Top 5: Marvel Movies That Would’ve Been Better With Some Phil Coulson

Every movie could use a little more Coulson. But the lack of Coulson is especially glaring in the following romps.

Please refrain from referencing any events from Marvel’s The Avengers, as it has yet to be released in North America. NO SPOILERS.┬áThank you.


5. Captain America: The First Avenger



4. The Incredible Hulk


3. Tremors (I know. I don’t care.)


2. Howard the Duck



1. Man-Thing


  1. He SHOULD have been in Tremors.

  2. lol

  3. Coulson would have been a graboid fighting machine in Tremors.

  4. The thought of Coulson hanging.out with Kevin Bacon and Michael Gross in Tremors made my day

  5. How long have you been waiting to use that shirtless pic of Clark Gregg?

  6. He should have been the love interest in Daredevil instead of Elektra. That would have been a MUCH different movie.

  7. The Tremors entry had me laughing out loud. I then had to try and explain to my girlfriend what I was laughing at. She didn’t think it was funny. Looks like it’s time to find a new girl! (Just joking, baby! What? You’re taking the dog and the house?!)

  8. Coulson: General Fury sent me. We need you. For the Avengers Initiative.”
    Man-Thing: “…”
    Coulson: “Struck speechless? I know, it is quite an honor…”

  9. Excellent use of Tremors. Well done.

  10. You forgot Blade, the movie that started the Marvel movie renaissance.

  11. If Phil Coulson were in Wolverine, it would’ve been awesome.

  12. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Man-Thing likes to watch.

    Well done, Paul.

  13. I’m surprised we didn’t see a Pvt. Coulson or the such in Captain America.

    Also, I know have bad thoughts on that Howard the Duck image…

  14. If the graboids in Perfection Nevada are really Skrull pets, then I’m going to pretend that SPORTS NIGHT is set in the Marvel Universe and that Coulson saved the sportscast because Nick Fury really liked their coverage.

  15. Is ifanboy suffering from a Coulson fever? This is getting out of hand!

  16. LOL!

    Paul, you are a genius.

  17. Hahahahahah!!!!!!!