

1. Plastic Man

If you know me at all (If you don’t, you should. I am a really nice guy) then you know that Eel O’Brian a.k.a. Plastic Man is my favorite comic book character. Yet hat is not why he is number one on this list! He is number one because he uses his powers to the utmost ability. This guy goes stretching all over the place. He shapeshifts. He grows in size. He plays pranks on people. Also, he has one of the best origin stories in comics. Former gangster betrayed by his men and becomes a hero to have revenge. His secret identity is even on the Most Wanted list! He’s great. Just great.

Who are some of your favorite stretch, elastic, morphing characters? Let us know!


  1. I really like this list, although I don’t really count Metamorpho as a “stretchy” character. Although there aren’t many other options. I can only think of Elastigirl from te Incredibles and Flat Man from he Great Lakes Avengrs. Still, fun list!

  2. Don’t forget about the guy in the Harlem Globrtrotters cartoon.

  3. Oh what I would give to see Plastic Man in his own series again!

  4. Jake the Dog from Adventure Time would have to be at or near the top of my list. The fact that he’s voiced by the same dude that voices Bender (John DiMaggio) is bonus points. Adventure Time feels like pure imagination and Jake is a big part of that.

  5. #6 Jimmy olsen – Elastic lad

  6. Metamorpho is my Favorite character

  7. Another vote for Elastigirlf from the Incredibles. She made the silly ability to stretch look powerful and cool.
    On the villans side of things I’ll go with Madame Rouge. I am only know her from her appearances in the Teen Titans cartoon and she was very ominous and sheik.

  8. Plastic man is tops- but it’s time to ditch the fish net front of that costume.
    And maybe.. stretch the shorts down a bit.

  9. Does extendable robotic limbs count, aka Machine Man…

  10. What about the Mask? Though not technically a super-hero, but being stretchy was sort of his visual schtick.

  11. Oh! I just thought of Inspector Gadget!

  12. Who can forget Superstretch and Microwoman!!!!

  13. Stretch Armstrong?

  14. Classic FF Mr. Fantastic does all kinds of sweet stretching!

  15. Reed earned his spot as a strechy master, your write-up on him was a sham. A sham!

  16. So did the female version of Metamorpho show up in the new JLA?

    I seem to remember that being teased.

  17. Wrong Elasti-Girl, to be quite honest.

  18. Maybe “skirt” wasn’t the best costume choice for Elasti-Girl…

  19. Coil Man from the Impossibles? Anyone??

  20. Damn straight Plastic Man is #1.

  21. Elasti-girl’s ability to stretch one limb at a time is definitely bizarre….I always had to wonder how the rest of the body had the strength to support the stretched limb but thats’ one of the few cases where I overthink the powers.

    Does anyone else remember an issue of DC Comics Presents that teamed up Jimmy Olsen’s Elastic Lad, Plastic Man and Elongated Man? I even have a hazy remembrance of a subtle reference to Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic arriving to late to join in the adventure.